Summary of ¿Cómo se visualizan los instrumentos de pago en México?

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In the video, Poderoso discusses the payment system in Mexico and how it has been updated to include open banking and real-time payments. He notes that the public sector can easily coordinate benefits for all and that the social media sphere will play a significant role in this process. Finally, he points out that the use of digital currencies can have a positive impact on the economy in general and the sustainability of society.

  • 00:00:00 Mexico has one of the most advanced payment systems in the world, with systems in place for real-time payments that were pioneered many years ago. Mexico's system also allows for immediate reporting of financial information to customers, giving them a uniform and immediate experience. Recently, Cody was launched as a real-time payment system that is becoming more and more like messaging push. The vision is to create a digital currency. All of these advances make Mexico a great place to do business, with employers having the ability to optimize their capital and employee efficiency, while reducing the company's dependence on physical payment methods.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, Poderoso discusses how the payment system in Mexico works. He notes that the public sector, or the point at which the chain of payments reaches its highest point, can easily coordinate benefits for all. This is enabled by technology and digital media. As networks of stakeholders become increasingly connected, payments and payment capabilities will increasingly be integrated. The social media sphere will also play a significant role in this process, as it becomes a facilitator of payments and a search engine for integrating participants. In addition, as digital ecosystems grow, criminal organizations will find it increasingly difficult to exploit payment systems and reap criminal benefits. To counter this, banks must take measures to ensure the security of electronic payments, such as developing secure passwords and implementing risk management protocols. Finally, Poderoso points out that the use of digital currencies can have a positive impact on the economy in general and the sustainability of society. By paying attention to these four pillars - security, transparency, consumer protection, and user habits - the average person can thrive in a technologically advanced world.
  • 00:10:00 In Mexico, there are some updated payment mechanisms, such as being cyber-conscious of any thing you see that seems too good to be true. Doubts about discipline usually arise when someone tries to sell you something you don't know or don't recognize, asks for something you're not comfortable giving, or offers something you don't feel you deserve. Banks, financial institutions, and other such entities will not be discussed in this video, as a way to give you a gift. The general rule is if someone is talking to you about an institution, you should return to the call, but never take the call. When data is being transmitted, be sure to use a secure system that has multiple layers of security, such as access controls, passwords, and regular security reviews. Beyond the physical systems, you also need to have procedures in place to protect critical systems, such as your company's intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and employees. Finally, you need to have a system in place to detect and report cyber-security breaches, as well as a plan to maintain high standards in all areas, including systems, people, and technology.
  • 00:15:00 Central announced that the payment system for Mexico is moving towards open banking, which means that when you get there, it will be a bank of consumers. Additionally, today there are more opportunities for internationalization, as Mexico's economy continues to grow. As Mexico becomes more internationalized, businesses must take advantage of the opportunities to sell and seize on the benefits that Mexico offers to other countries. Financial institutions must have the capacity to help you in this internationalization by providing you with reliable mechanisms and security measures. Finally, you must be very careful who you are associating yourself with and what financial services they are providing to you in today's economy. Your information is very valuable, and before making any decisions, you should ask yourself what the technological and pricing characteristics of the vehicle are. Today, the first thing you should ask is what the cyber security philosophy and who is guarding your resources are. After understanding this, you can then ask questions about the investment and development plans, the size of the company, and how you are protected. Putting all of these pieces together prepares you better for a stable and sustainable future. Thank you for joining us at the iPade. We are honored to have you here. And to you, The world is girls.

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