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The YouTube video "Pizarro Y Los Incas discovery channel #2.flv" covers the journey of Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro from Spain to Peru. They discover the Inca Empire and its treasures, such as gold and silver. However, they are ambushed by the Incas and barely manage to escape with their lives.

  • 00:00:00 In 1532, Francisco Pizarro and his men discovered the Inca Empire. This video covers their journey from Spain to Peru, and their discovery of the potato. They also encounter other treasures, such as gold and silver, which they feed their greed. In November of that year, after months of difficult travel, they arrived at the Inca capital, Cajamarca. They were not surprised to find the city abandoned--the Incas had known they were coming and had set a trap for them. The Spanish conquistadors managed to take the city nonetheless, and Pizarro's men discovered an immense treasure room filled with gold and jewels.
  • 00:05:00 In this YouTube video, an ambush is described, during which Pizarro's troops were waiting anxiously in Cajamarca. Atahualpa rested nearby at thermal water sources, accompanied by his favorite sister. He was sure that this small group of strange people posed no threat to him, the king of shots. However, Pizarro was eager to meet Atahualpa and sent emissaries. Atahualpa and his court received the Spanish explorers with cold dignity, showing off their impressive military prowess. One of the Spaniards wrote in amazement at the horses they had never seen before. The Spaniards remained on their horses to inspire awe and fear, and they were so startled that their horses ran wild. Later that night, the Spanish encampment burned down in all the surrounding hills. Atahualpa knew that his small group of explorers had few chances in a battle against this immense force. His explorers told him at least 30,000 troops, and during the night of 16 November 1532, they all knelt together and prayed believing it would be their last time together. One of the Spaniards wrote in fear of men, "as if a black mantle had been thrown over their heads now all men can see

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