Summary of La Historia Real de Goku Completa | Dragon Ball | Dragon Ball Z | Dragon Ball Super Español Latino

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The history of Goku is revealed, including his fear of being sent to auto-world and his conflict about using his new powers.

  • 00:00:00 Goku's incomplete history is revealed, including his slow development and his fear of being sent to auto-world due to his father's death. He steals a capsule that will send him to auto-world, and you realize he's not joking. The freezer fears that Goku might appear and unleash the legendary super sayayin, but Goku insists that he's just a myth. If you three work together, you can't be tracked by mental-type beings, like Marians. As a result, he wants one of his sons to become a stronger warrior so that he can one day protect them.
  • 00:05:00 Goku has been training to achieve unlimited power, but he never beats Krillin. One day, he discovers a power he never knew he had, and he becomes conflicted about using it. In the end, he decides to take Krillin down.

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