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In this video, Peter Cohen discusses his 1989 documentary, "Arquitetura da Destruição," which offers a critical view of the Nazi regime. He reveals how the regime was not only a machine of war, but also a machine of propaganda that used architecture to further its goals. The film is a great introduction to Cohen's online course, "Vassoler: Architecture of Destruction."

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Peter Cohen, a Jewish filmmaker, discusses the 1989 documentary, "Arquitetura da Destruição," which examines the aesthetic and ideological goals of the Nazi regime in architecture. Cohen discusses how the documentary helps to contextualize the destruction that the Nazis caused.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, actor Franco and actor Bruno Gomes discuss the similarities between their roles in the film "A Queda" and in the documentary "Arquitetura da Destruição." The actor describes how Adolf Hitler used technology to achieve his goals during World War II, and how his strategies changed over time. Bruno Gates, who played Hitler in the film, has since passed away. Peter Cohen discusses the similarities between the Nazi regime and the Soviet Union, and how the war was ultimately won by the Soviet Union.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, Peter Cohen discusses the architecture of destruction, discussing how the same concepts are used by both a resident and an artist. He talks about how an artist with an electrician, an artist who cares about beauty, wants to remove the filth of Germany. He discusses the Nazi regime and how it enforced a hierarchical society with an ancient hierarchy and art that involved degenerating modern art as a means to revive the old order. He presents a series of paintings by Jewish artists, including Max Beckmann, Oskar Kokoschka, and others, to demonstrate that modern Cubism, which questioned the organicity of art and the mathematics of the Renaissance, was no longer limited to curators' views but was also done by Nazi doctors who went on to become soldiers and eugenics specialists. This shows the importance of Peter Cohen's exhibit, "German Art at a Cost: German Art from the 1930s to the Present," which will gather a series of paintings by modern artists, including Jews, to show that modern art, in its degeneration, questions the existence of God and any organicity, cartographies, myths, and stars drawn in art.
  • 00:15:00 "Resenha de Vassoler: Arquitetura da destruição" is a documentary film that discusses the Nazi's architectural project known as "Arquitetura da Destruição," which sought to build architectural masterpieces that would be unique and have a unique continuity, and which would eliminate any deviations from the German race. Peter Cohen, a historian, discusses how the project gradually changed as it neared completion, turning against its own people and nature as it succumbed to destruction. The film also discusses contemporary biotechnology's promise to reverse aging and retain health as we age.
  • 00:20:00 Peter Cohen's 1989 documentary, "Arquitetura da Destruição," offers a critical and heterodox view of the Nazi regime, revealing its not only as a machine of war but also as a hateful aesthetic, political and ideological propaganda machine. This film is a great introduction to his online course, "Vassoler: Architecture of Destruction," which is available every Saturday at 10am. You can leave your comments below or join his online course to become a member and support his project financially.

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