Summary of Intel’s Gigachad Move

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The video discusses the new 13th gen Raptor Lake processors and Ryzen 9 7950x CPUs from Intel, as well as a variety of new hardware from Amazon. The discussion then turns to batteries on Samsung phones, with some YouTubers claiming that the batteries are expanding. This issue seems to be unique to Samsung phones.

  • 00:00:00 Intel unveiled its new 13th gen Raptor Lake processors and Ryzen 9 7950x CPUs, which are cheaper than the previous models. The show also featured a Samsung sliding display prototype, a detachable Optical connector, and the Accidental leak of a 34 core chip wafer. Amazon also revealed a variety of new Hardware, including a new Echo Dot speaker, a new Fire TV Cube, and a new Kindle scribe e-reader.
  • 00:05:00 In the video, Mr. Who's the Boss discusses how batteries on Samsung phones seem to be expanding, and techtuber Mr. Who's the Boss put up a video about the issue. The discussion has started a discussion about Samsung phones and the batteries in them. This issue seems to be unique to Samsung phones, and the phones in this video weren't even the model that was temporarily banned from Airlines due to safety concerns with the Galaxy Note 7. Some YouTubers have released music that is in the public domain but which is not currently protected by copyright, and Ubisoft has delayed their game, Skull and Bones, for the sixth time. However, despite the delays, it seems that people still want this game.

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