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In this section of the video "Nos pires anecdotes de honte (Masterclass de Gad)", the speaker shares a variety of embarrassing and humiliating anecdotes. These stories range from on-set mishaps during TV shows to awkward encounters with fans and embarrassing incidents in public. Despite the humiliation, the speaker maintains a lighthearted and accepting attitude, emphasizing the importance of kindness and empathy in these situations. The anecdotes shared by both the speaker and the audience showcase moments of discomfort and humiliation in social settings, highlighting the relatable nature of these experiences. Overall, the video provides a humorous and relatable look at embarrassing moments that many people can relate to.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the video "Nos pires anecdotes de honte (Masterclass de Gad)", the speaker is discussing the creation of the third video in a series on anecdotes. He mentions that the series has been popular, with over 7 million subscribers, but that the energy and folly of the channel have been the driving force behind its success. The video he is about to create will be the third volume of the series, and it will focus on anecdotes that are particularly embarrassing or humiliating. He mentions that there are many anecdotes that he has experienced that he would like to share, including ones that have taken place in primary school, college, or high school. He also mentions that the videos are sponsored by an app that helps people make connections with other people based on shared interests. He mentions that the app allows users to select the type of relationship they are looking for, such as a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship, and that it provides suggestions for how to start a conversation. The speaker also mentions that some of the phrases provided by the app can be a bit awkward to use, but that he thinks they can be helpful in certain situations. Overall, the speaker is excited about creating the next video in the series and sharing his stories with his audience.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, Gad recalls a moment of extreme embarrassment during the filming of a show called "On appelle des gens au hasard." The concept of the show was to randomly call people and have improvised conversations. Gad had the idea to play a prank and called a celebrity to ask for the phone number of their guest. The prank seemed to be going well, until the celebrity revealed their dislike for the guest, not realizing they were on speakerphone. Gad and the crew were horrified and tried to backtrack, but the damage was done. Gad reflects on this moment as one of the most embarrassing in his career and apologizes to the person involved.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, Gad recalls a humiliating experience from when he was presenting a show called "What You Want" on a Flemish channel. The show was a cheesy talk show with segments like declaring love for a neighbor and displaying SMS messages on the screen. On one particular episode, while the intro music played, Gad's stress and anxiety erupted, causing him to feel overwhelmed. As the red light turned on, indicating the start of the show, he felt his heart racing and struggled to speak. Eventually, the stress became too much, and Gad passed out live on air. When he woke up, he was filled with shame, realizing he had continued the show for three hours without enjoying it.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, Gad shares a humiliating anecdote about his experience on a TV show and Jeremy shares his own embarrassing story about his first sexual experience. Jeremy talks about how he waited until he was 26 years old to have sex for the first time and how after that, he only had casual hookups. He then recalls a specific encounter where a girl asked him to teach her how to give a handjob. Jeremy explains that girls are terrible at it and shares his advice for them. However, during this particular encounter, just as Jeremy was about to climax, the girl accidentally aimed his ejaculate towards his face, causing humiliation and injury.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, Gad shares two embarrassing anecdotes. In the first one, he recalls a time when he accidentally shot himself with his own gun during a police training exercise, causing excruciating pain in his testicles. He rushes to the emergency room and is greeted by a fan who recognizes him, adding to the humiliation. In the second anecdote, Gad talks about a recent incident at a skate park where he and his kids encounter a large group of fans. While most of the fans are respectful and take pictures with him, one persistent fan stands out and stares at him. Despite these embarrassing moments, Gad maintains a lighthearted and accepting attitude.
  • 00:25:00 In this section, Gad shares a story about an embarrassing incident he experienced at a skatepark. He recounts how a young boy approached him and asked for a photo, but then realized his phone had no battery. Gad tried to find a solution, but after some time, the boy started crying. Feeling guilty, Gad sought help from older skaters at the park, who agreed to take a photo with the boy and send it to him. Gad reflects on the importance of being patient and understanding with fans, especially as his status as a comedian and icon may be different for them than it is for him. He emphasizes the need for kindness and empathy in such situations.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, Gad recalls a funny and embarrassing anecdote from his trip to Los Angeles for the People's Choice Awards. He describes feeling out of place among all the American stars and influencers, but musters up the courage to approach Kris Jenner for a photo. With a lot of caution and care not to step on anyone's dresses, Gad finally reaches Kris Jenner, only to be mistaken for someone else by her bodyguard, leaving him feeling silly and humiliated.
  • 00:35:00 In this section, two different individuals share embarrassing anecdotes. The first person talks about attending an event where he witnessed a celebrity while feeling awkward and out of place. He ends up not saying anything and feeling ashamed. The second person tells a story about going to a nightclub for the first time and getting extremely drunk. He embarrasses himself further by approaching a girl and struggling to hold a conversation due to his drunkenness. Overall, these anecdotes highlight moments of humiliation and discomfort in social situations.
  • 00:40:00 In this section, Gad shares a humiliating anecdote about a fight he got involved in at a nightclub. He was talking to his girlfriend at the time, but when a friend of his got into a fight, he felt compelled to intervene. However, Gad was physically smaller and didn't have confidence in his fighting abilities. Despite his intentions to calm the situation down, someone he didn't know landed a powerful punch on his eyebrow, causing him to fall to the ground. In a further blow to his pride, he was thrown out of the club by a bouncer who mistakenly believed he had started the fight. Eventually, a fellow participant in the fight apologized to Gad, explaining that he didn't control his strength when he was drunk. Gad ended up at the hospital with a bleeding eyebrow and received stitches. Overall, it was not a good night for him.
  • 00:45:00 In this section, Gad shares a humorous anecdote about a date he had when he was 18. He had been chatting with a girl on a dating app and she invited him over to her place. However, when he arrived, he realized that she didn't look like her profile picture and he felt uncomfortable. She was very touchy-feely and wanted to get intimate quickly, but he didn't want to. To avoid the situation, Gad came up with a plan to block her advances by pretending to search for a condom. He ended up climbing onto a balcony four stories high and dangling there to create a distraction. Luckily, he had his phone with him, and the story ends on a cliffhanger.
  • 00:50:00 In this section, Gad recounts a humiliating experience where he ended up on the balcony of a stranger's apartment in Toulouse, completely undressed. After a bizarre encounter with the homeowner, he finds himself walking through the city center half naked, eventually taking the metro where people start recording him on FaceTime. He loses some of his belongings and dignity but gains 5 euros. Despite the embarrassment, he acknowledges that without the incident, he wouldn't have met the girl who is now no longer in his life but at least they parted ways on good terms.
  • 00:55:00 In this section, the speaker talks about his experiences at a Catholic pension boarding school in France. He had chosen the school due to its reputation and his desire to make new friends. At school, he met several individuals who became his close friends, including Angers Fine, Hubert Popular, and Pierrot. However, their friendship was interrupted when one of them, Jason, sent a message asking the speaker to come to his room. When the speaker arrived, he was greeted by Jason and the opportunity to kiss Angers Fine. Despite the initial shock and fear, the speaker eventually played along and kissed Angers Fine. However, the experience quickly took a dramatic turn when the speaker discovered that his roommate, Jason, was hiding something. He tried to ask questions but ultimately decided to wait until morning to find out more.

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In this YouTube video, Gad Elmaleh shares his most embarrassing anecdotes and reflects on their significance. From being expelled from school to using a garbage can as a toilet in front of a live audience, Gad discusses these moments of humiliation and emphasizes the importance of embracing our uniqueness and respecting diversity. He also thanks his friends for their support and assures the audience that the stories shared in the masterclass will remain confidential. Gad concludes by expressing gratitude and excitement for future episodes and jokingly suggests needing a bag for the bathroom.

  • 01:00:00 In this section, singer Gad Elmaleh shares his experience of being kicked out of school and the events that led up to it. He talks about how his first sexual experience and being a troublemaker contributed to his expulsion. He also discusses the importance of sensitizing young people to social issues and respecting differences in culture and background. Finally, he encourages his audience to embrace their uniqueness and not let societal norms hold them back.
  • 01:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses a time when they were performing a show and had an urgent need to use the bathroom. They texted their assistant to help them, but along the way, the situation became increasingly bizarre and awkward. At the theater, they had to use a garbage can as a makeshift toilet, in front of a live audience. Despite the oddity of the situation, the audience applauded when the speaker accomplished their task. However, after the show, the speaker reflected on the incident and realized it was one of the worst of their career.
  • 01:10:00 In this section, Gad shares a humiliating anecdote about a time when he left his bag at a woman's house after a show. He becomes anxious about it during dinner and decides to go retrieve it. However, when he gets to her apartment, he impulsively throws the woman's bag out the window before quickly leaving. Gad reflects on the incident, admitting that it wasn't funny at all and that it showed his lack of emotional maturity. Despite the embarrassing experience, Gad thanks his friends for their support and assures the audience that the story will not leave the masterclass.
  • 01:15:00 In this section, Gad Elmaleh thanks everyone for sharing their embarrassing stories and reminds viewers that experiencing moments of shame is a universal human experience. He emphasizes that these moments help shape us and build our character. He also expresses gratitude to the audience and Fraude for making the video possible. Gad expresses his excitement for future episodes and suggests the idea of a date at someone's countryside house where they have to keep it a secret. As the video ends, he jokes about needing to use the bathroom and suggests they bring him a bag, concluding with applause and music.

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