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The YouTube video "Pimenta de Cheiro" introduces the non-spicy pimenta pepper variety, which is known for its aroma and flavor when green. As it ripens and turns red, it becomes more pungent. This easy-to-cultivate pepper, which starts harvesting in approximately 90 days, requires a large pot and ample sun. The speaker encourages the audience, who may already be familiar with Pimenta de Cheiro, to try it out for its delightful qualities. The pepper thrives in sunlight and is a must-try for those seeking unique flavors.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Pimenta de Cheiro," the speaker introduces the pimenta de cheiro, a non-spicy pepper variety that only has aroma and flavor when it's green. As it turns riper and becomes red, it becomes more pungent. The pepper is easy to cultivate, with harvesting starting in about 90 days, and it requires a relatively large pot and as much sun as possible. Pimenta de Cheiro thrives in the sun, so offer it as much as you can. The speaker shares that the audience may already be familiar with Pimenta de Cheiro and encourages trying it out as it's a delight.

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