Summary of What is malt, and why does it make milk, bread and beer taste so good?

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Malt is a type of sugar that is used to improve the taste of beer, bread, and milk. It is made from germinated grains, and the process of making malt activates enzymes that give the final product its characteristic flavor. Malt is also used in making high-impact video promos.

  • 00:00:00 Malt is a grain that has been allowed to germinate to sprout, and is used to make bread, beer, and other food items taste better. Malt is made from either diastatic or non-diastatic malt, and can be made from any grain. The grains must be intact, dried into dormancy, and still viable. Sprouting the grains activates their enzymes, and the water gets the process going. Dr. Nathan Duncan from Maryville College in Tennessee teaches a science gen ed about beer, and explains that the malting process started during his undergraduate years at Baylor University in Texas. Wheat is the most popular grain for making malt, due to its ability to produce a variety of flavors. The process of malting begins by soaking the seeds in water, and then repeating the process two more times. The final stage of the malting process is when the seeds are submerged in water for a day, and then drained. Once the process is complete, the wheat has sprouted and can be used in bread, beer, or other food items.
  • 00:05:00 Malt is a type of sugar that is polymerized into larger starches, and is used in making milk, bread and beer taste good. Maltose is the main sugar that is broken down, and the process of cellular respiration is what produces energy for the cells. After sprouting wheat, the long spindly tendrils are the baby roots that are aiming for the ground. The acrospire or plumule is the above ground part of the plant, aiming for the sky. If the seeds were outside in the dirt, the acrospires would eventually grow into these. Growing from seeds, you have new wheat growing in there. The acrospire is the same thing it's just not as far along with other grains this early stage of acrospire growth. You have to cut one open and look inside in order to judge the acrospires growth. With this wheat, the acrospire is growing entirely outside the seed. This is convenient for me because I need to measure how long it is when the acrospire is almost as long as the seed. It's time for me to shut everything down. If you're a plant lover, it's a sad story you start the plant growing and then
  • 00:10:00 Malt is a type of flour, most commonly used to make bread, beer, and whiskey. Bakers add enzymes to bread doughs in order to create rises and effects, and there is research indicating that chronic exposure to amylase can be an occupational hazard. Malt is also used to make malt syrup, which is used to add flavor and color to baked goods.
  • 00:15:00 Malt is a type of sugar that is used to make beer, bread, and milk taste better. Squarespace uses malt to create high-impact video promos, which can help you sell your products or services.

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