Summary of Derecho a la Salud en México.

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The Mexican Constitution guarantees the right to health care, which the government is responsible for providing. This includes ensuring that medical assistance is available, protecting the public from health hazards, and establishing mandatory health regulations. Mexican citizens have the right to health care, and the government is responsible for providing this care.

  • 00:00:00 The Mexican Constitution guarantees the right to health, which refers to the right that all citizens of the Mexican state have to receive public medical care of high quality and the state's obligation to guarantee and protect this right and the quality of medical care that it provides to the population. This human right is fundamental, like many other rights, such as the right to housing, food, and water, and is stipulated in Article 4 of the Mexican Constitution. The characteristics of the right to health are as follows: availability, the state must ensure the provision of sufficient infrastructure for public and individual health in all of its territory, with functional and clean facilities and a professional personnel who is appropriately trained to provide medical services, and as well as the necessary medical equipment and drugs. Accessibility has four key elements: it must not exist discrimination, it must be an accessible physical, economic, and information accessibility, and the service must be accessible to all, without any type of discrimination, and meet the basic determinants of health care, such as access to clean water and adequate medical supplies. The state also has an obligation to disseminate information on health in a balanced way with medical information and that it reach all population members. The state's regulatory general health law, better known
  • 00:05:00 The article discusses the Mexican Constitution's article 4, which outlines the government's responsibility to protect the health of its citizens. The article goes into detail about the government's efforts to achieve this goal, including the establishment of standards and regulations for health care, the provision of accessible health care, the acceptance of the medical profession, and the provision of quality health care. The article also discusses the government's responsibility to protect the public from health hazards, and its authority to establish mandatory health regulations. Finally, the article discusses the rights of Mexican citizens to health care, and the government's ability to provide this care.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the Mexican government's responsibility to provide health care for its citizens, as well as the rights that go along with it. For example, the right to health care corresponds to the state ensuring medical assistance is available once it has been affected by any cause. This is called the right to health care, and it also creates obligations on the part of the state to protect the legal right, or health, that is protected by the Mexican Constitution. Federal authorities through the health secretary are responsible for the administration and evaluation of health care services provided to the Mexican population not covered by social security. State health departments are responsible for the organization and operation of health services for the non-insured population. The third level of health care provides basic health care services in hospitals general or specialized and has support services for diagnostics such as radiology and laboratory. There is no discussion of health care coordination between federated entities within the social security system, which created the National Council on Health in 2000-2006. The primary instrument for social protection in health is the social security health insurance scheme, which has three services: general hospital services, which include outpatient care; more frequent services provided by general and nursing staff with the help of the community; and speciality services provided in hospitals general or special

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