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The video looks at the newly passed law Ley Olimpia in Jalisco, Mexico which creates two new criminal offenses: the crime of sexual violation (unauthorized dissemination of images that are not consensual) and cyber-bullying. The documentary interviews women's rights activists and looks at the fight for gender equality in the digital world.

  • 00:00:00 The Ley Olimpia, enacted in 2016, created two new criminal offenses: the crime of sexual violation, which is the unauthorized dissemination of images that are not consensual. This text is a series of behaviors that put someone's right to privacy, both with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity, at risk. However, there are other behaviors that were already regulated under the Olimpia law, such as cyber-bullying and identity theft. My name is Rosa Maria Gonzalez Carranza and I am a women's rights activist with the organization Women for Justice, which helped draft the legislation. The Olimpia law is something that is infinitely necessary in order to cover that space on the internet - the cyber-space - which was painstakingly worked on by several meetings over a six-month period in order to bring forth this initiative. Always in collaboration with the team at Olimpia, Melo (a charity founded by Olimpia co-founder Gustavo Melo and supported by Olimpia), and the National Network of Sororities, we have managed to perfect one of the best initiatives presented at national level. Olimpia is a small town in the state of Puebla, and we interviewed
  • 00:05:00 The video covers the importance of having a law on digital privacy, specifically Ley Olimpia, which was recently passed in Jalisco. The video goes on to say that while the law is a step in the right direction, much more needs to be done to protect women and children online. The video also mentions that the process of passing the law was not easy, but it was finally approved by the legislature in September.
  • 00:10:00 Olimpia is a documentary about the fight for gender equality in the digital world. It covers topics such as cyber-bullying, online harassment, and the dangers of sexting. One of the main goals of the documentary is to raise awareness about the issue, and to encourage people to take precautions when using social media.

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