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In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speakers delve into their marital troubles, expressing dissatisfaction with each other and contemplating separation. Vlad criticizes his wife's lack of work and expresses a desire to find a new partner, while she conveys her reluctance to continue in the relationship. They discuss experimenting with their dynamic but find it unsuccessful, leading to frequent arguments and growing tension. Vlad also mentions considering divorce and expresses interest in someone else. The relationship is described as strained, with both parties feeling unfulfilled and considering their options moving forward.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speakers discuss their marital issues and their dissatisfaction with each other. Roman, who is a builder and designer of interiors, and Vlad, who is an organizer and healer, share their problems in their three-year-long marriage. Vlad accuses Roman of being lazy and too attached to women, while Roman criticizes Vlad for killing people and possibly deceiving him. The couple is constantly at odds, with Vlad believing that Roman's lack of work is the main issue, and Roman preferring to stay unemployed. They consider divorce but decide to explore their issues from different perspectives, with Vlad suggesting they try new things and Roman expressing a desire to find a new partner or wife. The conversation is interspersed with music and occasional humor, but the underlying tension is palpable.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены" (Free Relationships - A Little Divorced), the speaker, Vlad, discusses his marital issues with his wife. Despite her not working, Vlad expresses his discontent with her and his desire to find another woman. His wife also expresses her unwillingness to stay in the relationship and they both seem unhappy. Vlad mentions that they have tried experimenting with their relationship to reignite their passion, but it has not been successful. He also mentions that they have been arguing and having scandals frequently. Vlad states that he is now 31 years old and has never been married before, implying that they are considering a divorce. The relationship was described as "free" but Vlad expresses that he does not want his partner to meet with him. They have been living separately for some time and Vlad mentions that he finds another colleague, also named Vlad, more appealing. The relationship seems to have become unsatisfying and unfulfilling for both parties.
  • 00:10:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker expresses his dissatisfaction with his emotional attachments to women, stating that he feels some women cling to him and he is not ready for three specific individuals. He also mentions that marital problems can lead to outbursts of aggression and that he sees one woman, whom he describes as a "neat and beautiful girl," differently than she sees herself. The speaker also criticizes the behavior of another woman in the marriage, describing her as loud and unpleasant. Despite these issues, the speaker suggests that there may still be potential for a relationship, but acknowledges that there are inconsistencies and disagreements in their dynamic. The conversation shifts to discussing a friend's participation in an experiment and the speaker's preference for shirts without long sleeves. The speaker expresses frustration with the woman's loud voice and criticizes her behavior, likening her to an unpleasant household pet. Overall, the speaker's tone is critical and dismissive towards the women in question, expressing a desire for independence and a lack of patience for their perceived flaws.
  • 00:15:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the couple Shorohov decides to participate in an experiment where they are separated for a week according to the experiment's rules. Each goes on a surprise date with a stranger, revealing their individual desires for an ideal partner. The man prefers an intelligent man who is not small or weak, while the woman wants a companion with whom she can talk about any topic and has a normal body shape. They both agree that they don't want friends, only each other, and that their bed should be for them alone. They also discuss the acceptance of infidelity in the experiment and argue about their personal preferences. The music plays as they express their thoughts, and it is mentioned that their relationship improved but then they separated again. The woman states that she only wants to sleep with her partner and that their apartment should be theirs alone, with no one else present in the house or in the corridor. The man mentions the possibility of a striptease but ultimately decides against it, stating that he has never worn strings in his life and has no intention of doing so to entertain anyone. The time has come for the woman to meet her partner.
  • 00:20:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," a woman expresses her desire to meet a strong and caring man with whom she can build a family. She is open to dating a man who is going through a divorce, believing that she can help him heal. However, she clarifies that she is not interested in building relationships with free men, and instead prefers someone "well-behaved." The conversation shifts to discussing how people in their 30s tend to prefer younger women who resemble transsexuals, and the woman expresses her confidence that she will soon meet a man who will be available to start a family with. She ends the conversation by ordering a taxi and introducing herself as Anna or Anyuta.
  • 00:25:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker describes an unexpected and intriguing encounter with a woman, whom he finds attractive despite her eccentric appearance. He expresses disappointment that he cannot listen to her due to the background music and shares that their initial meetings were not successful due to his displeasure with either him or the environment. The speaker suggests that if they meet again, they could spend some time together. However, he admits that he did not understand what she said and wonders why they did not have sex. Currently, he is taking a break from their relationship and intends to meet new people. The speaker describes himself as a "healthy, serious, brutal" person and shares that he has collected teddy bears, which he shows to the woman. He also mentions that he is a "Python" and that the woman is beautiful, emotional, and believed his compliments, despite the man finding Vlad to be a "dodik" without a beard. The speaker expresses his love for the woman and criticizes Vlad for lying about her. The background music plays throughout the conversation.
  • 00:30:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker discusses their discomfort with a woman's behavior during a music video. The woman is shown wearing both sportswear and regular clothing, and the speaker expresses their disappointment that she didn't warn them about the explicit content. They also criticize her for being a prostitute and making suggestive comments. The speaker compliments her for being neat but finds her behavior overall toxic and frustrating. They also mention a schoolboy who is describing a woman and compare her to a "ядерная девочка." The speaker expresses their desire for their partner to create a cozy atmosphere at home and is surprised to find prepared food and tidy arrangements upon arriving. However, they become jealous when they discover their partner has been spending time with other women and consider it a breach of trust.
  • 00:35:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," Timofey surprises his wife Vlad with a romantic dinner and a small surprise. However, Timofey's attempt at a surprise backfires when Vlad develops an allergic reaction to some unknown fruits. The fruits, which Timofey describes as "китайские здоровые яблоки," cause Vlad's throat to swell and her eyes to tear up. Timofey tries to console her and offers her some pills, but Vlad finds the situation unpleasant. The conversation then shifts to Timofey's past relationship, where he admits to being unfaithful with a woman named Aня, who surprised him with her sexual fantasies. Despite the unexpected turn of events, there is no one else around for the couple to interact with, leading them to continue their conversation and eat the remaining fruits.
  • 00:40:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker shares an anecdote about a sexual encounter with his partner, Vlad. During the encounter, Vlad had become physically aggressive, leading to a heated argument and destruction of household items. Despite this, the speaker notes that Vlad bit him during sex, implying that he enjoyed it. The speaker expresses his confusion and amusement at the situation, but also expresses a lack of interest in discussing it further. The conversation shifts to the speaker helping Vlad with a surprise for him, and the importance of good deeds, before returning to the topic of their relationship and the speaker's lack of understanding of Vlad's methods of communication. Throughout the conversation, there is a lighthearted tone and use of music to add to the comedic effect.
  • 00:45:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker discusses their desires and fantasies in a relationship. They express a desire for spontaneity and passion, but also mention feeling trapped and unfulfilled at times. The speaker mentions wanting to "jump" into something new and exciting, but feeling obligated to stay in a relationship due to financial reasons. They also criticize their partner for being monotonous and unresponsive at times. The speaker also mentions collecting things and enjoying surprises, but admits to not eating sweets and preferring a simple, romantic approach. Throughout the section, the speaker expresses a longing for excitement and connection in their relationship.
  • 00:50:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speakers, presumably a couple, engage in a playful and flirtatious conversation underwater. They discuss their past experiences and share their thoughts on each other. One of them mentions that their partner seemed to enjoy watching them, and they both laugh about a previous misunderstanding that led to a lost bet. The conversation then shifts to hypothetical situations, such as a spouse being with another person, and they express their feelings and reactions to those scenarios. The tone remains light and humorous throughout the exchange.
  • 00:55:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speakers engage in a conversation that appears to be from a porn game. They discuss various sexual acts and make crude comments towards each other. One speaker expresses his frustration with the lack of communication between them, stating that they are not behaving like normal people. Another speaker suggests that they are living like the last people on Earth and that their relationship is only about sex. The speakers also mention that they have been awake for a long time and that they need to "go" to each other. The conversation continues with more explicit comments and suggestions, with one speaker expressing his disagreement with the other's approach to women and suggesting that it amounts to coercion. The speakers also mention that they will continue the conversation in a future video. Overall, the conversation is crude and explicit in nature, with the speakers making sexually suggestive comments towards each other.

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In the YouTube video segment "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker reflects on their relationship with someone named Vlad, expressing discomfort and uncertainty about their connection. They discuss trying to understand their emotions and actions, conducting daily video check-ins as part of an experiment. The speaker longs for genuine connection and affection, feeling that Vlad's attentions are lacking authenticity. The segment also highlights interactions among Vlad, Vlad's husband Roman, and Vlad's second husband Timofey, exploring themes of open relationships, communication issues, and romantic gestures falling short. The speaker expresses a desire for more physical touch and reflects on unmet expectations in relationships, emphasizing the complexities of human emotions and connections.

  • 01:00:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker expresses discomfort and pain in observing their relationship with someone named Vlad. They find it difficult to communicate with him and dislike the jokes he makes. The speaker identifies as a woman and wonders what is happening between them. Vlad assures her that everything is fine, but the speaker expresses concern, suggesting that his behavior may be causing emotional distress. They discuss their emotions and actions, with the speaker feeling that Vlad's attentions are not genuine. The speaker mentions that they have been conducting an experiment where they and Vlad check in with each other daily via video call. The speaker expresses a desire for physical closeness and affection, but feels that these emotions are lacking in their relationship. They also mention feeling uncomfortable with Vlad's presence and dislike certain aspects of his behavior. The speaker expresses a longing for genuine connection and love.
  • 01:05:00 In this section, feelings of disappointment arise as the husband's romantic gestures fall short, leading to both he and his partner feeling too exhausted for further adventures. While the husband attempts to brighten the mood by surprising his partner, the morning of the third day starts with Vlad's wife preparing breakfast. The excerpt reveals a sense of unmet expectations and a desire for more physical touch, as well as humorous commentary on the complexities of relationships and intimate moments.
  • 01:10:00 In this section, the speaker struggles with giving a massage but finds it easier to just focus on stroking a towel instead. The scene shifts to a woman preparing coffee and making a mess, prompting a quick trip to Adidas for some clothes. As the speaker contemplates their outfit choices, the conversation turns to infidelity and jealousy, highlighting the complexities of human relationships and desires.
  • 01:15:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," Timofey tries to win back his wife Vlad's attention by revealing his main card, but she is already making new connections. Timofey finds it easy to communicate with the new friend, but she has made her choice. Vlad's decision to continue the evening with her new acquaintance causes communication issues between Timofey and himself for three days. Despite this, Vlad decides to go against the rules and continue her experiment by staying out with her new friend.
  • 01:20:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," a monologue is delivered about a woman named Vlad, who has been married for 10 years but has recently become an advocate for "free relationships." Vlad's husband, Roman, is away, and she has been engrossed in a new acquaintance. Vlad's husband had hoped she would Skype with him that evening, but she was preoccupied with her new friend. Vlad's second husband, Timofey, is also present, and they had agreed to experiment with an open relationship. However, Vlad's behavior is unconventional, and she proposes ending the experiment and parting ways. Vlad and Timofey have many tasks to accomplish that day, including shopping for supplies for an upcoming event. Vlad expresses her contentment with their current situation but admits that she was unable to give her previous husband, Roman, what he wanted. Vlad receives an unwelcome call from Roman while out shopping, and they continue their errands. Vlad expresses her belief that women should be responsible for maintaining the home and ensuring it is comfortable and attractive. Vlad and Timofey attend an art exhibition together due to their shared interest in art.
  • 01:25:00 In this section, the speaker reflects on their confusion with contemporary art and the need for explanatory signs in museums. They share a story from Kaliningrad about a couple on a cliff overlooking the sea, leading to a discussion about relationships, emotions, and the behavior of a man named Roman towards women. The speaker expresses discomfort with Roman's actions and his apparent lack of respect for women, leading to reflections on fantasies and emotions in relationships.
  • 01:30:00 In this section, the excerpt describes a scene where Vlad takes his wife to a special café after a museum visit. It is revealed that Vlad's wife used to sing folk songs but never performed for him. She agrees to sing for him but warns him not to expect a magical performance, drawing comparisons to characters from "The Little Mermaid." The interactions among the participants are filled with negative emotions, with Vlad and his husband Roman managing to connect through video call. Vlad's wife plans a surprise with three other girls, leading to some jealousy among the group. The atmosphere becomes awkward as Vlad starts showing signs of flirtatious behavior, which disappoints one of the individuals present. Discussions about whether a kiss implies commitment and personal desires surface, highlighting the complexities of relationships and communication.
  • 01:35:00 In this section, the speaker discusses various aspects of their relationship, including kissing before sex, embracing, and cuddling. They share personal anecdotes and reflect on moments with different partners, mentioning their poor dancing skills and desire to improve. The conversation transitions to preparing for the future, with mentions of household chores and setting the mood with champagne and good friends. The speaker expresses a mix of nostalgia, longing for rest, and anticipation for what lies ahead, encapsulating a casual and reflective tone throughout the excerpt.
  • 01:40:00 In this section of the YouTube video "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," a man and a woman discuss their past relationship. The woman mentions that their shared interests, such as dancing and clubbing, have faded away. She reveals that she has taken up shooting as a hobby since their separation, which the man is unaware of. In her past, she had participated in shooting competitions since childhood and had become a master in the sport. Despite his lack of knowledge about her new hobby, the man expresses his pride in her achievement. The woman also mentions that she used to skip school to avoid attending lessons, and the man assumes she was controlling her head during that time. The woman ends the conversation without revealing that she has a new partner, leaving the man in the dark. The video features interspersed music throughout.
  • 01:45:00 In this section of the YouTube video "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker discusses their relationship and various activities they engage in with their partner. They mention bringing sex toys with them, a colleague suggesting a photo shoot, and their ease with a young girl. The speaker also mentions watching a survival love show and feeling drawn to it. They express their confusion about certain choices in the show and share their own experiences. The conversation transitions to their partner, Vlad, preparing breakfast for her in the kitchen. The section ends with the start of a new day according to the experiment's rules.
  • 01:50:00 In this section of the YouTube video "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker reflects on their sixth day of separation from their spouse. They mention that they had been married for ten years and that when they meet again, they will notice how much they resemble each other. The speaker recalls a conflict they had in a café and how they almost gave in to it. They also mention discovering a newfound interest in someone else, but ultimately realize that they and their spouse are different. The speaker expresses uncertainty about their spouse returning to St. Petersburg with them and reveals that they are envious of their spouse's attachment to them. The speaker also mentions how their spouse's sudden outburst made it impossible to have a conversation and how they were taken aback by the situation, leading them to question their own thoughts and feelings. The speaker assures their audience that they will return to their spouse eventually, but expresses that they have always missed them and that they now feel as though they don't have enough time for them, even when things were going well.
  • 01:55:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "Свободные отношения - Немножко разведены," the speaker expresses uncertainty about the future of their relationship but decides that they want to try being together again. They mention that they have been putting their health on the line for the relationship and ask viewers to like and subscribe to their channel. The speaker then signs off, indicating the end of the video for now.

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