Summary of Experimentos caseros Ley de Boyle Mariotte

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The video demonstrates three experiments that prove the Boyle Mariotte law. In the first experiment, a balloon on top of a bottle is placed in a container of water, causing the balloon to inflate due to the air's volume reduction. The second experiment involves inflating a balloon inside a bottle and then observing it deflate after closing the cap's hole. Lastly, a syringe and cotton experiment show how the cotton piece inside the syringe tube can grow or shrink, depending on the pressure changes in correlation with the Boyle Mariotte law.

  • 00:00:00 In this video section, three experiments are shown to prove the Boyle Mariotte law. The first experiment involves a bottle, a cut balloon, and a container of water. By placing the balloon on top of the bottle, which is then placed into a container of water, we can observe the balloon’s inflation, thanks to the reduction of volume that the air inside experiences. The second experiment required a bottle with a hole, a cap with a hole, and a balloon. By inflating the balloon inside the bottle, we can see the balloon deflate after closing the cap’s hole, causing increased pressure on the balloon’s volume. Finally, the third experiment involved a syringe and a bit of cotton. The syringe tube filled with air can cause the cotton piece inside of it to grow or shrink due to the pressure changes correlated with the Boyle Mariotte law.

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