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In this section, the YouTuber addresses the attacks and defamation he has faced from the media, emphasizing his ongoing legal proceedings against Mediaset and La Fábrica de la Tele. He criticizes their responses as irrelevant and pamphlet-like, and vows to take the matter to the courts despite the current state of the Spanish justice system. He also discusses being censored on Instagram and the importance of discussing the suppression of rights and freedoms in Spain and Europe. Despite the attacks, he finds it amusing and receives support from more people who appreciate his independent thinking.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTuber talks about the attacks and defamation he has faced from the media, specifically mentioning his ongoing legal proceedings against Mediaset and La Fábrica de la Tele. He states that he has received their responses, which he finds to be irrelevant and more like a pamphlet. He emphasizes that he will take the matter to the courts, despite the current state of the justice system in Spain. He also mentions being censored on Instagram and the importance of discussing the suppression of rights and freedoms in Spain and Europe. Despite all the attacks, he expresses that he finds it amusing and receives support from more people who appreciate his independent thinking.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of a YouTube video titled "La PRENSA ATACA a PEDRO BAÑOS y Otros #YoConBaños", the speaker discusses the state of the media in Spain, particularly the issue of clickbait and propaganda. The speaker also touches on the personality and background of journalist Julio Valdeón, who has been accused of promoting propaganda. The speaker argues that propaganda and misinformation have become increasingly common in the media, and that it is difficult for people to distinguish between what is true and false. The speaker also discusses the trend of clickbait in the media, which is often used to increase page views and engagement. Overall, the speaker is critical of the media and believes that it has a responsibility to the public to accurately report information and avoid spreading fake news.
  • 00:10:00 In this section of the video, the speaker criticizes an article that attacks multiple individuals, including themselves, while primarily focusing on Pedro Baños. They point out that the article refers to Russia as "ex-URSS," showing a lack of knowledge and understanding. The speaker emphasizes the article's propagandistic nature and accuses the author of writing it for money. They mockingly offer to provide a signed document authorizing the author to investigate their wealth. Overall, the speaker highlights the article's incompetence and biases.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, Pedro Baños addresses the allegations made against him by the media, stating that he has nothing to hide and is willing to share information about his bank accounts from any country, including Russia. He believes that the media is paid to spread misinformation and lies, while his only goal is to provide his audience with independent analysis based on study and reflection. Baños criticizes journalists for prioritizing pleasing their employers over serving their audience and accuses them of lacking love for their country. He also defends his actions in the past, such as his involvement in Donbass, and denies the accusation of being involved in a propaganda business with Russia. Baños mentions that Russia has been accused of manipulating Western democracies and even suggests that Donald Trump was put in power by Russia, but clarifies that he has been critical of separatists and has not received any invitation from them to engage in a debate.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the transcript excerpt shows Pedro Baños responding to accusations made against him by Beatriz Talegón, a former member of the Spanish Socialist Party. Baños defends himself by stating that he does not blindly support any country and acknowledges that both Russia and Ukraine have committed war crimes. He criticizes journalists who reproduce information without questioning its source or verifying its accuracy. Baños argues that he supports a position where Spain and Europe prioritize their own interests, rather than being governed by foreign powers like the United States. He emphasizes the importance of defending his country and believes that it can be just as strong and influential as other nations.
  • 00:25:00 In this section, Pedro Baños defends himself against attacks from the press, specifically referring to an article by Julio Barón. Baños criticizes the article for spreading false information and attempting to discredit individuals, such as Baños himself, who have demonstrated a commitment to serving the country. He also addresses misrepresentations made about his work as a journalist, highlighting that he was accredited by the same media outlet as another journalist mentioned in the article. Baños clarifies that they traveled separately and covered different aspects of the story. Overall, he accuses the press of being careless in their reporting and engaging in defamation.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, the speaker defends their knowledge of the events in Crimea since 2014, mentioning their experience in the media and learning from various political analysts. They also dismiss claims made by a retired diplomat, stating that the starting point of the conflict was the Maidan protests in 2014, not the Orange Revolution in 2004. The speaker criticizes the lack of evidence provided by the diplomat regarding Russian propaganda payments. They mock the idea of Russia paying propagandists with spices, highlighting the absurdity of the claims.
  • 00:35:00 In this section, Pedro Baños discusses his disagreement with the accusations made by Julio Valdeón, a journalist, who accused him and others of being nationalists or pro-Russian. Baños asserts that he is not aligned with any of those labels, as he believes that nationalism is the worst cancer of humanity and that the United States is the only true democracy on Earth. He also suggests a solution for peace in Ukraine, which involves reunification and compromise. Baños also mentions a previous encounter with Valdeón in a debate where he was called a ufologist. He finds it amusing and ironic that Valdeón now writes against him, demonstrating that he will not take any legal action against him.
  • 00:40:00 In this section, Pedro Baños, a military strategist and geopolitical expert, defends his stance on Spain's independence and the strengthening of Europe, independent of both the United States and Russia. He clarifies that he has never supported the invasion of any country and has never advocated for Spain to become an ally of Russia. Baños criticizes those who promote American imperialism and the idea of Spain being subservient to the United States. He argues that Spain should have commercial contracts with the highest bidder, even if it means engaging with Russia due to its energy resources. Baños accuses certain individuals, including the journalist Julio Valdeón, of being propagandists for American imperialism, supporting Spain's role in NATO and favoring the United States over China and Russia. He also criticizes Valdeón's personal biases and questions his understanding of democracy. Baños concludes by stating that he believes the United States is a positive influence in the world compared to China and Russia, despite their problematic foreign interventions.
  • 00:45:00 In this section, the speaker expresses disbelief and frustration over an article attacking Pedro Baños and others who are against the war in Ukraine. They argue that they are not against the United States, but against a war provoked by two powers, and that they desire peace in Europe and a strong European Union. The speaker criticizes the author of the article, Julio Valdeón, accusing him of writing for interventionist United States and making propaganda. They emphasize their opposition to both interventionist United States and Russia, and express the need for Europe to develop its own consciousness and independence. The speaker also questions Valdeón's arguments, pointing out the interventions and bombings carried out by the United States in the past. They defend their own stance of not wanting any interventionists, whether from the United States or Russia, and criticize Valdeón for wanting Spain to be a slave to another power. The speaker concludes by stating that they are not paid or bought by anyone, and that their focus is on providing information and analysis without trying to please others or serve corporate interests. They highlight that they, along with Pedro Baños and José Antonio Zorrilla, refuse to live to satisfy others, unlike Valdeón.
  • 00:50:00 In this section, Pedro Baños discusses the impact of the United States on the world, stating that the country has caused millions of deaths through wars and indirect consequences such as poverty and civil wars in Africa and Arabia. He criticizes the double standards of those who support American hegemony and argues that he does not want any country or power to control him. Baños highlights the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as examples of American atrocities and questions the idea of freedom brought by the US. He emphasizes the need for Spain to be independent and autonomous, without being subservient to countries like Germany or the United States. Baños concludes by stating that the United States has been an imperial failure.
  • 00:55:00 In this section of the video, Pedro Baños discusses the relationship between Europe and the United States. He argues that it would be a bad news for Europe if the United States were to become isolationist because Europe needs to be under the protection of the United States. Baños believes that Europe does not have the political and military autonomy to be independent without the support of the United States. He mentions historical examples, such as Europe's lack of independence before World War II, to support his argument. However, another participant disagrees and argues that Europe has the capacity to be a strong and independent power, even without the United States. They highlight the importance of Europe having its own military and political capabilities to counter threats from countries like Russia. Overall, the discussion revolves around whether Europe should rely on the United States for its security and independence.

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In this YouTube video titled "La PRENSA ATACA a PEDRO BAÑOS y Otros #YoConBaños," Pedro Baños addresses attacks against him from a journalist and defends his loyalty to the democratic junta. Baños criticizes politicians who betrayed the principles of the junta and accuses journalists of perpetuating outdated structures. He believes that viewers can see the difference between his position and the tactics of those attacking him. The video also discusses media misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages viewers to support Baños. The speaker asks viewers to share the hashtag #YoConBaños and expresses gratitude for their participation.

  • 01:00:00 In this section, Pedro Baños counters attacks from a journalist, Julio Valdeón, who questions Baños' loyalty to the democratic junta due to Baños' father's involvement with the Communist Party. Baños asserts that his father, like others in the junta, never pledged to collaborate with Franco's regime or participate in elections without consulting on the form of state and government. Baños criticizes Santiago Carrillo and Felipe González for betraying these principles and constructing a corrupt regime. He dismisses Valdeón's attempt to defame him and states that he is confident in his actions and purpose. Baños reiterates that his advocacy for an independent Europe is driven by a desire to protect his country's interests, not support any particular conflict with Russia, China, or any other entity. He accuses journalists like Valdeón of propagating outdated structures and being subservient to the United States. Overall, Baños believes that viewers can see the difference between his position and the "dirty, corrupt" tactics of those attacking him.
  • 01:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the misinformation and lies spread by the media and governments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. They criticize the media for supporting and developing news based on nothing but lies, simply for the sake of financial gain. The speaker also encourages viewers to show support for Pedro Baños, who has been facing campaigns and defamation for speaking out on what he believes is just and right for the Spanish people. They ask viewers to go to Pedro Baños' Twitter account and share the hashtag #YoConBaños to demonstrate their support and counter the toxic Spanish press. The video concludes with the speaker expressing gratitude to those who joined the live stream and emphasizing the importance of health and freedom.

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