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In this YouTube video, Mark Fisher discusses how the neoliberal philosophy has failed to satisfy the desires of leftists. He argues that leftists should be able to grant what neoliberalism couldn't - a massive reduction in bureaucracy.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, British philosopher and critic Mark Fisher discusses the concept of realism capitalism, which he describes as the belief that the current world is an inevitable result of the capitalist system and that there is no alternative. Fisher focuses on the idea of "zombies," or people who are living in a world of constant illusion, and discusses the consequences of this reality for the young generation. He also discusses the role of neoliberalism in creating this situation, and the importance of historical context in understanding the concept.
  • 00:05:00 Mark Fisher discusses the contradictions and problems with the current capitalist system in his book, "Realismo Capitalista". He argues that the system is based on efficiency and a small state, and that privatizations are the way to go in order to reduce bureaucracy and competition. He also argues that social programs do not exist and that the individual and family are all that exists. These arguments have been largely discredited by the current economic crisis, but the problems with the system persist. To attack the system head-on, Fisher suggests that it be examined for its inconsistencies.
  • 00:10:00 Mark Fisher discusses how the addiction to entertainment leads to a restless and spasmodic passivity, accompanied by a general incapacity to focus. Fisher argues that if attention disorders are a mental illness, then clearly they are a product of late capitalism. How we continue treating these cases as individual problems rather than problems with social and systemic roots is the question. However, if we consider Fisher's analysis of the situation in which teachers find themselves, we see that the health-mental-reduction-of-bureaucracy conundrum is connected to the reduction in bureaucratic efficiency. Efficiency naturally reduces bureaucracy, according to the neoliberal creed proclaimed by the late capitalism. However, it is actually the opposite: instead of increasing efficiency, the reduction of bureaucracy leads to a steep decline in real education statistics while no one seems to care about actual knowledge. This combination of market imperatives and bureaucratic objectives defined in terms of efficiency is a typical initiative of Stalinist market ideology that today controls our public services. However, this does not affect only public services, but all the bureaucracy that inundates us. It's a Kafkaesque labyrinth of call centers, surveys, and formularies that yields no real efficiency gains, and everyone knows it. It's not just an issue with public services
  • 00:15:00 Mark Fisher discusses the social disciplining society in which places and times of control were defined, and how we have transitioned to a society of control in which everything is diffuse, the real objective is not efficiency but maintaining our anxious and exhausted selves with constant change to porsorvism. The message of positive reinforcement constantly disseminated has led to the acceptance of more pain, if you do not like your job, you are lazy, and if you do not want to live on subsidies, you are a vagrant. The neoliberalism of today is a sign of the adaptation of capitalism to the post-fordism era, which is a structural adaptation that the left has not made. It has been losing ground steadily over the years, and in order to turn the tide, it will be necessary to recapture the public space of socialization where we can examine that all of us have the same problems. To do this, we will have to regain consciousness, recovering the public space of media, parliament, and all the tools that the neoliberalism has successfully used to its advantage. There is no alternative to this but to connect the pain with its causes social, not individual. This is done by connecting the problem with its social roots. The forms of consciousness that were dangerous to
  • 00:20:00 In this YouTube video, Mark Fisher discusses how the neoliberal philosophy has failed to satisfy the desires of leftists, who should be able to grant what neoliberalism couldn't - a massive reduction in bureaucracy.

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