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The YouTuber in this video discusses the LR Beerus and Whis Easy A, praising their updated passive, built-in chance to crit, extra stats and chance to dodge, as well as their additional Super Attack when HP is low. They recommend adding additional to their SA and note some links they can share with Resurrection of F Blues. The player also discusses their team roster and placement during battles, and their strategies for maximizing their characters' strengths while minimizing liabilities. While the LR Beerus and Whis are a strong addition to any team, the speaker notes they could benefit from a better team and physical Beerus getting an EZA in the future. Overall, the speaker is happy with the unit's performance and thinks they are a great addition to the game.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses the LR Beerus and Whis Easy A, pointing out that one of their main issues pre-Easy A was getting key, but after Easy A, their passive is key seven, which is really good. In addition, they have a built-in chance to crit, 30 extra stats, and a 50% chance to dodge. Furthermore, if their HP is 70 or less when attacking, they launch an additional Super Attack, which means additional healing when needed. Overall, the YouTuber recommends adding additional to their SA since it's the way to go for them. He also mentions that there are some links that they can share with the Resurrection of F Blues, but it's not their best rotation. Finally, he talks about how the limited attempts affected his gameplay and strategies for the LR Beerus and Whis Easy A.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, the player discusses their choices for their team roster and placement during a battle. They discuss the defensive buff that lasts for seven turns and note that they don't necessarily need to place their characters in slot one. They also mention the damage they took and evaluate the power of the rotation. The player overestimates the strength of their characters but still manages to do well in the battle with a lot of support from their allies. They discuss using an item to be safe and express their enjoyment of the easy A. They also talk about changing into Vegeta and mention making sure that they are experiencing as few liabilities as possible.
  • 00:10:00 one, but if he does, it's a risk worth taking for this amazing rotation with LR Beerus and Whis. The two share five or six links, making them a great pair, especially if you run them as a third slot floating unit. While their links may not always be active, their healing and defense boost can come in clutch, and their double or even triple super attacks can deal massive damage. Overall, Whis is one of the best EZA units out there, and the only thing left to make him perfect is for physical Beerus to get an EZA as well.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the potential for the LR Beerus and Whis unit to heal, as well as their build. They take some damage and get a guaranteed additional Super which allows for a heal, but unfortunately, they didn't dodge and still ended up taking a lot of damage. The speaker then talks about the unit's need for a better team, as they don't have a 200 team on global yet. Overall, the speaker is happy with the unit's performance and thinks they are a strong addition to the game.

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