Summary of La verdad sobre Morcilla War, DragronCrip y TongaNFT 馃毃鈿狅笍

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In this video, the YouTuber discusses various aspects of the Morcilla War, DragronCrip, and TongaNFT projects. They analyze the concept of the "EFECTO ASIENTO HORIZONTAL" and how delayed release dates can affect the price of associated NFTs. The YouTuber questions the financial sustainability and progress of Morcilla War, citing concerns about funds for the server, transfer of funds to fiat currency, and contract security. They also express skepticism about influencers and their understanding of projects, emphasizing the importance of a finished product before heavy marketing. Furthermore, the YouTuber highlights the need to attract new investors and increase demand for NFTs for long-term economic sustainability, while emphasizing transparency and genuine project development.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTuber discusses the concept of the "EFECTO ASIENTO HORIZONTAL" in relation to the price of NFTs. He explains that the longer a game's release date is delayed, the closer the price of the NFTs associated with the game will approach zero. This is because investors have no reason to invest in a project that has no tangible results. He also mentions a video shared with him that analyzes the wallets and transactions of Morcilla War, DragronCrip, and TongaNFT. The video claims that Morcilla War has raised $3.5 million through NFT sales, with $1.8 million being withdrawn to different accounts. The YouTuber expresses skepticism about the economic analysis done in the video, stating that it focuses on wallet movements rather than understanding the fundamentals of projects.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the financial situation of Morcilla War, DragronCrip, and TongaNFT. They mention that there is only $300,000 in liquidity left, out of the $3.6 million that was raised through the sale of NFTs. They question how they will pay for the server and transfer the funds to a fiat currency outside the world of blockchain. The speaker also expresses concern about the need to ensure return on investment for initial investors without relying on new investors. They point out that Morcilla is taking longer than expected to develop the final product and that there are issues related to the contract security. Overall, the speaker raises questions about the financial sustainability and progress of the project.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the issue of influencers and their impact on the Morcilla War project. They express their skepticism towards influencers who talk about projects without understanding them fully. The speaker highlights the importance of having a finished product before investing heavily in marketing and points out that some YouTubers focus solely on the potential profits of a project without considering its overall economic sustainability. They emphasize the need for a more grounded economic system and express their preference for a long-term, sustainable approach rather than relying on influencers of questionable quality.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the importance of attracting new investors and maintaining the economic system, especially in countries with an aging population like Spain. They argue that simply injecting liquidity and rewarding early investors is not enough to sustain a project. Instead, they suggest that Morcilla Board should focus on selling packs and finding ways to increase the demand for NFTs, rather than relying on short-term gains. The speaker also expresses concern about the way money is being moved around in the project and calls for a focus on project development rather than financial transactions. They conclude by emphasizing the need for transparency and a genuine effort to work on the project's features, such as PvP systems, instead of just showcasing financial transactions.

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