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The video "Arquitetura da destruição | Peter Cohen" is a documentary that looks at how the Nazi regime used art and propaganda to glorify war and promote its ideology. The video discusses how esthetics played a role in the Holocaust, and how the Nazis used art and propaganda to further their goals.

  • 00:00:00 The documentary, Arquitetura da Destruição, examines the idea that the Nazi's motivation for social policies was primarily aesthetic, and that some of the leaders of the Nazi party, such as Adolf Hitler, had involvement in artistic activities. For example, Hitler was a painter who unsuccessfully attempted to enroll in the Academy of Arts in Vienna and was rejected in the 1920s. Wagner, an antissemitic composer of the 19th century, collaborated with the State Institute of Art in Vienna but was rejected in his early 20s. Wagner César, Harry Bauld Wagner Lopes, and Matthiason account for your blog with a lot of your blood. Wagner was an inspiration to him from the early years of his regime and for different types of art, he would call them "degenerate" and "un-aesthetic" and display them as an example of "un-aesthetic" art that should not be admired. As a result, he was critical of the avant-garde artistic movements of the time, such as Dadaism and Surrealism. Benjamin, one of the intellectuals who was greatly harmed by the Nazi regime, pointed out the danger of "estetização da política
  • 00:05:00 In this video, Peter Cohen discusses the architecture of destruction, focusing on the Nazi regime's use of art and propaganda to glorify war and promote their ideology. The documentary also discusses the role of esthetics in contributing to the Holocaust, showing examples of Nazi propaganda and art. The documentary is assertive and perspicacious in its analysis of Nazi ideology and its effects on society.

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