Summary of PowerPoint 2007: Ejercicio 4: Animaciones de objetos

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This video demonstrates how to animate objects using various animation effects in PowerPoint 2007. The first logo is animated using the dissolve effect. Next, the students animate the interior and exterior of the second logo using the enter and zoom effects. Finally, they animate the text of the contact information using the dissolve effect. The result is a well-organized and animated presentation.

  • 00:00:00 In this fourth exercise in the PowerPoint 2007 course, the students animate three logos using various animation effects. The first logo to be animated is the PowerPoint 2007 logo. After selecting the desired animation effect, a dialogue box pops up with a list of available entry effects. We select the dissolve effect and click OK. Next, the students animate the interior and exterior of the second logo. They choose the enter effect and then add the effect of zoom. Finally, they animate the text of the contact information. The chosen animation effect for this object is dissolve. The students then animate the next object, the Porsche logo, and proceed in the same way. They add the enter effect, zoom effect, and dissolve effect to the design.
  • 00:05:00 This PowerPoint demonstrates how to create animated objects using effects. First, we select an animation effect to use. Next, we add a text effect to the text. Finally, we animate the objects in the table of contents. The result is a animated presentation.
  • 00:10:00 In this fourth exercise of the PowerPoint 2007 tutorial, the author demonstrates how to create animations of objects. This way, there is a controlled sequence for all the objects in our design and, if you look now at the reproduction, you will see an orderly sequence of all the objects in each slide. These exercises finish the expiration of the fourth lesson of the PowerPoint 2007 tutorial.

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