Summary of Learn to Swim - Breaststroke Part 1

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This video provides a tutorial on how to swim breaststroke, with an emphasis on key points such as the breaststroke kick and cycle. It is important to remember that your feet should never leave the water during the kick, and that the breaststroke is one fluid motion from beginning to end. Practicing the glide and kick separately is a good way to train for this stroke.

  • 00:00:00 This video tutorial is designed to help beginner swimmers learn the breaststroke. The main points covered are the breaststroke cycle, the glide, and the breaststroke kick. It is important to remember that during the entire breaststroke kick your feet should never exit the water.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, a breaststroke swimming tutorial is given. The main points of the breaststroke are emphasized, including the importance of maintaining a symmetrical kick, keeping your knees close to your shoulders, and creating a quick and powerful kick. The breaststroke is one fluid motion from beginning to end, and adding extra tips to make yourself go faster will actually make you do the opposite. Finally, the importance of training and practicing the breaststroke properly is emphasized, with tips on how to do this including practicing the glide and kick only while emphasizing your head and body posture.

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