Summary of He Is A Professional Assassin Who Has The Ability To Make Assassinations Look Like An Accident

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  • 00:00:00 This video introduces Mike, a professional assassin who has the ability to make assassinations look like accidents. Mike is best in the guild, but his methods are not popular with customers anymore. The next video features four assassins, each with a different method of assassination. Mike is shown killing a drunk office man with a glass shard, poisoning his teeth with nicotine, beating up thugs, and sneaking into a house to plant a piece of money on the antenna. After this, Mike is overjoyed but still needs to practice his assassination skills. Big Ray, Mike's mentor, teaches him everything from gun control to defense skills.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, a professional assassin named Mike is shown assassinating a client by shooting him in the head with shards of glass from a Pneumatic Shotgun. After the client's death, Mike walks away without emotion, while his brother drives in fear thinking he had just killed someone. Charlie, the woman who was dating Mike's ex-girlfriend, informs him that Beth has been mugged and killed, and the police are investigating. Mike goes to the scene of the crime and imagines the murder happening again, with his assassin's expertise and plot armor. He then overpowers his two former Special Forces opponents and kills them. After killing the accountant who hired them, Mick and Mac admit to the murder and Mike kills them both.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the professional assassin, Mike Mick, and his ability to make assassination look like accidents. In one such assassination, Mike Mack, an ally of Mike Mick, gets caught in the crossfire and is fatally wounded. Mike Mick then takes advantage of the opportunity to control Matt Gunn, who was also hit by the grenade. Mick then sprays Mick with a fire extinguisher, knocking him out. Mike then goes to the director of the van cap company, where he meets a female assassin who specializes in katana. The female assassin is easily defeated by Mike, but she manages to slash Mike's arm with her sword. Mike then uses a suitcase to defend himself, but the female assassin slices it open. Mike then grabs a katana from the director and stabs the female assassin multiple times. Milton, the director, is then seen beaten and bruised and he hands Mike the poison bandage. Mike then leaves Milton to die.

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