Summary of Estrategias de lectura- Como tener una mejor comprensión de lectura

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In the video "Estrategias de lectura- Como tener una mejor comprensión de lectura", the speaker advises on several ways to improve reading comprehension. These include creating an overview of the material, writing about what you know before reading, underlining important ideas, creating mind maps, and using spaced repetition to remember the concepts. By using these strategies, readers can increase their understanding of the material and retain the information more effectively.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the speaker shares some tips on how to improve reading comprehension. The first tip is to create a general overview of the material you want to read, which includes looking at the title, subtitles, table of contents, and biographical information. Doing this can help you ensure that the material is consistent with what you want to learn. The speaker also recommends writing everything you know about the topics covered in the book before actually diving into reading it. While reading, it's suggested to underline important ideas, and it's also advised to create a mind map of the main ideas to help with retention. Finally, the speaker suggests using spaced repetition to better remember the concepts over time.

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