Summary of Kid Temper Tantrum Gets His Butt Kicked After Stealing Money.

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This section of a YouTube video titled "Kid Temper Tantrum Gets His Butt Kicked After Stealing Money" describes a birthday party where the vlogger, his family and friends gather, while their kids are at school. When the vlogger confronts his sister about stealing some money from a safe, he finds out that it was not a safety. Meanwhile, his nephew is filming a person kicking someone out of the house, which causes confusion for the vlogger's wife. In the next section, the video features a home cooking competition where children make pizzas from scratch, shedding light on their personalities and culinary tastes. The final section of the video deals with a stolen money issue and its consequences, with no resolution on who took the money. The video ends with a shot of a set of deer statues in the garden.

  • 00:00:00 In this section of the video, the vlogger is having a party with his friends and family while his kids are at school. While they were gone, the vlogger's sister emptied a safe and began stealing some money from it. When they returned home, the vlogger confronts his sister and tells her to get out of the safe. The vlogger sends his wife and kids to the store to buy more food and drinks for the party. During this time, the vlogger tries to access the money, but upon opening the safe, he discovers that it is not actually a safe and that the money was not there. The vlogger gets angry and kicks the kid who was on the deck when they discover the money was missing.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, Linda is trying to help her nephew Leland recover a missing amount of money. She explains the pay structure and expects Leland to report to her about the money. However, a person comes in and Leland tells Linda to film him kicking him out of the house. Linda is confused and asks Leland to explain. Leland tells her that his uncle, who is also his uncle Jay, assumed that Leland stole the money and was checking his pockets for it. Leland is annoyed and asks Linda to come outside with him to talk about it. Linda sympathizes with Leland but advises him to be courteous to his uncle.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the video discusses a home cooking competition where a group of children is trying to make pizza from scratch. As they work on their pizzas, they encounter each other's personalities, frustration, and spills. They discuss the merits of different pizza toppings and eventually have their own personalized pizzas ready to eat. They also talk about adding a new set of statues to their backyard, which represents themselves and their interests.
  • 00:15:00 In this section of the YouTube video, we see a group of children with their parents. One child has stolen money from his uncle and plans to use it to treat himself with a shopping spree at Gamestop and other places. The children are seen playing with their new toy, a set of deer statues that represent each of them. The video also features a birthday card that was sent to one of the children from a friend. The police are called because the child who stole the money has gotten away with it, but the child's parent has reason to believe he is the thief. The video ends with a shot of the deer statues meant for the children's garden.
  • 00:20:00 In this section of the video, the host and his uncle, Leland, are dealing with a situation where Leland stole money from the host's friend, Jay. Leland insists that he did not take the money, while the host, Jay's messages, keep demanding that Leland return it. The host is unsure of what to do and is frustrated that Leland is not taking responsibility for his actions. Eventually, Leland's mother calls the police, and Leland is arrested. The host is worried that Leland may face serious legal consequences and is angry that his actions have put everyone in this position.
  • 00:25:00 In this section of a YouTube video titled "Kid Temper Tantrum Gets His Butt Kicked After Stealing Money," the speaker expresses frustration and a desire to sit down after watching a situation where someone is getting their butt whipped. They mention that they don't know what they were going to say and that it had been a stressful weekend. They urge viewers to deal with the situation and take it, calling it a man. They thank viewers for watching and remind them to subscribe to their channel if they enjoyed the video. The speaker then asks where they got the skateboard, and suggests leaving a like and subscribing for more content. They end by saying they'll see viewers next time.

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