Summary of West Coast University - Writing in a Formal Tone: Avoiding Clichés

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This video discusses the importance of avoiding clichés in formal writing as they are unoriginal and can make writing unnecessarily wordy. The video provides examples of common cliché expressions that often appear in student writing such as "in this day and age", "due to the fact that", and "at the end of the day". The video emphasizes the importance of using original language and avoiding clichés to create more meaningful writing.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the video discusses avoiding cliches in formal writing, defining a cliche as a saying or mark that is very often made and is therefore not original or interesting. The video provides examples of cliche expressions that tend to pop up in student writing, such as "in this day and age," "due to the fact that," and "at the end of the day." The purpose of avoiding cliches is not only because they are unoriginal and meaningless but also because they tend to be unnecessarily wordy. The video ends by teasing the next video on avoiding wordiness.

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