Summary of 5. Llenado de recipientes

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This video shows how different containers can fill up at different speeds, depending on their shape. A taller container with a wider base will fill up more quickly than a shorter container, and a cilindrical vase will fill up more slowly than a Cono-dome shaped container.

  • 00:00:00 This video shows how different containers can fill up more quickly than others. For example, a container with an open lid that always fills with water will fill more quickly than a container with a closed lid that takes the same amount of time to fill. To see how quickly each container fills, a graph is created of each container's height vs. time. The taller container fills more quickly than the shorter container. This is due to the taller container's wider base, which expands continuously as water levels rise. Another container, the cilindrical vase, fills more slowly than the other containers because water level rises more slowly in the wider vase. The Cono-dome shaped container fill more quickly than the other two, because the curve of the base causes the water level to rise more quickly.
  • 00:05:00 This video shows graphics of bottles filled with water, and explains how the graphics depict the speed at which the bottle is being filled at each moment.

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