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The CEO of Bicara UKM talks about the importance of branding, and how it can help an individual or company succeed. He discusses how the company has developed a successful brand, and how it is essential for success in social media or any other form of communication. The CEO also mentions that it is important to have an identifiable brand, even if it is only in one category, in order to attract and retain customers.

  • 00:00:00 This video introduces Bicara CEO UKM 26112022, a program that aims to improve business communication skills for women. The founder of the program, a woman herself, discusses the benefits of the program and how it helps women in business.
  • 00:05:00 This video introduces Oke Hanif, a professor and doctor in the field of development of systems for the citizens, who has experience in developing systems for the citizens in different countries. He is also a renowned poet and journalist. Today, he will share his expertise on branding with the audience.
  • 00:10:00 The speaker is CEO of UKM, discussing how important it is to have a mentor and how Islam can be a helpful tool in achieving this. He also discusses the importance of being open and sharing your ideas, and how being successful in business or in any field can be achieved through the use of sound branding and marketing techniques.
  • 00:15:00 This video discusses the different types of branding, and how one's status in society can determine what type of branding they might use. One example is the branding of the Islamic state, where the student's design was implemented.
  • 00:20:00 Bicara CEO UKM 26112022 explains the importance of a brand and how it can help a business achieve greater success. He points out that a good brand will have loyal customers who are more likely to trust and have higher expectations of us, even if the underlying product is more expensive. He also mentions the importance of having a well-designed and efficient performing product, even if the price is high. Finally, he shares that one of the main reasons why a brand is so important is that it can provide a sense of value to its users, even if one's property is worth less than the sum of its parts in another country.
  • 00:25:00 The video discusses Bicara CEO UKM 26112022, a new system that allows customers to purchase water in advance at a discounted price. The system is based on a single register, and customers can choose between a male or female voice to order their water. The system is convenient and easy to use, and does not require batteries. In addition to the water system, the video also discusses the company's branding and product values. The system is designed to represent the company's values and ideals over time, and is a progressive step forward in the branding of products.
  • 00:30:00 The video discusses the importance of branding, and describes some of the different types of branding that are available. It also mentions that some people use branding to represent their individual values, skills, and abilities.
  • 00:35:00 This video discusses how Bicara CEO, a Nigerian man, is attractive and successful. He talks about how Allah has given him the award, and how the recipients of this award should use it to improve their lives. He also discusses how one can become successful if they focus on theirbranding and stay consistent in their appearance. This video is a good example of how one can become famous and successful if they have a unique name.
  • 00:40:00 This video introduces the CEO of Bicara, a company that produces marketing materials. The CEO discusses the company's history and how its logo and branding have changed over time. He also introduces the company's new multimedia campaign, which includes a toll-free number and website. He says that other companies have similar campaigns, but Bicara's is "just Impossible."
  • 00:45:00 The speaker discusses why businesses need branding and how it can be helpful in different ways. He also points out that unbranded businesses can have a disadvantage in terms of competition. The speaker recommends that businesses use an "unbranded" approach if they want to be successful, as this will make them more memorable and easier to compete against.
  • 00:50:00 The CEO of Bicara UKM talks about the differentiating factor of their company - their quality of fish products. He also mentions that there will be a specific brand chosen for promotion among students, and that the company is currently ranked #2000 in the world. He advises that businesses should not neglect branding in this age of social media.
  • 00:55:00 The CEO of Bicara UKM talks about the importance of branding and how it can help an individual or company succeed. He discusses how the company has developed a successful brand and how it is essential for success in social media or any other form of communication. The CEO also mentions that it is important to have an identifiable brand, even if it is only in one category, in order to attract and retain customers.

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Bicara CEO UKM 26112022 discusses the company's focus on competency over sensitivity, as well as one of its brands that is dedicated to providing personal satisfaction. The value of a brand is discussed, along with how to keep a positive brand equity alive. The CEO also thanks those who have purchased his products and suggests that university or staying in school is a good way to avoid having to call him.

  • 01:00:00 The CEO of a cosmetics company discusses the company's products and why they focus on competency rather than sensitivity. He also discusses one of the company's brands, which is focused on providing personal satisfaction.
  • 01:05:00 The video discusses the value of a brand, and how it can be used to improve businesses. It points to the example of Ema, a successful businesswoman who has created a positive brand equity even outside of her name. This is valuable because it can help to increase a company's value and reputation. However, it is also important to keep a positive brand equity alive by continuously marketing it to new audiences. Nokia is an example of a brand that has remained successful for many years, despite changing hands multiple times.
  • 01:10:00 This YouTube video discusses the CEO of UK company Bicara, who is still being forced to change his name to Nokia. The video compares the branding of Nokia products with those of Samsung, and demonstrates that Samsung is actually more feature-rich, but the same price. The video ends with a thank you note from the CEO to anyone who buys his products, and a suggestion to go to university or stay in school to avoid having to telephone him.
  • 01:15:00 Bicara CEO UKM 26112022 talks about their company's history, their first implementation, and their current approach to branding and marketing. They state that in 2011, they started to implement branding into their system, and that in 2014, one way to improve theirself was to hire a consultant and also lease a space in Section 16, which they did until 2017. In 2017, they decided to hire another space and are currently leasing it 10 times 6.
  • 01:20:00 The CEO of Bicara, UK, discusses Kaizen and how it's used in business. He states that Kaizen is a process that is used in many systems, but is only now becoming popular in the West. He goes on to say that he is too busy running the company to focus on marketing and branding, but urges others to do so if they want to be successful.
  • 01:25:00 This video discusses the importance of branding and how it can be used to create a positive equity for a company. The speaker discusses how politics often involve using trash to make people believe in a company, and shows how this has been used to create trust in programming and constitutional programming. The speaker says that if you have the money, you can go to any agency and get help. However, if you don't have money, you can still get help by buying equity in a company.
  • 01:30:00 The video discusses the importance of branding and how it can be used to make a company or product stand out from the competition. The speaker explains that one of the purposes of branding is to make the company or product look unique and different from others, and often this is accomplished by using a unique name. The speaker also mentions that sometimes a company's name will be specific to a certain product, and that in this case the company will usually have a logo for that product as well. The speaker concludes the video by recommending that businessmen use branding to make themselves look unique and attractive to potential customers on social media sites like Facebook.
  • 01:35:00 This video discusses the CEO of a hosting company, Dan Sebagainya, and how he sometimes uses his own funds to start new businesses. Dan sometimes has to be creative to come up with ways to fund his ventures, for example, by borrowing money from other companies. Dan's company, Bicara, has a good reputation and is a well-known provider of hosting services.
  • 01:40:00 Bicara CEO, UKM 26112022, talks about how he started out as a small business owner and then transitioned to a different product line. He discusses how his company's branding has evolved over the years and how it's helped his business grow. He also talks about the importance of learning and being open to new technology, trends, and ways to grow your business.
  • 01:45:00 The CEO of a UK-based company discusses the difficulties of climbing the corporate ladder in an era of social media, and how Generation "So Perfect" is falling short in this regard. He points to Instagram star Yuana as an example of someone who is succeeding in this new era. He also talks about his plans to create a space where students can share their stories and connect with industry leaders.
  • 01:50:00 The CEO of Bicara, a Malaysian company that sells domain names, talks about how easy and quick it is to purchase a domain name through them. He also mentions that they have a partnership with Facebook, but if you're not interested in that, they also offer other services such as videos. Finally, he says that anyone can watch any of their videos, as long as they have an account on YouTube.
  • 01:55:00 The video features Bicara CEO UKM 26112022 speaking about how the company strives to give its customers the best smile possible. He also thanks his fellow employees for their support during this time.

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