Summary of Analysis of Batter-Runner Rundown Between First & Home As Pirates' Will Craig Chases Cubs' Javy Baez

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The video discusses a play in which the Cubs' Javy Baez ran from first to home, and the Pirates' Will Craig was unable to get a throw off to pick him off. The analyst breaks down what happened and why, concluding that the Cubs were able to take the lead and eventually win the game because the Pirates' first baseman failed to touch first base.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Donnie Baseball breaks down the bizarre sequence of events that led to the Pirates being unable to get a throw off to pick off the runner at first base, allowing Javy Baez to score and eventually giving the Cubs the lead. The rule in baseball is clear - if the third out is made by the battle runner before they touch first base, no run can score. However, because the Pirates' first baseman failed to touch first base, the runner at second base was able to score, and the Cubs eventually won the game.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, sports analyst Will Craig analyzes the batter-runner rundown between first and home as Pirates' pitcher Will Smith chases Cubs' Javy Baez. Craig notes that first base should be tagged when possible in order to give the Pirates a better chance of winning the game, and that Baez should be bounced to second base in time to get the ball to outfielder Daniel Freese, who will then sweep the series.

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