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The video discussed the popular trend of content creators in the fighting game community focusing on clicks and engagement over quality content, using Eltnum and Street Fighter: The Movie as examples. The speaker then discussed King of Fighters XIII, specifically the perceived difficulty of the game due to its combo trials, but noted that the game can be adjusted to suit the player's skill level with hidden mechanics. They also talked about the game's graphics, missing moves, and impact on the perception of the series. The speaker expressed love for the game but urged players and fans to understand its limitations and hoped for a strong release of King of Fighters XV. They encouraged players to enjoy all the games in the series on their own terms.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the trend of content creators in the fighting game community who prioritize clicks and engagement over content quality. They give examples of how this style of content can negatively impact the subject it is talking about, such as Kizzy K's video about Eltnum and Justin Wong's video about Street Fighter: The Movie. However, the speaker says the reigning king of FGC content lord topics is King of Fighters 13 combo trials, which became popular among content creators due to the game's 36-character roster and difficult combo trials.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the perceived notion that King of Fighters XIII is a difficult game, largely brought on by the game's trials, which are execution tests rather than combos that need to be learned. The speaker notes that KOF XIII has a wide array of combo theory and a long list of difficult combo trials, making it more of a combo-oriented game than KOF traditionally is, but the game itself is not as difficult to play as many people believe. In fact, the speaker states that KOF XIII may be the easiest of the popular KOF games due to some hidden mechanics, such as holding down the button for specials and supers, command shortcuts for supers, and long cuts that make things easier. Overall, the difficulty level of KOF XIII can be adjusted to suit the player's skill level, and the game's combos are rewarding but not essential to playing and enjoying the game.
  • 00:10:00 In this section of the transcript excerpt, the presenter discusses why King of Fighters 13 is considered a difficult game, stating that it could be due to it being the first game many players have tried and the unique style of movement and hit confirms making the learning curve steep. However, the presenter says that once the basics are learned, these fundamentals can be applied to every King of Fighters game. The presenter then switches to discussing the game's graphics and implores people to stop talking negatively about it, despite some fans' criticisms of the art style. The presenter admits that King of Fighters 13 has some wild muscular designs, but also expresses some discomfort with changing certain characters' attributes like King's androgynous look and, more controversially, giving her exaggerated feminine features.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the missing moves in King of Fighters XIII due to the limitations of creating detailed sprite work for the game. Many characters have had their move lists slashed, such as Kyo's missing Close D and Close B, and Clark's removal of many of his throwing attacks. Special moves and desperation moves have also been given a similar treatment with many characters having fewer options than previous iterations. Ultimately, while the game is by no means ruined, the changes made to the foundations of the series are shocking to long-time fans.
  • 00:20:00 In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the visuals of King of Fighters XIII and how they have impacted the perception of the game within the online community. While acknowledging the game's beautiful high definition sprite work, the speaker notes that some characters have "butter faces" and that the decision to go with this style of art was very expensive for SNK. The speaker then argues that the legacy of King of Fighters XIII has been detrimental to the series, as many people have unrealistic expectations and bemoan the fact that the games after XIII don't look like it. The constant focus on XIII's visuals is frustrating to the speaker, who notes that it has become difficult for people to talk about King of Fighters without bringing up its art style. However, the speaker ultimately admits that he appreciates the game and hopes that this video has provided an educational look at why some people take a negative view of XIII.
  • 00:25:00 In this section of the video, the speaker expresses his love for the King of Fighters XIII as it is what got him into the game and helped him understand the fundamentals of the series. He praises the game's stunning visuals and great soundtrack, as well as its difficulty curve, which he finds approachable. However, he notes that the game has limitations and it is important for both players and laypeople to understand its strengths and weaknesses. He also expresses hope that the upcoming King of Fighters XV will be a strong release, so that King of Fighters XIII can rest and be remembered as a legacy game. Overall, he encourages players to enjoy all the games in the King of Fighters series on their own terms.

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