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San Francisco de Asís was a man who was known for his work with the poor and his love of animals. He also founded the Franciscan Order, which was a religious order that was committed to poverty and the care of souls. Francisco died in 1226 at the age of 44.

  • 00:00:00 Francisco was born in 1182 in Asís, France. He started working at his father's textile store at a young age and read poetry in French and Provençal. One day, while he was working, a beggar came to the store and Francisco threw him away with harsh words. But soon after, he felt a pain in his heart and went on a run to find the beggar. When he found him, he gave him a generous amount of money and from then on, promised never to refuse help to a poor person. However, Francisco also had some defects. He was arrogant and wasteful, spending his money on luxury items when he had just turned 17. He enlisted in the army of Asís to fight Peru and admired the crusaders who were defending Europe from the Muslim attacks. He reached the rank of captain and participated in some battles against Peru. However, his plans to become a great military man were cut short when he suddenly fell ill with a terrible fever. The fever not only broke his body but also his spirit. When he recovered, he realized the fragility of human existence and the insignificance of worldly things. One day, while he was praying, Christ spoke to him in a voice he could hear. Francisco responded
  • 00:05:00 In the winter of 1212, Francisco, a young man wearing only a loincloth, walked barefoot through the snow to a forest. There, he began to sing French songs to himself, contemplating the trees frozen in ice. He met robbers on his way, who laughed at him and beat him. But when they walked away, Francisco got up and continued singing. He arrived at a monastery, where they gave him a robe to wear. The people of Saint-Ascensio-de-l'Assisia thought Francisco had gone crazy. They laughed at him and threw stones at him, but Francisco kept believing in God. He decided to rebuild the monastery of Saint-Damien himself, without money. He gathered stones from people's homes, and soon his fame spread. People from all walks of life started helping him, from rich merchants to poor monks. God revealed to him that he should found a new order of monks, which would spread throughout the world. The main difference between the Franciscans and the monks of the other orders was that the Franciscans were supposed to be itinerant rather than sedentary, and not be contaminated by the world. Francisco had a special gift for making animals love him, and would often wake up
  • 00:10:00 San Francisco de Asís was an Emotional Runner who left behind his friends to meet the Sisters. He told them, "Much must be praised to your Creator, and you must love Him with all your heart, for He has given you wings to fly and clothes to wear, and everything you need is right at your disposal." The Sisters were amazed and listened until he finished. Once, while Francisco and his friends were passing through a town called Gubia, they learned that a large, ferocious Wolf was attacking livestock and people. Francisco decided to go after the Wolf, even though his friends warned him not to. He found the Wolf, and spoke to him kindly. The Wolf listened and agreed to abide by any agreements Francisco made with the people of Gubia. After two years, the Wolf died of old age. Francisco always justified poverty among his Brothers by saying that this way they could move freely among all kinds of people, without the constraints of the common man. His Brothers were free to live as they wished, according to the message of the love of Christ. They went from town to town, barefoot and without money or possessions, preaching the Gospel of Peace and Penance.
  • 00:15:00 In 1209, when Francisco was 27, he traveled to Rome to ask the papal approval for the rules of his order. He met a young Portuguese man, Antonio, who would become known as Saint Anthony of Padua. In 1221, when Francisco was returning to Europe from a trip to the Middle East, he had a religious experience that led him to establish the Third Order of Franciscans. This order is for women. In 1224, while in the mountains of Berna, Switzerland, Francisco had a mystical experience that led to the discovery of the Passion of Christ. This experience led to his deep meditation and humble prayer, which God granted him intense suffering. In 1225, while in Greccio, Italy, Francisco had a vision of the Virgin Mary and heard her say, "Francis, go and build My church." This vision became the inspiration for the founding of the Franciscan Order. In 1227, while Francisco was in Assisi, Italy, he had a vision of Christ in which the Christ child said, "Francis, go and preach the gospel to the pagans." In 1228, Francisco founded the Franciscan Order, which is for men and women
  • 00:20:00 According to this YouTube video, San Francisco de Asís was a man who was stigmatized by others for his physical appearance, including his hands and feet, and his side. He also began to lose his sight, but still repeated, "Lord, I have not suffered enough. I have not sacrificed enough. I am not worthy of your crown of thorns. I am miserable, and I am not even worthy to be in your shadow." Unfortunately, among the Franciscans, disagreements and division began to arise, with some people aspiring to positions of power within the order, while others wanted to abandon poverty. Francisco tried to persuade them that their only concern should be the care of souls, but they were not convinced and wanted to pursue their own interests and glory. Six months before his death, San Francisco asked that his body be taken back to Asís. When they arrived, he visited his favorite friend, Clarissa de Mijas, at the convent of San Damián, which she led. There, he composed the famous song, "Las Criaturas." Shortly before he died, he asked that his Bible be read to him. He died on October 3, 1226, at the age of 44 years. It is said

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