Summary of La Transformación Digital y el impacto en el sector turismo.

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The YouTube video discusses how the digital transformation is positively impacting the tourism sector by improving competitiveness, profits, and customer relationships. It cites examples of how the cloud, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things are being used to improve various aspects of the tourism experience. Finally, it notes how social media is being used more effectively to build customer relationships and dialogue between the company and customers.

  • 00:00:00 The digital transformation is having a positive impact on the tourism sector, with improved competitiveness, higher profits, and closer relationships with customers. An excellent example is the tourism sector, which leads with 13.2% online retail sales share. One area of transformation in the tourism sector is the cloud, which stores data and enables the development of technology platforms that offer services more quickly and efficiently. Some of its benefits are the development of digital platforms for hoteliers like Booking and trivago, which allow customers to inform and pay for services online, as well as integrated electronic commerce solutions like Dreams and ATrápalo. Another area of transformation is the relationship with the customer, which is being improved through mobile devices and tablets becoming more popular. The main benefits are service customization and customer service responsiveness through geolocation. Internet of Things (IoT) is an innovative technology that offers improvements in services such as innovative experiences in markets. Hoteliers now offer telepresence rooms with video conferencing and restaurants have implemented use of tablets to allow diners to order food and drinks. The social and economic dimension is also being improved through social media being used more effectively to build customer relationships and dialogue between the company and customers, as well

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