Summary of ¿Qué es la ÉTICA?✏️¿Qué es la ÉTICA y qué es la MORAL? ¿Qué es la ÉTICA y PARA QUÉ SIRVE? EJEMPLOS📚

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The video discusses the concept of ethics, and how it applies to different aspects of life. It argues that ethics is a branch of philosophy, and provides examples of how it can be used to judge the appropriateness of different actions. The video also discusses the importance of ethics in everyday life, and how it can help us to identify and address problems caused by the absence of moral values.

  • 00:00:00 The video discusses the concept of ethics and its role in everyday life. It explains that ethics is the study of morality, and that it involves analyzing the language used in moral contexts. A gouache is simpler than a moral code, which is a collection of moral standards that govern human behavior in any area of life. This colleague defines ethics as the art of living, the art of choosing what is in our best interests and living as best we can. In this island, we have someone very special - a chilango from Mexico who was in a deep existential crisis. He kept the essential things in his tag pack and went on a journey to find himself through ayahuasca. Upon arriving at the paradise he claimed was the most beautiful place in the world, he discovered that through a spiritual journey, he would be able to resolve his problems. He decided to explore the island first before undertaking the ayahuasca ritual, so he took a small boat and ended up encountering a storm. He was stranded on an island for days using what he had to survive, and managed to survive by hunting and gathering food as well as drinking rainwater. However, when he encountered human beings for the first time, the thing he was most afraid of happened. He started having ethical problems
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the concept of ethics, and its importance in today's society. It explains that ethics is the use of reason to decide what is best for human life, and that in times of war, it is essential to have concepts like ethics in order to have better moral judgement. Antonio Machado, a philosopher and Roman Emperor, discusses the principle behind ethics - treating others as one would want to be treated. Eric Fromm, a psychologist, offers a brief explanation of the principle. Finally, Antonio Machado discusses the importance of ethics in everyday life.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the importance of ethics, and goes on to describe some of the different types of ethics. It also discusses the different ways that ethics can help you live a better life, and provides examples. In the future, it is hoped that more specialties in ethics will be developed, such as ethics in medicine and science, ethics in business, and ethics in research.
  • 00:15:00 The video discusses the difference between ethics and morality, and discusses some of the ethical issues that have arisen with the development of technology, such as the use of human blastocysts. It also discusses the ethical implications of cloning, and the heated debate that surrounds the topic.
  • 00:20:00 The video discusses the concept of ethics, and how it applies to different aspects of life. It also covers the topic of morality and its relation to religion. One example discussed is the difference between morality and ethics. Morality is a set of rules and codes of conduct based on religious beliefs, while ethics is the study of morality. Ethics considers the different aspects of a situation, and determines if a particular action is right or wrong. Another example of how ethics can be applied is in the clothing industry. In ancient societies, it was considered immoral for women to wear pants. However, today it is considered morally acceptable. Ethics is responsible for establishing rules and criteria for judging the appropriateness of certain actions or situations. It also helps us to understand the principles behind moral values. Ethics also helps us to identify problems caused by the absence of moral values. People can become aware of these problems and try to address them. It is interesting to note that ethics is often linked to several different disciplines, such as ontology, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, and psychology.
  • 00:25:00 The video discusses ethics and morality, and argues that ethics is a branch of philosophy. It discusses the example of nihilism, which is a philosophical position that denies the existence of any objective values. Felipe, a friend of the speaker, runs into the speaker's house unannounced and demands to be let in, saying that he has urgent news. The speaker lies to the woman who answered the door and says that Felipe can wait outside. After explaining the situation to Felipe, the speaker decides to hide him. After explaining that his friend would do the right thing by helping someone in need, even if it risks punishment or reward after death, the video finishes with a quote from Albert Einstein.

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