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Nathan For You visited the CEO of online dating website Dating DNA to offer his services to attract more female users. Nathan's idea was to implement a security system called "Daddy's Watching

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Nathan visits the CEO of the online dating website Dating DNA to offer his expertise on attracting more female users. Nathan suggests implementing a security service called "Daddy's Watching," where female users can request someone to secretly watch over their first dates to make them feel safer. Although Kevin, the CEO, initially finds the idea condescending, he eventually agrees as it could make women feel more secure. Nathan then tries out the service with a user named Kamarin, acting as her "Daddy" during her date. He covertly vetted Kamarin's date, Cody, and followed them to a bowling alley where he disguised himself as a female bowler to ensure Kamarin's safety. Fortunately, Cody behaves well throughout the date, and the service seems to be successful in making Kamarin feel secure.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, Nathan reveals to Kamari that he was the one who provided the protection service during her date with Cody. Kamari confirms that she felt safe and secure throughout the experience, proving that Nathan's idea worked well. Nathan realizes that in order to expand the Daddy's Watching System to Dating DNA, he needs to hire a team of trustworthy staff members, so he puts up flyers for security work and meets with a candidate named Mark. Nathan tests Mark's skills by setting up a service for another Dating DNA user and bringing Mark along to observe. Mark assures the user, Polly, that he will watch over and protect her, making her feel safe. This success allows Nathan to go back to Kevin and provide him with all the information he needs to implement the Daddy's Watching System nationwide, leaving Nathan feeling satisfied and having made the world a safer place.

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