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The presenter in this video recommends a few makeup brands and products, specifically mentioning avocado concealer and skincare products as being perfect for the skin. The presenter also recommends subscribing to the channel so that new videos can be sent your way.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Hiram recommends some of the best makeup brands and products for perfecting your skincare routine. Some of these brands include Ilia, Sephora, and Amelia. All of their products are fragrance-free, have excellent formulations, and are designed to be sustainable. Additionally, Hiram recommends using a makeup primer from Ilia, which is a great product for those who are looking for a skincare routine that is both effective and affordable.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, the author recommends a few makeup brands and products, namely COSRX, Tarte, and Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation. She notes that some of these brands have good skincare ingredients, while others do not. She recommends the latter to people who are unsure about using makeup, as their highlighters are not patchy and have a natural glow.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, makeup artist and beauty guru, Tati Westbrook, recommends several makeup brands and products. She points out that some of the more affordable brands, like Sephora, have some stellar products, but she recommends a more affordable price point brand, Lawless, because it has jojoba oil esters, which are great for the skin. She also recommends the Bare Minerals tinted moisturizing gel cream, which she first used when she had a bad sunburn and was looking for something just to cover the tone of her face. Finally, she recommends Aether Beauty, which she believes embodies the best aspects of clean beauty--clean does not mean better, and all their ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainable.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, the presenter recommends a few makeup brands and products. One of the brands the presenter recommends is avocado concealer, which she used to use all the time when she was working a long shift. The presenter also recommends dark circles be filled in with this concealer because the formula has good ingredients like glycerin and avocado extract. The presenter also recommends the brand's skincare products, which are perfect for the skin. Finally, the presenter recommends subscribing to the presenter's channel and letting the notification bell beep so that the presenter can send new videos your way.

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