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The speaker of the video stresses that motivation should not be relied upon when seeking to achieve a goal, as it is just a fleeting feeling that changes frequently. Instead, it is important to establish a deeper reason for wanting to make a change, by asking oneself five "why" questions to uncover the root cause of the desire. By doing so, one can make it a part of their identity to achieve what they set out to do, even when feeling unmotivated. The speaker emphasizes that discipline and perseverance must come from within oneself rather than external factors, such as inspirational people and videos.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the speaker emphasizes that motivation is just a feeling and feelings change constantly. Therefore, any desired outcome in life cannot be based on how one feels. Instead, it is crucial to establish a greater reason, a "why," behind every change someone wants to make in life. The speaker suggests asking oneself five simple why questions and peeling off the layers of answers to reach the root cause of such desires. By defining five solid "whys," one can make it into their identity to accomplish anything they set out to do. The speaker explains that even when not feeling motivated, discipline, and perseverance come from within oneself and not from external motivations, such as inspirational people or motivational videos.

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