Summary of Coyuntura al 30 de septiembre de 2022

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The video discusses the upcoming Mexican elections in 2022 and President López Obrador's chances of winning. It also looks at his past as mayor of Mexico City and his involvement in austerity measures. The video suggests that if Trump stops meddling in the electricity industry, Mexico could experience a significant economic growth.

  • 00:00:00 This is an excerpt of a video about the 30th September 2022 situation. In the video, Macarios, a user who does not appreciate being listened to, chronicles the events of the past week, which ended on Friday 30th September. The week saw continuation of what we have been seeing, with emphasis on the difficulties President Lopez is experiencing due to the way he has governed. Another idea Lopez came up with was to cancel the airport, which he did to demonstrate his power. Next, he thought of creating an airpor t system with Toluca, a city nearby, and a new one in Santa Lucia, which was designed on a napkin and you will remember this after. He then had to hand it over to the military so they could do it because the napkin idea was not a good one because the runway was already closed. Later that week, they opened the airport in Santa Lucia named Felipe Ángeles, which like you know, has capacity that is slightly above one percent of the total capacity of the City of Mexico's current airport. This is because, as of 2019, construction of the new airport has not even started and it is already difficult to process flights because of this. Furthermore, the current government has decided that the
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the 2020 Mexican elections, in which Mexican president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador may have violated the law by spending public money on his campaign. The video also mentions López Obrador's past as the mayor of Mexico City, during which he increased spending on maintenance while neglecting infrastructure.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, the interviewer discusses what the Mexican government is currently doing to try and stop López Obrador, who is illegally in power and is continuing to break the law. He explains that this sequence of events has become a responsibility for future governments, and that these governments have had to spend their time and resources dealing with the old and not being able to invest in maintenance 20 years after the metro opened. He also mentions that the president is confident that those who suffer from lack of access to health care are a small minority, and that even though he is not very popular, he is as popular as previous presidents because Mexicans like to see their power demonstrated. He believes that this is a characteristic of Mexican presidents, and that by the end of this year, he will have won another two elections.
  • 00:15:00 This video discusses the current situation of Mexican President López Obrador and his administration. It looks at López Obrador's time as a spokesperson for the Mexican government, his marriage in a very important ceremony in Puebla in September of 2022, and the president's involvement in austerity measures at the beginning of his term. César López Obrador, López Obrador's brother, has been appointed as a subsecretary for government relations, religious affairs, and demographic issues. In this book, it seems that López Obrador will provide information about how he has survived during this entire period. López Obrador is running for reelection, and his opponent's strategy appears to be to focus on López Obrador's financial problems. This video also looks at the current geopolitical situation and suggests that Mexico could experience a significant economic growth under the right circumstances.
  • 00:20:00 The author believes that President Trump has a chance to take advantage of an opportunity in 2022, and that he needs to stop meddling in matters of energy specifically in electricity. If he would only leave electricity to operate as designed, we would be receiving a lot of money to invest in other industries. That is the key, he writes, and Trump will never understand it. Nevertheless, this is good news for you within two years, as this can be done differently and we can take advantage of the best of the global relocation. However, remember when there are recessions and changes of government – in 2000, 2002, and 2003 – that is when change happens most often. The computer industry in Mexico went from growing rapidly to China during the recession of 2009, and in the recession of 2021, I believe it will return to Mexico if Mexico is not prepared. If we have not grasped this opportunity by then, it will go to another country in America that is prepared to receive it. We have a great opportunity, but if we do not take it, someone else will. We will continue discussing this here so that we can try to convince someone to let people work and generate electricity with clean sources that leave us alone.

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