Summary of Apple’s Getting WAXED

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The video discusses the Twitter security breach and the implications it had for users' privacy. It also covers the development of a new type of smart bandage that can heal wounds faster than regular bandages. Finally, it mentions that BBC Radio 4 will be releasing an audio drama adaptation of the classic video game series Splinter Cell.

  • 00:00:00 Apple is being fined in Brazil for not including power adapters with their phones, The Verge and the markup co-published articles revealing that multiple major tax filing Services have been secretly transmitting users' sensitive financial information to Facebook, Google has been receiving similar information from Tax Act but without name so all they really have is the incredibly sensitive Financial details of millions of people, and stable diffusion, the open source AI image generator has been updated to version 2 and it's been discovered that it's now harder to generate not safer work content and images that resemble the work of specific artists.
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses Twitter's 2017 security breach and Michael Ironside's decision to suspend his account. It also mentions that researchers have developed a smart bandage that uses electrical stimulation to limit bacterial infection and repair damaged tissue. The bandage can heal serious wounds 25 faster than a regular stupid bandage, but it cannot repair the damage I received when Kyle Adams pantsed me in front of the entire 12th grade. BBC Radio 4 has announced that they will be releasing an audio drama adaptation of Splinter Cell the classic stealth action video game series. The eight part series will Premiere in December and has been recorded in 3D binaural audio for immersion.

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