Summary of Stray Kids "CASE 143" M/V

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The video is for the song "CASE 143" by Stray Kids, and it is about a police case that has a profound and mysterious effect on the detectives investigating it. The detectives discuss the case and express their emotions, and at the end, they plead for the viewer to find the perpetrator.

  • 00:00:00 In the video, a new case is described that has an unforgettable, magnetic effect on the detectives involved. The case is143, which refers to the police code for the perpetrator's identity. The detectives discuss the case and its mysterious and overwhelming effect on them, and express their desire to be with the person responsible for it. The lyrics express multiple emotions, including love, anger, and sadness. The video ends with the detectives addressing the viewer directly and pleading for them to find the perpetrator.

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