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This video discusses the PROSEC program, which helps small businesses export. It details the steps involved in signing up for the program and outlines the benefits of doing so.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Nadia Montes, an expert on exporting and business management, explains the benefits of the project program. This program, which is aimed at small businesses in national manufacturing, allows for easier importation of parts and equipment for production. The first step is to verify whether your business falls within one of the sectors eligible for the program. The next step is to locate the business number for your sector in a Roman numeral, and then look up the appropriate tariff rates for importing these items. The final step is to fill out the importation forms and pay the appropriate tariffs. You are now ready to start importing under the project program. Watch the video for more information on the steps involved.
  • 00:05:00 This video explains the program "PROSEC" which allows small businesses to import goods duty-free and with a specific tariff. Businesses must be rural and in compliance with their fiscal obligations in order to be eligible for the program. Persons must not be physically present in order to be eligible. The program is not for individuals, but for rural agricultural businesses. Businesses must be up-to-date on their tax obligations, and expect a reduction in their tariff if they are in compliance. A business must be registered with the Secretariat of Economy and have its fiscal domicile located there in order to be included in the program. The portal mentioned in the video can be accessed here. The video also provides an overview of the program "Project" which allows businesses to apply for importation licenses and permits.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the annual report for pressures, which will be presented no later than April 30th, and in which viewers will be asked to state their commercial balance. You first need to present your income and expenses statement, and then you'll report on exports and imports, as well as these companies' import/export activity. Finally, you'll be required to report on the sales of products manufactured within your national territory, or those exported as a result of remaining inventory. If you're using a computerized inventory control system, you don't need to report exports in the "exports" field, as this information is already reported in your " imports" field. The most important obligation is to comply with the system of automated control of inventory, as outlined in article 59 of the Chilean customs law. If you're an importer without a program for promoting exports, you need to develop a sectoral import directory, which will list the products imported by company, their country of origin, and the approximate value in Chilean currency. Finally, you need to be current with all your tax obligations. If you're not following the requirements of your program, the authority may cancel it. If you have any questions about this video, please leave them in the comments
  • 00:15:00 The video begins with a discussion about the new program, "PROSEC," which is designed to help small businesses export. People who have any questions or comments can reach out to Point MX and business owners who are considering signing up for the program can contact us at any time. We offer remote assistance, and there are no travel costs involved. We also offer video calls, email support, and follow-up via mail. Thanks to technology, we're able to provide this service to our clients, regardless of where they are located in Mexico. We hope you enjoy the video and please share it with your friends. We've already surpassed our subscriber goal without them and they don't even know how much they mean to us. Remember, we're here to help with your business dealings outside of Mexico. A big hug and see you next week!

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