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This YouTube video discusses the case of a young girl who ran away from her family and ended up living with her grandparents who did not end well. The girl was really bad, and her grandparents tried to soothe her emotions, but she eventually killed them. The main suspects were the couple, who had faked the deaths of Sandra and Johnny in order to take their own lives.

  • 00:00:00 In this YouTube video, Bruno Villas tells real-life stories of criminal cases. If you're not already subscribed, he invites you to become so so you don't miss any updates about new videos. He then takes us to Lauren, a small town in Georgia, where a couple of elderly idos were enjoying their retirement. Little did they know that one of their granddaughters, Cassandra bijorger, was causing all kinds of trouble. Born and raised in Atlanta, she was already clear from a young age that she wasn't like the other girls in her neighborhood and at her old school. Her sexual behavior had taken extreme proportions by the time she hit puberty, and nobody was able to handle her. In the end, she got caught up in a big mess at her old school and was sent to live with her grandparents. This finally ended the peaceful days of the couple. It's true that she ended up bringing chaos and then could not hold on to the reins after that. What this story illustrates is that some humans are capable of showing what's worst in them, even if it's hidden behind a wide smile and a deep, vacant stare. We're transported to Lauren and meet the couple's grandchildren, who are always in contact with their parents
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the case of a young girl who ran away from her family and ended up living with her grandparents who did not end well. Some young people mess with those who are quiet and then don't realize the importance of speaking the truth to them. Later, in an interview, the girl's parents said that she left town almost fugitives and her grandparents were forced to deal with her. I say this to the people: Your grandparents were forced to deal with her because the situation is kind of delicate. They're not the grandparents' fault because they're dealing with all of this family drama. It's really hard for them to say no. Especially to their grandchildren. And, finally, the young girl ended up going to her grandparents' house and they never had a peaceful day in their lives. The girl was really, really bad. She was disobedient, uneducated, and quarrelsome. Grandma Andy, who was older than 65 years old, always talked about this with her children but the girl had a heart very gentle all the times her daughters showed anger and mentioned that they would go to the girl's grandparents' house to give her a beating. The grandparents tried to soothe the young people's emotions and said
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses a murder case in which the elderly couple who did not end well were killed. The video explains that the couple's children eventually realized that the couple had not been answering text messages or phone calls for a while, and they called each other. Their brothers then called each other and talked between themselves, realizing that none of them had been able to contact the couple in recent days. The police were then called to the couple's residence on April 8, 2017, but when they arrived, they found that the house was not livable and there was no answer when they knocked on the door. A few days later, the family received a call about an emergency situation, and when they arrived, they found that the sister of the man Johnny was dating, Cassandra, had been attacked. Johnny, who was in search of money, attacked her back and she died. The couple then informed the police that Johnny was accompanied by a young woman later confirmed to be Cassandra, and the thing that caught the police's attention was that the couple had used a car in the robbery but did not know why they had fled. The family was eventually located and arrested. The main suspects were the couple, who had faked the deaths of Sandra and Johnny in order to take their own lives
  • 00:15:00 In this YouTube video, Johnny and Cassandra planned to kill their elderly parents, but the girl had already had several weeks of planning. Numerous searches were made for both Johnny and Cassandra's electronic devices, and they discussed their plan with friends who said they were planning something glorious. However, on the day of the planned murder, they waited outside the elderly couple's house until they had assurance that their parents were asleep, and then entered the room silently. They went to the bedroom where Wendy and Wenton were sleeping, and used a key to open the door. They then used kicks, punches, and foot stomps, as well as a kitchen knife later on. The forensic medical examiner observed and documented the use of the knife, and the investigation revealed that Johnny had attacked Randle first, followed by Cassandra who took care of her father. Later that same day, an attorney was assigned to represent the couple, and they formulated a defense based on mental abuse and childhood difficulties. However, they were very clear about the chances that the couple had and even explained this to Johnny. If their defense strategy failed, they were very likely to be convicted of capital punishment. Almost a year later, in February of 2018, Johnny Rider, 19 years old, admitted to committing the murders
  • 00:20:00 The Débora Turner case caused great upset amongst the Turner family, with the daughter feeling that she had to say something or at least ask for forgiveness for the pain she was causing. She refused to speak, and simply cried. The case was appealed, and the two were sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 60 years. This means that Johnny could apply for parole when he is 79 years old, and Cassandra could apply for parole when she is 77 years old. The defense raised a motion for review, claiming that the crime was committed when the client was still a minor, but after analysing the process and the sentences, the higher court rejected all arguments from the defense and maintained the conditions as they were. This personal case left me very sad, as it showed how much care the avós were giving to their daughter and then received in return. In addition, the way everything happened reminds me of a national case I am sure you all know about, and I would not want to speak about it for fear of offending anyone here on YouTube. However, I would like you to leave your like if you have done so already, as it helps a lot in promoting the channel. I will stay here and till next time.

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