Summary of Hitler's Plans for the World if He Won

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The video discusses how the United States could have become a fascist country if Adolf Hitler had won World War II. It suggests that the American public was largely unaware of the atrocities being committed by the Nazi regime, and that many people supported Hitler because they believed he would bring about change. The video ends with the suggestion that, if the Nazis had won the war, the Holocaust would have continued unchecked.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Adolf Hitler is on a podium addressing a crowd of supporters. He discusses the successes of his regime, which includes conquests in Europe and the subjugation of numerous countries. He also mentions plans to attack the United States, which would ultimately lead to the downfall of the country. The Battle of Britain commenced, and although the British were initially successful, eventual defeat was likely due to strategic mistakes made by Hitler.
  • 00:05:00 This YouTube video discusses the reasons why Adolf Hitler's plans to invade Britain failed, and how this could have led to different outcomes in the war. Hitler's plans were ultimately foiled by the RAF and the British navy, and the eventual defeat of Germany would have been much more likely had Britain been decisively defeated.
  • 00:10:00 This 1-paragraph summary of the video discusses how Adolf Hitler planned to conquer Europe if he had won the war, focusing on the role of the United States. The video also mentions how different things might have been had the attack on Pearl Harbor not happened.
  • 00:15:00 This video presents a history of the Nazi regime in Germany, focusing on Adolf Hitler's plans for the world if he had won World War II. The video discusses the persecution and extermination of Jews, homosexuals, Communists, and other "undesirables" under the Nazi regime, as well as the propaganda that helped to convince many people in Britain and the US to support the Nazi cause. The video ends with the suggestion that, had the Nazis won the war, America would have become a fascist country like Germany, and the Holocaust would have continued unchecked.
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  • 00:25:00 In 1945, both sides test their bombs, and it is now known just how destructive atomic weapons are. This creates a frenzy among the public, and the American public, that, according to polls, do not want to go to war with Hitler, creates the American Fascist Party. However, in the next chaotic year, Lindberg creates the American Fascist Party, to be sympathetic with Nazi ethos, with an assurance from Hitler that Germany will not interfere in American affairs, and so, how Hitler finally wins this war. It is when fascism wins in the USA, when fear, bitterness, anger, and stupidity, push people to the polls to tick the box under “American Fascist Party.” Some of the poor just want change, and rightly so, but out of desperation, political distrust, and lack of options, they unwittingly choose their own demise. America closes its doors to the world, but inside the house something is rotten. No structure can remain standing when the foundations are warped and decayed.

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