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In this YouTube video, Mario Capistrán discusses the theory that there are Reptilian aliens who have infiltrated high levels of government and industry. He also discusses the idea of Reptilian aliens coming from the Alpha Draconis constellation, and how humans may have already lost the war against them.

  • 00:00:00 In this week's episode of "Leyendas Legendarias", Juan Alberto tells the story of Arcontes and Reptilianos, two legends that are part of All Things Considered. Juan Alberto explains that he's been recording legends since his house was being remodeled, because they were working on the set. The name "Arcontes" caught his eye, and he found it in another publication. Two-Lobos is real on Twitter, and he also has a Twitter account with the same name. He's been nominated for a Podcast of the Year award on Spotify, and he's also been nominated for three other awards. The topic of today's episode is very impactful, and it's something that most of you will remember. Juan Alberto explains that the E.C. Council of Andromeda decided to intervene in our world in 2006, because the population was becoming increasingly health-conscious. They established the Protocol Shield of Health, and many people will think that the main reason for this decision was the un-sanctioned dragon-mating of the Orion System. Some people think that Mother Coelopterans of the Omega Line are responsible for this, and others think that it's the hybrids of Centaurs and Smartbooks. Tune
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the theory that there are alien-like creatures called arcontes, which are parasitic spiritual beings that emerged on Earth before the formation of the planet. They inhabit only the Earth's solar system, and are exclusive to the planet Earth, the sun, and the moon. They are described as being like small babies that suck on fears and negative emotions, and use religious ideology to insinuate their way of thinking into people's minds. The concept of arcontes is explained as being half of the "epilogon" of Grant Morrison's comic book series "Outsider," which sees invisible beings that feed on pain and suffering. Gnostic creatures like this one are prepared and ready to make their move, and Morrison wasn't always so worried about them. They cannot be removed from the world because they were the ones who discovered the existence of arcontes in the first century AD, before Christ, and wrote about their forgiveness towards the creatures in texts attributed to the "Mar Muerto." These texts are considered apocryphal by modern Christianity, which removed these teachings from the Bible to make them more "comfortable" for its leadership. In the end, doubts about everything that has been removed from the Bible are resolved when the full text of
  • 00:10:00 The Greek Gnostics believed that knowledge of the divine name was the most important thing a person could achieve in order to be saved. Most of the beliefs that are now considered part of Christianity originated from Gnosticism, with the main difference being that they considered knowledge to be the most important factor in salvation, rather than faith in Christ. Gnostics also believed that one could attain direct knowledge of the divine, through experience either intuitive or esotically. This is what would ultimately liberate them and make them free. Gnostic initiates didn't salvation come from the sacrifice of Christ, but from gaining knowledge of the divine themselves through introspection. This is why the bishop of Lyon declared Gnosticism heretical in 1800, and they were subsequently executed. The Catholic Church copied Gnostic beliefs and practices, but only through the church can one achieve salvation. When people have knowledge like this, it's dangerous for them to stay in society. Gnostics believe that the reality we experience is governed by Pistis Sofia, which means a person's conviction or certainty of wisdom. This deity represents the divine world known as the clergyman, which is the highest level of reality that Gnostics could conceive of. The archetypes of the manifestation were created by the first beings in existence
  • 00:15:00 In this video, Mario Capistrán discusses the theory that the hallucinogenic mushroom known as "sofía" played a role in human evolution. According to Capistrán, the mushroom was originally used by Arcontes (reptilian beings) as a way to give wisdom to humans necessary for them to be complete and become immortal. Sofía is also known as a creature of the earth or as Catholic Christians call it, "adam." The apocryphal story tells of a male and female version of this creature that existed in both sexes in one gram, both of whom were created free. This creature was later banned by the Arcontes due to its potential to give humans the powers of heightened perception and spiritual illumination. In addition, the story of the fruit is also parallel to the biblical creation story, where the Arcontes forbid Adam and Eve from eating of the "forbidden fruit" because this would lead to them acquiring spiritual powers. Terence Mackenna postulated this theory in his 1992 book, "For the Gods: A Feast of Reason." Mackenna argues that the psilocibine, a hallucinogenic mushroom, allowed the human evolutionary ancestor, Homo erectus, to evolve rapidly into Homo sapiens
  • 00:20:00 The video discusses the idea that some plants have supernatural powers, and how humans have used these plants for their own protection throughout history. Mario Capistran, a Chilean shaman, talks about some of the plants that have this power and how to use them for protection. He also talks about some of the plants that are used for healing and consciousness expansion. Finally, he provides a test to determine which arcontes (reptilian beings) a person is most likely to encounter.
  • 00:25:00 This YouTube video is about how to cleanse your perineum, which is a part of your body near your anus. It is said that this area is important for gnostics because it is the place where your Kundalini energy is located. Gnostics believe that the gods and angels who created the world are gnostic agents and that they are trying to keep us ignorant of our true nature. This video is meant to help people learn how to cleanse their perineum.
  • 00:30:00 This video discusses the Gnostic belief that there is a creator god other than Jehovah, who is considered to be strict and punitive. Gnostics believed that this other god was an alien, demented creature that took revenge against humanity for its disobedience and the only difference is that for Catholics, the creator god of Protestants and Christians is only an alien. Gnostics also recognized that after the transgression of Eve, the arcontes (reptilian beings) and others corrupted Jehovah's voice, as punishment. Some suggest this is a metaphor for the patriarchal religion's attack on women's authority. Gnostics also understood the importance of the female role in society and the patriarchal system, which was working to undermine it. Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska, Douglas Stuart, and one of the translators of the Nag Hammadi texts, points out that the Gnostics understood that the true source of coercion imposed by the Patriarchy lay in the false god, the demiurge, which connects to this oppressive institution we have today. Gnostics recognized that this system of oppression was at war with the divine order they called the arcones. Today, this system of thought is at risk of extinction due to climate change. Nevertheless, even with
  • 00:35:00 In this video, Mario Capistrán talks about how some people believe that there is no such thing as evil in the cosmos, and that nature is either good or bad. He also talks about how people can make mistakes, which can be corrected if they follow established rules. This is all about sin, and Capistrán says that all we have to do is fix our mistakes when we make them, no matter how big or small they may be. He also talks about a secret society of African shamans, which he describes as beings capable of elevating both themselves and others through mutual understanding and respect. Finally, Capistrán discusses how some of the first knowledge of humanity came from Africa. He believes that this knowledge is still being hidden by those in power, and that the secretive cheetah wheelies and tauli are one such example.
  • 00:40:00 This video discusses how some people think that humans and reptiles share a common ancestor. The individuals in the video discuss how some of the things that humans do, such as hunting and cooking, originated with the reptiles. They also discuss how the human brain is not as different from the reptile brain as people may think. The individuals in the video also share stories about how some of the native Australians have been treated recently.
  • 00:45:00 The video discusses the idea that some extra-human abilities, such as telekinesis or astral travel, are actually natural aspects of human brains. It discusses the African tradition of considering the arrival of these beings as a natural event, and writes that these same abilities may have been used by the ancient Hebrews to build the Tower of Babel. This divide between humans spiritual and linguistic abilities may have been what led to the separation of the human race. Today, music is one of the few ways that different groups of immigrants can communicate with each other. The video also mentions the existence of cheetahs and Ormuz gold, allegedly created by reptilian beings in order to enslave the human race.
  • 00:50:00 The video discusses how humans used to venerate different animals before the arrival of cheetahs, and how we lost that reverence. We go to the Goddess Earth, and for them she was inside of the earth. We then go to the Underworld and see the pastures, trees, and fruits. When we die, we return to the Earth. The gnostics believed that when the reptilian beings opened the sky, humans turned their backs on their gods and they were no longer able to control them. We briefly talk about the current problem with meat in Mexico City, and how the meat smells bad after being flown in from far away. They also talk about how meat can make you sick with things like the KIWI virus. They talk about how these things are all part of a simulation and that we are approaching the point where we will be able to see through it all. They invite us to their seminar, but if we have any sense at all, we'll just stay away.
  • 00:55:00 Mario Capistrán discusses the theory that Reptilian aliens have infiltrated high levels of government and industry, and are behind various conspiracy theories. He also discusses the idea of Reptilian aliens coming from the Alpha Draconis constellation, and how humans may have already lost the war against them.

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This video discusses the case of a man who was arrested for stalking and murdering women in Mexico. The team discusses the man's background and how he may have become a serial killer. They also talk about how serial killers often target the people around them, and how this particular man may have had help in his crimes.

  • 01:00:00 The speaker discusses some of the unusual phenomena that have been occurring in their town recently, including UFO sightings and alien activity. They also mention an incident in which a private property in Juárez was infiltrated by powerful people from that city, and the similarity of their features to those of a snake. The speaker states that these events are not anything to worry about, but that they are instead symptoms of a larger phenomenon that involves Reptilian beings from other dimensions coming to Earth to create negative energy. They also mention a recent meeting they had with a spirit guide who told them that they are being watched and that they should be prepared for what is to come.
  • 01:05:00 The video discusses a phenomenon called "electromagnetic sound," which is said to be heard in the sky like a "cracking noise" between planes, and to be accompanied by the movement of whales and dolphins. It also talks about a website that allows people to submit reports of mysterious sounds they have heard, including a trumpet that is said to be found in Canada, to try and find a pattern. The speaker believes that there are several Sumerian kings, Egyptian pharaohs, and ancient European aristocrats who are descendants of the reptilian aliens.
  • 01:10:00 In this video, Mario Capistran discusses how the year 2018 is shaping up and what the future holds for the east. He also mentions that there is a food crisis and that a lot of people are dying. He also talks about the new president, who will be decided in secret groups. This happens in May, when the Reptilian influence begins to increase. When someone loses their seriousness, they may be called Grigori. And their first hybrid human-reptile is possible. Adam was probably created some 200-300 thousand years ago, and there was a second program to produce hybrids 30-million years ago. The third program began seven million years ago and these hybrids are known as Aries. Now we are landing, talking about the Reptilian-controlled world. It is funny. The Arians have preserved many Reptilian behavior patterns, including cold bloodedness and the desire to control. They are also responsible for bringing back Hitler. The Reptilian-human hybrids, who are called Grigori, have the power to change their form when they consume human blood. They are also able to harness the power of wind and sacrifice human beings for their rituals. But this is not the end of their need for crossing with other species. We are
  • 01:15:00 In this YouTube video, Mario Capistrán speaks about the problem of unpredictable forms and then the elite offer a solution that is exactly what they wanted to do but if they had done it, it would have been no more because the society would have opposed it. They believe not only that this is what they need, but that they are grateful to those who imposed it on them. This is how elites create terrorism, by creating a problem and then blaming others for it. They go against Iraq in the first Gulf War, the second Gulf War, and the current Syrian War, all in the name of oil and the belief that it is a valuable resource. The problem is, as the people are apathetic, the elites are able to get away with doing this. The people support the war, because they are afraid of the Japanese. However, they are not reptilian beings from the government who want oil and want the public to believe it. They support the war because it is something that helps them economically. They invented terrorism as a way to get the public to support further involvement in the Syrian War. They are not reptilian beings, but people who are manipulating in power. If you listen to what I am saying and you are a reptilian, you are
  • 01:20:00 In this YouTube video, Mario Capistran discusses the differences between Reptilian and Arcontes creatures. He also says that there are two types of reptilian backs: those with a dorsal hump and those without one. He explains that the male reptilian rectum is described as having a soft sacculus, and that they no longer have eggs. Instead, they have "huevos", which are small, round balls that are located inside of the body. The Arcontes creatures are said to be more intelligent than the Reptilian creatures, because they have developed high chronic abilities to control other entities mentally. The Arcontes creatures look similar to other reptiles, but they have wings and horns on their heads. They are also quite dangerous and aggressive, and show little mercy towards their own kind. The Dragons, which are based on the land, are in charge of managing the biological entities known as "small grises". These creatures are reported to be very intelligent and able to control their emotions very well.
  • 01:25:00 In this YouTube video, Mario Capistrán discusses the recent discovery of hybrid Reptilian-alien beings. These creatures have been described as being similar to the alien-reptilian hybrids seen in popular culture, but with different skin colors and eyes. Capistrán believes that these hybrids are the result of a celestial cataclysm known as the Atlantean Cataclysm, which occurred around 26,000 years ago. This event allowed the alien Reptilian races to control the star-based energy fields known as ley lines, which in turn allowed them to send false information to the human population. The Reptilian-led agenda known as the False King-Piri was also started during this time, using an artificial intelligence to implant software known as Armageddon. While the protective races of angels are working to counteract these threats, the average person may not even be aware of what's happening.
  • 01:30:00 Morrison discusses how he views the relationship between music, writing, and art, and how he feels that it is important to have both good life experiences and art that speaks to the human experience. He also discusses the idea of gnosticism, and how it is relevant to our present day. He finishes by talking about his personal vision of the world and how it applies to the current situation on Earth.
  • 01:35:00 In this YouTube video, Mario Capistrán discusses the idea that arcontes, or reptilian beings, may be real. He explains that the fear of these creatures can become real, but in the same way that all our fears become real when we experience them in reality, arcontes cannot be escaped or controlled. In the end, he warns the gnostic community not to become demonized like the Catholic Church has been, as this will only lead to hurt and destruction. He then goes on to talk about the gnostic beliefs of arcontes and how they are still present in today's society.
  • 01:40:00 The video discusses how something physical (such as a good looking physical change) can change someone's view. Grant Morrison once said, "If Quijote were alive today, he'd probably be a fan of cosmic rays." There are many ways to explain it, and there is no one right answer. Once scientifically, this star is a ball of gas that is burning itself up. I want to go to the moon, but I don't know why. On the other hand, at the same time, the sun can be seen as an experience. It's warm and comforting, and it remains with you after you see it. It's like a poem in that it can't be fully explained with just scientific facts. You have to take into account the subjective experience of seeing it and the different people's experiences will be different. You see one person, but who that person is and what their colors and sounds mean to them is up to the artist, musician, or reader. Scientifically, one piece of music by two people who are finished with their wings (a symbol of death) does not describe Queens of the Stone Age. I don't need the poetic aspect, just the subjective part, to understand it. And the sun is responsible for both explanations because
  • 01:45:00 In this YouTube video, Mario Capistran discusses the concept of arcontes and reptilianos with cerebro. He says that it is difficult to actually think right now, but the only moment he thinks it might be is when we're all by ourselves, without noise, without coughing, in the shower and in the caracol. Don't have a phone plugged in, though, because it will get wet. Play some music and there's no problem. Relax your hands today, but give yourself that 15-minute period without any electronics, no noise, and no distractions. That's the brick. Think. Do it that way. Just 15 minutes a day, without electronics, and no noise. You can do yoga, or meditate, or do both. But don't go to that level of concentration for more than 10-15 minutes in the morning, without any electronics. And don't let yourself become that way again. No more than that. This video discusses the gnostic concept of arcontes and reptilianos, which is the belief that there are intelligent creatures, often called "arcontes", living among us. These creatures are said to be difficult to detect, and it is advised not to attempt to capture or
  • 01:50:00 <could not summarize>
  • 01:55:00 In this video, de la nave describes a man who was recently caught and arrested for a crime he committed in Tijuana, Mexico. The man, identified as Ríhanná Huizar, is known for stalking and murdering women. The de la nave team discusses the man's background and how he may have become a serial killer. They also talk about how serial killers often target the people around them, and how this particular man may have had help in his crimes.

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The video discusses various cases in which empathy has played a role in catching serial killers. It also discusses the importance of empathy in general.

  • 02:00:00 In this video, Mario Capistrano discusses the importance of empathy and being able to act in front of everyone and make yourself look like a poor person. He also mentions that if someone is not a human being, they would not be able to remember this. One case in particular stands out to Capistrano - the case of the Zoom Cold Case, in which two small children were saved from being kidnapped by a perogrullada. He believes that had the kidnapper seized the children, they would have been saved. Capistrano also discusses the case of Jermyn Bamberg, in which the murderer killed his parents, sister, and several of his relatives. After the murders, he went to the funeral of his mother and recognized the man who had been driving the car. Overall, the video discusses the importance of empathy and the method of catching serial killers by revisiting the scenes of their crimes. It also discusses the case of Richard Ramirez, who was caught after he attended the funeral of his mother.
  • 02:05:00 The video discusses a woman named Chava who killed her sister in order to see her dead mother again. The investigation into her sister's death leads to the discovery that Chava had been seeing a "bat man" who she believed was her guardian angel. However, the man killed someone else and Chava is now awaiting trial.

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