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The single attack theory is the idea that a single event, such as the death of Johnny Joestar, can have far-reaching and unintended consequences. This theory is supported by various pieces of evidence in JoJolion, and Araki suggests that it may be resolved in the upcoming part 9 of the series.

  • 00:00:00 The Single Attack Theory is an interpretation of the events of JoJolion, which suggests that a single attack began in 1901 and continued until 2011. This attack was carried forward by a series of coincidences, including the flow of good fortune and the dreams that individual beings shared. Ultimately, the Higashikata curse was eradicated and the world was changed for the better.
  • 00:05:00 The video explains the Single Attack Theory, which posits that Johnny killed George by shooting him with the final form of his Stand, "Tusk". This caused an equivalent exchange, which transferred the disease onto Johnny, killing him. This allowed Lucy to ride on the Stand's power and move objects around at will, first moving a boulder onto Johnny's head and then targeting him with Autumn Leaves. This explains why Johnny died after the second exchange: he was affected by the Stand through the Higashikata Curse, which then caused him to be moved to the top of the list of calamities that the Corpse can inflict.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the Single Attack Theory, which suggests that Johnny's death at the hands of Tusk was actually an accident caused by the Stand's Infinite Rotation. It explains that the various abilities involved in the attack converge on Johnny, and that the Infinite Rotation is able to pierce anything because of its gravity-based nature. The theory concludes by stating that the Spin of Good Fortune, passed down through the Higashikata family from Johnny's ancestor Joseph Joestar, lives on and continues to influence the world in subtle ways.
  • 00:15:00 In this YouTube video, JoJolion explains the Single Attack Theory, which states that a single attack by a rock creature shaped like a rail led to the disappearances of many people in the area. Lucy, who was attacked by the creature, meets Joseph and agrees to accompany him to the area in order to get closer to her goal. However, her condition worsens and she has to return home to America. Joseph is left behind and is later found by a young boy who names him after his namesake, JoJolion. Jobin, the youngest son of the Higashikada family, begins to experience the effects of the rock disease as a child and eventually becomes ruthless. All of these events lead to the Higashikadas acquiring power and suffering misfortune.
  • 00:20:00 In JoJolion's lore, the Spin is a special ability that allows users to manipulate objects and living things in extremely precise and physics-breaking ways. It is also divine in nature, most clearly alluded to in Jesus statement that everything rotates if it's circular. Gyrozepelli is the first character in the series to use the Spin, through his steel balls, but for the purposes of the story, the most relevant Spin user is Johnny Joestar, through his Stand, Tusk. After Johnny learns to use Tusk's power correctly, he gains access to acts 2 and 3, which allow him to shoot nails out like boats and attack through equivalent exchange, respectively. However, after Johnny shoots Funny Valentine with Act 4, Valentine uses D4C to manipulate dimensions to avoid the consequences of Johnny's Stamp passing his memories and Stand onto another version of himself. The president's fate is sealed as soon as he is subjected to the infinite rotation, no matter how many universes he crosses or how many versions of him are pulled into the situation. Tusk's gravity keeps manifesting his good fortune and although Wonder of You continues to scatter this influence away, the Golden Spin clings to the world at the edges of the calamity's defensive ability
  • 00:25:00 The video explains the theory that JoJolion's Lore and Ending may be referring to a single attack, which may have been conducted by hermit purple. This attack may have caused the ripple that led to the birth of Johnny's grandson Yoshikaga Kira, who may also have inherited this power. In addition, Tusk's gravity is also present in less direct ways among the other members of the Kira and Higashikata families, who carry different aspects of Johnny's spirit. Finally, the video explains how Josefumi and Yoshikage were tricked and grafted a fake branch of the rokakaka plant onto a Higashikata tree, leading to the discovery of the rock human's deception. In the end, Josefumi sacrifices himself to save Yoshikage, resulting in the birth of a new, free person who inherits the golden spin from both Johnny and Josefumi.
  • 00:30:00 The video discusses the Single Attack Theory, which is the idea that a single, seemingly random attack can have far-reaching consequences. It explains how JoJolion's plot progresses from there.
  • 00:35:00 In the video, JoJolion explains the Single Attack Theory, which states that injuries can be healed with a stand doggy style, and that this is why Josuke was able to heal relatively quickly. Josuke resolves to save Holly's life and accepts her as his mother, following Josephumi's and Joe Chicago's advice. Yoshihigashikata has already sacrificed his own arm to restore Yasuo's, and Gyasio realizes Tori's true nature, triggering wonder of you. Josuke's friends have all perished, but their wills have been passed on to him. Finally, the rotation that was started by Johnny 110 years ago has shed all connections to its origin, and travels through fate along just finished life, without being part of the chain of reason within the world. These bubbles can go beyond that logic, creating soft and wet go beyond a standborn of dreams. In the end, Toru is undone by his own past, and is the final victim of the calamity.
  • 00:40:00 In this video, JoJolion creator Hirohiko Araki discusses the single attack theory, which is the theory that the death of Johnny Joestar was the sole cause of the Rojo Clan's string of calamities. Araki argues that this theory is supported by various pieces of evidence, including the fact that Josuke has the memories of Johnny and Raima Mizuki, as well as the wills of other characters. He suggests that the single attack theory is the most likely explanation for the Rojo Clan's troubles, and that it may be resolved in the upcoming part 9 of the series.

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