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The video is about a woman who overcame a difficult childhood to become successful. She was abused by her father and then had to live on the streets, but she eventually got a job and saved up enough money to buy a gun. She met a researcher from MIT who invited her to work on a solar energy project, and she now leads the project. She doesn't complain anymore and is helping others instead.

  • 00:00:00 This video is about people who complain and how to not do that. It talks about a young woman who lived on the streets, and then went to Harvard. Her father abused her, so she moved in with her grandfather, but he didn't like her living there, so she asked him to send her to live in the city. She got a job as a cook and started to save money to buy a gun to kill her father. One day, she met a researcher from MIT, who invited her to come work with him on a project to create energy from the sun. She now leads the project and is very successful. She doesn't complain anymore and is helping others instead.

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