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In "Day in the Life - Police Officer," viewers follow Officer Chris, a police officer for the city of San Fernando, through a 12-hour shift. Throughout the day, Officer Chris conducts traffic stops, responds to calls, and reflects on the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the job. He emphasizes the importance of staying positive and present in the moment and connecting with people as human beings rather than simply looking for crime. Despite the long hours, Officer Chris loves what he does and encourages others to follow their passions.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Chris, a police officer for the city of San Fernando, takes us through a typical morning routine before his 12-hour shift. He runs with his dog Peanut and believes that being positive is essential. Chris then drops by Starbucks for his daily caffeine fix and mentally prepares himself as he heads to work, which is a 30-minute drive away. Chris acknowledges the emotional rollercoaster that this job can be and how sometimes, they only see people at their worst. Despite that, Chris tries to stay positive and reminds himself to enjoy every moment by staying present.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the police officers go to roll call with Officer Chris, where they meet the other members of their team. Officer Regal's team consists of four members and they are excited to work together. They discuss the stolen vehicle that was located and the woman who was found on the floor earlier that day. Next, they head to Truman Tavern to get food, and although they are not on duty at the moment, they keep an eye out for any criminal activity. Later on, Officer Regal explains that his passion for DUI investigations comes from his father being almost killed by a DUI driver. Lastly, Officer Regal pulls a driver over for a California roll and expresses the importance of constantly adapting to new situations on the job.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the police officer pulls over a car for failing to stop at a stop sign, but the driver claims she was in a rush to use the restroom. The officer shows leniency and decides not to give her a ticket after verifying her license is valid. He then meets up with his partner who is questioning a man who is on parole for murder and has prison tattoos. They are cautious of his body language and movements. Later, they spot a car without a license plate and end up conducting a traffic stop as it speeds away directly in front of them. They find tools and bald tires in the car and the driver is technically liable for going to jail. The officer expresses how much he misses his kids and the job they do to keep the community safe.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the police officer describes random events that occur in his day on patrol. He describes a strange encounter where a woman is looking inside a parked car, and he and his team decide not to impound a speeding driver's vehicle. Later, they try to get matcha but discover the shop is out, so they decide to check out a traffic stop for a group in need of help. After stopping a vehicle with unlit backlights and discovering the driver is on federal parole, they find a bag of cash and a young girl in the vehicle. The officer treats the man and girl with respect and does not give the driver a ticket, but questions him about the money and takes him in for a search, which turns up nothing illegal.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the police officer responds to a call for fireworks, which turns out to be false. Later, he stops to get some matcha and is flagged down by a woman with Alzheimer's who needs help getting to her house. The officer walks her home and contacts Adult Protective Services to follow up. The officer then fills out a Ripa form, designed to prevent racial profiling, before going out to search for a DUI driver. He ends up stopping a driver who admits to drinking two or three drinks and smells heavily of alcohol.
  • 00:25:00 In this section, the police officer conducts a field sobriety test on a driver and administers a breathalyzer test, which results in the driver being arrested for a DUI. The officer then spends several hours filling out various forms for the DUI report. Later, the officer and his partner respond to a call about a potential suicide attempt, which turns out to be a false alarm. The officer ends his shift by putting gas in the patrol car and having some fun dancing on the police station floor before going home to get some sleep.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, we follow a police officer on his night shift. He reflects on past mistakes and the importance of living in the moment, even when spending time with family. The officer approaches an 18-year-old on the street, asking him questions and offering advice about college and career paths. The officer stops a car for speeding, speaks to the driver who is a security guard, and later calls the supervisor to advise them to slow down. The officer emphasizes the importance of connecting with people and being human, rather than simply looking for crime all the time.
  • 00:35:00 In this section, the police officer issues a warning to a driver who was speeding and sends him on his way without a ticket. He then continues his shift, which was extended to 15 hours, and responds to a call of a suspicious juvenile who was looking into cars. The officer and his partner cannot locate the juvenile and move on to a call at a park, where they confront a shirtless man with gang-affiliated tattoos. The officer emphasizes the importance of the police department going above and beyond to stop crime and takes pride in his work despite the long hours.
  • 00:40:00 In this section, the police officer returns home after a long day of work and is greeted by his dog, Peanut. He reflects on the fact that he's alive and grateful for it. He values his time off and plans to take a nap before starting his long shift again in a few hours. Despite the long hours, he loves what he does and encourages others to do what makes them happy rather than what others suggest.

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