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Father Julio Cesar Grassi was charged with sexual abuse of a minor and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. His case has generated a lot of excitement because it's possible that he will be the first priest in Argentina to be convicted of sexual abuse.

  • 00:00:00 In 1998, Julio César Grassi, then a priest working with Hard Communications, filed a lawsuit accusing the company of fraud. Things quickly went south, and he was arrested and later charged with embezzlement. His story is a fascinating look inside the world of celebrities and how the media can sometimes be corrupt.
  • 00:05:00 The author of the video thanks his show for whitewashing the situation as I once again do. I always face up because I don't have anything to hide. Everyone knows that I have a contractual relationship with telefe. This relationship is also with hard communication. Hard communication has a relationship with Father Grassi, who is here today. Gracias to Father Gracia, the head of the foundation for children happy, for explaining what is happening. Please, Father, let me explain what happened. When grasa explained what he wanted to do with the money he was asking for, Jorge Rodriguez said one iconic phrase that started a heated debate. This phrase, "a home is a very big thing," was followed by even more controversy when Susana Gimenez, the person responsible for the show, was involved in other controversies. Hard communication was involved in other problems when a lawyer, Raquel Huskylson, discovered that her telephone bill contained eight calls that she had not made. These calls were added to the many investigations and fiscal problems that company was having at the time. The first legal case stemming from this issue began with Father Grassi.
  • 00:10:00 In 2002, a team of journalists from Telenoche Investigación began investigating the case of Father Julio César Grassi, who had been accused of abusing children years earlier. Grassi had moved to a new address, called "the white house," just in front of a group of children who later declared that he continued to manage everything, but from a different perspective. In 2002, the investigative team aired a program in which Gabriel, a boy who had been abused by Grassi, revealed what had amused him about the priest - that he had been accused of abuse by another priest, Julio César Graci. This led to the reactivation of Father Grassi's judicial case from 1991, which had been closed the year before. That same year, an Argentinian prosecutor began investigating accusations of abuse against Grassi based on anonymous letters sent by current and former employees of the foundation. However, the investigation was slowed down by telenovelettes Investiga Inicial. The team continued to receive calls with allegations against Father Grassi, and the testimonies began to match. The team spoke to sources within the foundation, including ex-workers of "Felices los Niños," and they all agreed that Father Grassi used to abuse the
  • 00:15:00 Father Grassi used state money to pay for his defense, and his subsidy was subsequently withdrawn, despite the request of the prosecutor. However, Judge Monica Lopez Osorno ordered his freedom, after finding that he was not a danger to the children. Father Grassy was not allowed to work with the children ever again, but was allowed to stay living at the foundation. In 2006, due to a series of complaints about his management, Father Grassy was forced to leave the foundation. In 2008, Father Grassy was found guilty of sexual abuse and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. During the trial, Gracie's former attorney, Miguel Angel Pierri, exploited that Gracie did not know how to read and sign his own declaration, and years later, that was revealed to be a lie. Pierri was arrested in May 2003 and the judge who handled the case was later charged. Gracie's story is chronicled in the video "Historias Innecesarias: Caso Padre Grassi - Historia COMPLETA".
  • 00:20:00 The defendant, Father Julio Cesar Grassi, was charged with sexual abuse of a minor. His trial began in March 2017 and ended with his conviction in October 2017. The victim, a young boy, testified that Father Grassi had abused him for years. Other witnesses testified that Father Grassi had a history of abusing children. The defense argued that the victim was lying, but the evidence was overwhelming. Father Grassi was sentenced to 15 years in prison. His case has generated a lot of excitement because it's possible that he will be the first priest in Argentina to be convicted of sexual abuse.
  • 00:25:00 In a contest where competitors formally compete with corruption of minors aggravated, but the criminal 1 of Morón benefited from the law of two-for-one in which each year he remained detained was worth two, but the appellate court did not allow it, so Father Grassi will be released in 2020 after having served his full sentence. You worked on the case Father Grassi - COMPLETE story. You were one of the faces of journalism in what was very complicated and very difficult, with a man who had a lot of power returning a few years ago in 2014. The owner of the house "Quinta Blanca Alberto" Alberto Leyenda denounced to justice this time with the allegation of malversation of donations made to the foundation "In Benefit of My Own" according to the accusation, he would have used donated money to pay the rent of a nearby house in which he had been prohibited to live Again, thank you. And it was this time in court, this time for malversation of funds, Father Grassi was convicted of two years which were added to the existing sentence. This allegation put in motion that many television programs began investigating

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