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The city is trying to promote environmental awareness and sustainability by implementing a widespread agricultural transformation, building parks and gardens, and maintaining sports facilities. They are also working on rehabilitating the central plaza and promoting recycling programs.

  • 00:00:00 The video discusses the importance of environmental services, which are products we obtain from our natural environment. These services, known as environmental services, have direct implications on human well-being, including provision of water, air, and food of good quality. There are also other services that are equally important, such as the prevention of natural disasters. The relationship between environmental quality and human well-being is clearly demonstrated by the three types of environmental services: support services, which maintain the processes of ecosystems that allow the provision of other services; these services can have direct consequences on human well-being, such as the maintenance of biodiversity. Other services that have a direct impact on human well-being include the regulation of climate and gases, such as effects of climate change. Cultural services are also intangible and can be either individual or collective and are influenced by social and cultural context. They include inspiration from ecosystems for the design of human-made environments, as well as the recreational ability of natural environments for humans. It is therefore important to appreciate the importance of environmental services and to value goods and services that are environmentally friendly, so that we can easily understand and estimate the benefits they offer. This approach has been proposed as a viable strategy for promoting the conservation of nature, as environmental services have economic
  • 00:05:00 The city creates environmental regulations in order to preserve the environment and to develop projects that use sustainable methods. One way the city is trying to do this is by implementing a widespread agricultural transformation, including the substitution of crops for those that are more sustainable in the future. Another goal is to build parks and gardens for the recreation of the population aged 0-18 years. Additionally, the city is trying to maintain the sports facility, rehabilitate the central plaza, and promote recycling programs for municipal trash.

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