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The video discusses the political figures who have been repudiated by the Mexican public and how they have come together to defend the INE. They believe that the current electoral system is corrupt and that it needs to be reformed in order to allow citizens to run for office without any political commitments.

  • 00:00:00 Today, Friday, November 11th, 2022, I ask for your forgiveness but today I lost time in the late night Friday and I couldn't prepare for this transmission in advance. As a result, today's broadcast might be less usual than usual, since it wasn't scheduled in advance. I would like to thank you all for coming despite these obstacles. But let's talk for a bit. Please let me take a breath before I begin, because I came running. I took a little tea before starting this. First, Juan Bernardo Medina Portillo, sent greetings. Second, Pita Bernal villafañe, third, the iconoclast, fourth, Cecilia Vargas, fifth, Marta grayé, sixth, Eric Reza, seventh, Laura Mondragón, eighth, Daniel Miranda, ninth, Pablo, tenth, Violette Raven, eleventh, Grisel Avilés, twelfth, Fátima Gómez, and finally, Julio Alexander Salvador, who is here in Guadalajara. I am
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the president's proposal to reform Mexico's electoral system, and the secretary of government's stance that the people should have a say in the matter. The position of the secretary of government is that now is the time for the president to make this clear himself, and that it is not negotiable. Meanwhile, look at what is happening: the truth is that I believe we are seeing a moment in which political positioning is rapidly becoming more important, and I believe that this is an important moment in which decisions will have long-term consequences. The march on Sunday will be greater in numbers than previously possible for objectors to President Lopez Obrador, who up until now have been largely ineffective in staging demonstrations or protests. Lozano, who himself has been a harsh critic of Lopez Obrador's recent maneuvers, has recently moderated his criticism, possibly in order to curry favor with the president. There is no central characteristic of cleanliness of honesty, consistency of political program, or organizational discipline among the forces opposing Lopez Obrador on Sunday. It is simply the opposition joining together to say "no, no, no" because this is not the INE we are talking about; it is not going to be touched.
  • 00:10:00 Six political figures who have been repudiated by the Mexican public agree on the need to reform the country's electoral system. The experience, trajectory, and results of Mexico's electoral system have been valuable, and there have been no major social conflicts. They put together a plan to replace the INE's directors, who are allegedly the part responsible for the country's budgetary savings and for the installation of a political faction that has been entrenched for many years. I, for one, believe that these political figures have only served to validate a system that is based on constant frauds, illegal money entering the system, and manipulation from the power point. Yesterday, I spoke with Ana Francis, Horacio Franco, Fernando Rivera Calderón, and some others at the "más allá" table about how terrible it is to see how electoral reform has become such an important issue, and yet the same voices are heard within the opposition. These are the same voices from the political offering package of decades ago. Vicente Fox, Quesada, and others were always good-hearted, civic-minded people with a desire to do the right thing, but the electoral system is designed specifically for their service--as a place for dirty money to be laundered and cleaned. They talk
  • 00:15:00 The video starts with a prologue in which Humberto Contreras Don Julio, a Mexican political commentator, speaks about the importance of this weekend's march. The march is being organized by the so-called "society civil," but in reality it is a march led by the political parties Pan PRD and PRI. Charles, a missing person, is one of the main topics of the video. Contreras says he does not know what happened to him, and that he was supposed to be flying to Guadalajara to join the march. He then abruptly cuts the video off, saying he was "flying low" when his flight was cancelled. The main topic of the video is the march on Sunday, which is being organized by the "society civil" but is actually a march led by the political parties Pan PRD and PRI. The march is important because it is the first step in the electoral campaign of the parties coaligated. The fear is that the march will be overcrowded and full of people who are not really interested in democracy. Humberto Contreras Don Julio says that this is only an "episodic battle" and that the real battle is the electoral battle. The battle to recover
  • 00:20:00 The video discusses political figures who have publicly denounced the INE, and how they believe the electoral process should be reformed. Humberto Moreira, María Esther Goyanes, and Julio Salinas all voice their support for a more inclusive electoral system. They also suggest that until citizens have access to run for office without any political commitments, the country will continue to be controlled by corrupt politicians.
  • 00:25:00 Several political figures who have been repudiated by the public agree to work together to defend the INE. This includes a brown-skinned politician, Ramírez, who expressed support for the candidate of the green party, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, during the electoral period. There has been no retribution from the public or from the party for his actions, because people are becoming used to politics being a matter of pragmatism. Julio from San Luis Potosí says that politics is no longer made by the angels, but by other types of schemes. He urges people not to give him a hard time, because he understands that politics is like this. In many countries, we should review Spain as well as South America. Those who are watching us know that we are going to form a party or movement called Citizen's Movement. Authentic because we are demanding that citizens be allowed to run for office, and we are going to look for a partner with more affinity to Morena than Morena itself. But, agreement must be made and accepted that citizens be allowed to join the party. This cannot be done through the creation of a party, because the law establishes these privileges that are monopolized by the parties. Therefore, Monreal will not be able to create a
  • 00:30:00 Three political figures who have been widely denounced for their stances on the electoral board meet to discuss their defense. Uriel Caneda Julio interviews Carlos López Obrador and Julián Falcón, and says that he admires their willingness to have a dialogue. Other political figures present include Biliulfo Morgado, Elba Maya, and Bryan Alan Hernández Aguilar Don Julio. Laura Mondragón says that Patricia believes that Julio will present himself as a candidate for election in order to gain publicity. Rocío Rodríguez says that she is going to look for Julio.
  • 00:35:00 The video discusses the political characters who have denounced the INE. These characters say that the INE is corrupt and that it should be abolished. They also mention that there is a risk of political censorship, and that it is dangerous to criticize President AMLO. Eugenio Alberto Aragón Noriega from Culiacán, Mexico, and two Catholic churches in Culiacán, say that the march to the cathedral is planned to start from the Lomita Hills and end at the cathedral. Mario Hernández from Monterrey, Mexico, says that there is a exaggeration of those who want to prohibit religious symbols in public places. Lidia Ordaz from Princeton, New Jersey, says that she has heard that Higinio Martínez, the head of the political group in Texcoco, is not happy with AMLO. Higinio Martínez is a member of the PRI. Higinio Martínez also says that he supports AMLO, but that he expects more from him. Juan Francisco Juárez González from Veracruz, Mexico, says that Lorenzo Cordoba is in France, and that this is good news. Lilia Lidia Ordaz from Toluca,
  • 00:40:00 Religious figures from a particular religion meet to discuss the defense of the INE. They affirm that they will protect the institution, and imagine someone putting it into words. I am, of Yo sigo a la Santa Muerte, and I demand that there be public money to allow me to put an altar of the Santa Muerte in the building of my alcaldía (mayor's office), which I believe should not have much discussion. Periodolfo Morgado, the political profession, affects the entire people. Ignacio III of León sends greetings from San Luis Potosí. Well then, many thanks to all of you. Thanks, Daniel. Religious leader Julio Rangel should be appointed as a councilor to the president, he knows that it is not easy to follow many council's recommendations, but the president usually makes decisions and has personal convictions. Usually, it is forward-looking, for the greater good. There is little opportunity until I know, as I've heard people close to the president say, that he can be swayed by personal circumstances. But that is not all. Monreal, supporting Sandra Cuevas, says the hair. Elba Maya, when she returns
  • 00:45:00 The video discusses the political characters that have been repudiated and agree to work together to defend the INE. Alex, Patricia, Anabel, and Clara all escape a month ago, and discuss where they've been and what they've been doing. Julio says that he is "ejected" from the team, and that Adriana is "probably" running the INE. Arturo says that he is "grateful" to Julio and that he thinks the 4th will be between a 7 and an 8.

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