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Kay Griggs, the former wife of Colonel George Griggs, sheds light on the corruption and dysfunction she witnessed during her husband's time as head of Special Operations at NATO. She discovered that high-ranking military officials are primarily homosexuals and sexual deviants running a mind control operation. Furthermore, the United States has never been an enemy of the Soviet Union, and conflicts have been fabricated. Griggs also discusses her husband's alcoholism and the severe lack of security in NATO, as well as her personal experience with operatives and lobbyists with questionable backgrounds and motives who hold positions of power and control. Griggs reveals that the Marine Corps and other military branches are run by a Brotherhood with strong Masonic leanings made up of existentialist men who prioritize loyalty to their fellow members above all else. Additionally, she accuses members of The Firm of engaging in drug distribution, biological and chemical warfare, and practicing initiations involving heavy drinking and group sexual activities.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Kay Griggs explains that her husband, Colonel George Griggs, was the head of Special Operations under Admiral Kelso NATO and that he confided in her about his work. She discovered that the U.S. military is run by sexual deviants, primarily homosexuals, and that the military has become a mind control operation. Additionally, her husband revealed to her that the United States has never actually been an enemy of the Soviet Union and that the entire conflict was fabricated. She then goes on to explain how she ended up marrying Colonel Griggs despite initially disliking him.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about her personal experience with her husband, who was a high-ranking military officer. She reveals that her husband's first wife was likely battered to death and that he was an alcoholic who couldn't even carry a normal conversation unless he was drinking. She also explains that her husband wanted her to retire so that he could make General, and despite his severe alcoholism, was running half the world's Marine Corps under a mentally incapacitated General. Griggs states that there are no other wives of high-ranking military officials who speak up, and that she herself went to live with Sarah McClendon, a senior White House correspondent, for five to six months because she was threatened.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about how she came to know about a big operation and the intricacies of it through a diary that belonged to her husband, which she was holding up during the interview. She mentions that her husband's diary reveals information about the military and intelligence community. Kay had a phone conversation with General Jim Joy, who was in charge of the operation in Panama and behind Waco, and General Carl Steiner. She was recording the conversation and informed them about her husband's diary and how it revealed that they were meeting almost every day. However, General Joy denied knowing her husband, George Griggs, despite Kay having a card from him after the death of her husband's first wife.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses a diary she found, which reveals information about the assassination of Dale Dorman and the lack of security present in NATO during her husband's time there. She recounts her husband's nonchalant attitude towards security and his discussions about people being eliminated like "shooting ducks." Kay expresses her displeasure with the lack of security and the importance of honor and integrity. She also praises Admiral Frank Kelso's wife for her help in stopping an international incident between the French, English, and British that was caused by a minor issue.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, Kay Griggs names two powerful men who are both married and known to engage in extramarital affairs. Jerry Unruh, who was a Navy Captain and later promoted to Admiral, pursued Griggs relentlessly and sent her private photos of Israeli men waving to him. She also talks about the sexual degeneracy and homosexuality that seems to be prevalent among high-ranking military officials. Griggs believes that real moral and upright people who defend the Constitution and America first are hard to come by in today's military, as Generals in the Marine Corps and the army prioritize the Brotherhood and bondings above all.
  • 00:25:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs describes the military's Brotherhood, which has strong Masonic leanings and is made up of existentialist men who put their loyalty to their fellow members before anything else, including their own country. She claims that the Marine Corps is full of members of this Brotherhood who are like mercenaries, willing to work for anyone. Griggs accuses Al Gray, a major homosexual, of having a separate contract organization that used information to control and manipulate people. Griggs also reveals that many politicians, including John Warner, Chuck Rob, and Dick Davis, are all former Marines who control powerful committees.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about how people in power use operatives, such as Michael Isikoff, Woodward and Bernstein to prove their power and control. She gives an example of Bob Woodward who was having an affair with the wife of the British Ambassador to obtain information on what was going on in Great Britain. Griggs also talks about how people in power use JAGs, like Ernest Frank Reynolds, to do their dirty work and explains her own personal experience with Reynolds, who took advantage of her and retrieved her personal documents.
  • 00:35:00 friend about sharing letters from a woman named Susan with a group of seven men, including Ron Jarment who is head of intelligence for the Army. Jarment openly claims to be an anarchist despite his family being Zionist Jews. Despite being personable, it is concerning that he shares letters with a group of men and holds a position of intelligence for the Army. There are also questions surrounding Earn Reynolds who is a lobbyist for homosexuals and is involved in the Episcopal Church. Kay Griggs alleges that Reynolds sabotaged her case and turned on her in the middle of the commissioner's hearing. It is concerning that individuals with questionable backgrounds and motives are involved in positions of power and control.
  • 00:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her husband George Griggs and his ties to the OSS crowd, who engage in murder, assassination, creating conflicts and controlling drug flows. She talks about how they stock and trade is just about money, selling weapons and drugs while controlling the drug flow. She reveals her husband's involvement with drug lords and how they nurture the sons of prominent families and turn them into 'Rising Stars'.
  • 00:45:00 In this section of the transcript, the topic of drugs and their distribution is discussed, with mention of military officers controlling them. The interviewee also talks about how drugs come into the country, noting the involvement of banks in New York and military bases. Furthermore, the discussion turns to biological and chemical warfare, with mention of a Marine Corps veteran who is petrified by the work being done in this area and the use of disease-causing drugs.
  • 00:50:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the production of chemicals and biological weapons in Iraq and how the Marines were used as guinea pigs to test them. She states that those who sold these weapons to Saddam Hussein, such as Gray, Krulak, McFarlane, and Wilson, knew what they were doing. Additionally, she praises Randy A. Bear, a lieutenant colonel who led a platoon in Iraq and testified about how the chemicals killed his soldiers. Griggs also criticizes the military for being dishonest and immoral and claims that the lack of diversity in special operations is due to their strict moral code.
  • 00:55:00 In this section, Kay Griggs shares insights from her husband's diaries and insider knowledge about how members of the US military, from colonels to generals, are all part of a club called The Firm. She notes that once these young rising stars enter the system, it consolidates over time to where no one can be in this club unless they are part of it. Kay says that not one person in Special Operations is not party to this. She also shares a disturbing revelation about the initiation ceremony for young colonels that involves heavy drinking and group sexual activities where the guys that are that way do it, and also talks about the Cherry Marines who are the bottom of this hierarchical system.

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Kay Griggs exposes corruption and abuse within the military in her 1998 interview. She addresses numerous topics, including the secretive initiation processes within the military, the abuse of power, money laundering, and drug trafficking. Griggs also discloses disturbing practices, such as the sexual debauchery involved in bird colonel initiations and secret parties that promote promiscuity and encourage young teenagers to participate. She also reveals the physical violence she endured at the hands of her highly-decorated husband, a US Marine Corps officer, and the cover-up of murders that occurred at Guantanamo Bay by Navy JAGs. Griggs continues to speak out about the corruption and abuse she witnessed within the military despite various death threats and remains hopeful for change.

  • 01:00:00 In this section, Kay Griggs speaks about the idea that the United States of America is becoming a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, and how the military and many other areas of life are run by degenerates who promote others like them and exclude moral individuals. She talks about how Jerome Weiner, who organized a board she was a secretary for, was a sick, mean man involved in intelligence work. Griggs also mentions that many key people in different areas of life have ties to a Zionist group and engage in activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking.
  • 01:05:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses her views on Christianity and the need for inclusivity and truth. She believes that everyone, regardless of culture, should have access to the Bible and welcomes all foreigners. Kay also talks about the secretive initiation processes within the military, specifically the sexual debauchery that happens during bird colonel initiations. She suggests that the chaplains within the military are intelligence agents and encourages Marines to "collect" whistleblowers or anyone causing trouble. Kay reveals that her husband is bisexual and that the higher-ups in the military are all bisexual, as it’s a part of their journey to become bird colonels.
  • 01:10:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses a military group referred to as the "special Opera the seals" and implies that being part of this group is a fast way to the top. She also hints at the idea that to be a Seal, a person must engage in questionable behavior, which is considered the norm. She claims that secretaries were invited to these parties as entertainment, and that Al Gray, the homosexual commandant, would guard the parties where group orgies took place.
  • 01:15:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs reveals the disturbing activities that took place during parties guarded by her husband and other military officials. The parties involved nude women who were nudists and were encouraged to leave early while the men stayed behind to participate in a ritual. Griggs also discloses that the Saudi boys were often targeted during these parties with the help of well-known homosexuals and bodyguards such as Charles Caddock and Borland. The goal was to corrupt the moral values of the Muslim Sons and gain control over them. Griggs mentions that Albert Einstein was a part of this bisexual group as well as Camus. Young teenagers like Bob Edwards were also being cultivated and the Marine Corps colonel was part of this group.
  • 01:20:00 In this section of the transcript, Kay Griggs details the constant physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, George Griggs, a highly decorated US Marine Corps officer. She started documenting the violence and taking notes, hoping that someone could help her before she died. She confronts George about the murder of his first wife, who he battered to death and dragged her body back home. Although George admits that he battered her and dragged her body back, he denies causing her death. Kay also mentions that George had clout in the State Department and had connections with a chaplain who knew about the abuse.
  • 01:25:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about the abuse of power in the military and how wives are often afraid due to their husband's involvement in secret and violent activities. She mentions that the military teaches men to lie, cheat, and steal and encourages them to be peeping toms. She infiltrated a SEAL reunion and witnessed how the men objectify and sexualize women, even wearing t-shirts with sexual references. Griggs also references Lieutenant Colonel Bo Gritz and speculates that he may be known to some of the military personnel involved in these secret activities.
  • 01:30:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the corruption within the military, specifically at Morale Welfare and Recreation, an organization she describes as a money laundering scheme. Griggs claims that high-ranking officials receive jobs within the program and earn up to $300,000 in retirement income alone. She suggests that this form of bribery with taxpayer money is used to purchase loyalty. Griggs also mentions the Army show, where vendors showcase phallic-shaped weapons that cost millions while mothers are working double jobs to support their families and taxpayers wonder where their money is going. She additionally reveals that Victor Marchenko is a KGB double agent who was brought in by the Eastern Bloc countries to work in the U.S. military.
  • 01:35:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs recounts her husband's arrogance and the horrific activities that were carried out by military teams. She mentions that many graduates who undergo the training don't make it, and that there are 400 to 600 men who cannot make it through the training. Griggs explains that for graduation, the greatest test was to break into a general or an admiral's wife's house and steal personal items. She also talks about the biological electronic warfare school and the Special Operations school, which ran the whole teams of assassins, including in foreign countries. She also mentions the German High Command, which is connected to the Vatican's Opus Dei business group.
  • 01:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the training process for becoming a "full-fledged" SEAL, which includes killing someone. She also mentions that many wives of high-ranking officials are afraid to publicly support her due to the potential repercussions, including being ostracized by the community or even death threats. Griggs describes the cold, calculating nature of the military elite and their lack of regard for American values. Despite this, Griggs continues to speak out about the corruption and abuse she witnessed within the military.
  • 01:45:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her discovery of the extent of the satanic movement in the United States, including the revelations from those who have survived it themselves. She mentions a book titled "Pawns in the Game," written by William Guy Carr, a retired commander in the Canadian Naval Force, which explains how the Illuminati fits into modern-day plans and conspiracies that have been going on for 200 years. Griggs explains that she has given lectures on the topic and has received death threats, but she continues to speak out about the truth and bring hope to others who are also facing similar situations.
  • 01:50:00 In this section, Kay Griggs alleges that there are hidden places where the military is training mercenaries to control the country. She claims that these groups are being trained to kill American citizens on order. This includes collecting people who are talking too much and taking them out without justification. Griggs says that powerful figures like Casper Weinberger, Henry Kissinger, and other non-American-born politicians are involved in training these mercenaries. The military is a political arm of a group that wants to control the drugs, sell weapons, and keep the weapons flow going. George, her husband, was involved in covering up the case of a Marine who went crazy, and this group includes Ollie North, who she believes was farmed.
  • 01:55:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about a cover-up of a murder that took place in Guantanamo Bay. She explains how the incident involved JAGs and how a woman was instrumental in getting the truth out, despite the fact that the Navy JAG involved was originally going to cover it up. She also briefly touches on her background, coming from a family of military and civilian individuals, and the financial struggles she is facing due to the actions of the Army intelligence group JAG that her husband is involved with.

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The Kay Griggs interview covers a variety of topics related to the military's involvement in illicit activities such as psychological manipulation, drug trafficking, and secondary weapon sales. Griggs discusses the abuse suffered by military wives at the hands of their high-ranking veteran husbands as well as secret societies designed to control members and prevent them from divulging secrets. Additionally, she claims that government officials were involved in Satanic cults and child abuse, as well as knowing about Pearl Harbor in advance. Griggs goes on to discuss her experiences with harassment and intimidation by the Illuminati and New World Order, but credits divine intervention for saving her life multiple times.

  • 02:00:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses how the military controls divorce cases involving military intelligence wives who have information that could be revealed in court. She reveals that the judges overseeing these cases are military men who are not independent and have a chain of command to follow. Griggs also speaks about the FISA court, a secret court that American citizens are not aware of, which is involved in her case. She then discusses meeting Mike Fuller, a government mercenary, through Sarah McClendon, who has been speaking out about what NATO and the Army are doing. Griggs credits McClendon with saving her life during a series of break-ins.
  • 02:05:00 In this section of the video, Kay Griggs talks about how her husband and other high-ranking military officials, including General Joy and General Steiner, trained mercenaries and murderers from countries like Romania, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. She reveals that these men were selected based on their perverted and twisted personalities, with a profile similar to her husband's and Lee Harvey Oswald's. Griggs also discusses how these men were warned not to speak out and reveals that her husband had warned her before about the danger of speaking out.
  • 02:10:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses her husband and his involvement in the intelligence world, as well as the Vietnam War. She reveals that her husband's group is not Christian and is instead existentialist, studying the works of German philosophers like Klauswitz and Nietzsche. Griggs also talks about the secret terrorist training camps in New Orleans where her husband trained with the Marine Corps and reveals that General Al Gray, who her husband worked for, is a homosexual. Additionally, she discusses the mafia's involvement in joint military operations in Korea and Vietnam at the highest levels of the army and Marine Corps.
  • 02:15:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the involvement of various individuals and groups in illicit activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, and secondary weapon sales. She mentions how some members of the military, including those in high-ranking positions, retire and get involved in these activities. Griggs also talks about the experiments done on soldiers during the Vietnam War and how they were being psychologically manipulated to silence them. She recounts how her husband disappeared and how she was being threatened and handled psychologically to keep her quiet. Additionally, Griggs discusses a break-in that occurred in her home, where she was being searched for a diary that contained sensitive information about the intelligence community and the Marine Corps assassins.
  • 02:20:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the operations of snipers during a city crisis and the involvement of SEAL Teams, including SEAL Team Six, in wet operations or murders. She also mentions the use of mercenaries who are not U.S. citizens and are paid by taxpayers to kill innocent people, particularly women and children, in countries like Iraq, Algeria, and parts of Africa. These rogue assassins are protected and are above the law, says Griggs, which includes her husband's friends, Judge John Moore, and Colonel Barry Cantor, among others.
  • 02:25:00 In this section, Kay Griggs describes the physical and psychological abuse that military wives suffer at the hands of their high-ranking husbands, particularly Vietnam War veterans. She notes that a lot of wives are battered and bruised, but because their husbands hold such high-ranking positions, the wives are often dismissed as being crazy if they speak out about their abuse. Additionally, Griggs discusses secret societies like Skull and Bones and Cap and Gown, which are designed to make young inductees feel special and to control them so that they do not divulge secrets. Finally, she talks about the Franklin cover-up, a pedophile ring for which a major Republican named Lawrence King provided children. Griggs claims that George Bush Sr. was a notorious pedophile, child torturer, child killer, and serial killer of adults. She cites examples such as his perversions with Kelly's bleeding rectum and the use of sophisticated electronic and drug mind control devices on her.
  • 02:30:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the existence of Satanic cults and their involvement in the sexual abuse of children at preschools. She mentions that Dr. Roland Summit, a psychiatrist at UCLA, has intelligence information on over 50 preschools where sexual ritual abuse has occurred. The speaker also mentions the McMartin school case, where over 500 children went through the school and were used for pornographic films, initiation, and ceremonies. She shares a story from a little girl in the case who witnessed a kitten sacrifice. Furthermore, the speaker comments on the government's involvement in certain historical events, such as knowing about Pearl Harbor in advance.
  • 02:35:00 In this section, the interviewee shares insights from her lectures and tours, including a story from a US Army soldier who claimed that they had advance notice of the North Vietnamese surrender in 1973, but it was ignored. She also talks about her belief that her husband's brother was murdered to keep him in, due to his knowledge of mind control techniques. She mentions two men, Charles Caddock and Alexander Robinson, who she claims were involved in the murder of a well-educated Saudi Arabian who was poised to be the head of Saudi Arabia, and how the US chose the current head of Saudi Arabia. The interviewee also talks about her research on the Hun School, where the Saudi royals were sent to study, and how her husband was a playmate of the Saudi princes while Charles Caddock was their bodyguard and teacher.
  • 02:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her husband George's bisexuality and his involvement in a cult-like group. She explains that George needed help and love and that his handlers knew she was changing him, which is why they put him in the Marine Corps. She mentions that there were rumors of sexual abuse and mind control during George's time at Princeton and the Marine Corps, and that group sex parties were happening among the "cream of the crop" in the military, such as the Tail Hook scandal.
  • 02:45:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about her knowledge of sexual orgies and parties involving high-ranking military officials and their subordinates. She reveals that such activities were rampant all over the Mediterranean and involved both homosexual and heterosexual behavior. Griggs also talks about her ex-husband, who was a participant in such parties and exhibits sexual addiction tendencies. She also mentions that the US government is involved in psychological operations and is targeting those who don't go along with their program, even to the extent of murdering marines and sailors. Furthermore, she discusses the disinformation programs and how it has affected her life personally.
  • 02:50:00 In this section, the speaker talks about the three contracts that were placed on her life, two of which were probable. She talks about divine intervention and how she narrowly escaped danger. The speaker goes on to discuss an encounter with the "cocaine King of the West Coast" who offered to take care of one of the hits on her life. She spent the rest of the week in a hotel room and eventually, thanks to the king, the hit was taken off.
  • 02:55:00 In this section of the interview, the speaker talks about various attempts on their life and experiences with intimidation and harassment by the Illuminati and New World Order. The speaker had to flee town after being warned about a hit put on them and later had the second hit taken off by a contact in Los Angeles. The speaker also shares other incidents of burglaries, illegal entries, bullet shots and poisoning attempts in Las Vegas. Despite these incidents, the speaker believes in divine intervention and credits it for saving their life multiple times.

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Kay Griggs gives a detailed account of the sabotage and intimidation tactics used against her and others who challenged those in power. She discusses the government's spying on its citizens, using techniques such as phone tapping and internet surveillance. Griggs also reveals the rounding up of Americans by a shadow government, the violation of constitutional amendments by the Patriot Act, and the sexual perversions in the military. She shares stories of her husband's involvement in military operations with high-ranking generals before they became part of a powerful cabal and discusses the power structure in the military. Throughout the interview, Griggs emphasizes the corrupt nature of those in power, their questionable associations, and even implicates some in JFK's assassination.

  • 03:00:00 In this section, Kay Griggs lists several instances of sabotage and intimidation tactics done to her by those she's worked with and interacted within the past. From having her mail opened and diverted, experiencing telephone taps, encountering stolen guns and having her car stolen, to being gassed on the freeway and having her computer sabotaged. She boldly states that she's not afraid of them since she's already faced terrorists during her time in the FBI, even driving down the street slowly to intimidate those watching her. These sabotage and intimidation tactics are just the life of a person who dares to take on those in power, according to Griggs.
  • 03:05:00 In this section of the interview, the speaker talks about how the NSA and the FBI, in collaboration with ATT and Verizon, have been spying on US citizens, and how President Bush authorized the reauthorization of this program over 30 times to spy on Americans since September 11th. The speaker also describes how the U.S. government has tapped its entire internet system, and the FBI can listen to everything one says even when cell phones are off. Furthermore, the rounding up of 775,000 Americans by the shadow government began in February of 2009, alongside the thousands of guillotines that arrived from Japan, 500,000 caskets, and 1,000 internment camps across the country. The Patriot Act has also violated many Amendments to the Constitution, with the speaker quoting examples such as the Sixth Amendment's right to a speedy trial and the Eighth Amendment's prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.
  • 03:10:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs speaks about strange occurrences in her town, including Chemtrails allegedly being flown out of the Air National Guard in Nebraska, and a suspiciously unmarked plane on the runway in Nebraska. She also discusses her experiences with being shot by a laser beam, and how she and her webmaster have both been shot. Additionally, she shares a story about General Joy, who denied knowing her husband but was later revealed to be mentioned in her husband's diary and was involved in dirty tricks special operations. She taped the conversation with General Joy, suspecting that they were tampering with her tapes.
  • 03:15:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs reads excerpts from her husband's diary which mentions the involvement of General Jim Joy in various military operations. Joy, along with other high-ranking generals such as General Sheehan, were part of a powerful cabal involved in Waco, the David Koresh incident, and supporting black helicopters. Griggs was contacted by Joy, who insisted on meeting with her and went through every hour of his schedule to do so. Griggs was afraid of Joy and eventually met him, but also contacted NCIS for protection. The interview breaks briefly for a break and a recap of the previous topics discussed.
  • 03:20:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses "Tailhook," which she claims is a reference to a group of homosexuals in the military. However, she also mentions that it has a double meaning since it could also refer to the hook used to refuel jets. She describes an incident in a North Carolina Officers Club, where young topless women were serving officers, and she was outraged. Despite her husband's dismissive response, Griggs decided to take pictures of the event. She believes that it was God who proved the truth, as the camera's flashes scattered the people, and the truth was revealed.
  • 03:25:00 In this section, Kay Griggs recounts the story of how she took pictures at a Norfolk, Virginia military club and hid them when her husband, Marine Colonel George Griggs, attempted to grab her camera. Kay sent copies of the pictures and a letter to the manager of the club, as well as the wives of the general commander of the base and the commandant. When she told the other wives about this, they were initially worried that George would be affected, but Charlotte Moore thanked Kay on behalf of all of them. However, Kay later found out that she was flagged as a troublemaker by General Gray. She also discusses how her husband was made captive early on and how the Saudis were beginning to control his mind at the Hun School in Princeton.
  • 03:30:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the family background of her husband, who had an uncle that became a significant figure in his life. He married his next-door neighbor due to the shame he experienced earlier in his life. Griggs also talks about her uncle's involvement in intelligence work when he was in the ROTC, the cap and gown club, and his various extracurricular activities. She delves into the Israeli Zionist group in New York and how they oversee most of the intelligence work in the U.S. She also reveals that there are sexual perversion groups in Vienna and Colorado, which are connected with a lot of psychological profiling that is done in collaboration with Harvard professors. Kay also discusses the power structure in the military, involving figures like Casper Weinberger, George Bush, Colby Casey, and her husband, who were all involved in the Princeton Marine Corps click.
  • 03:35:00 In this section, the interviewee talks about being used by a group of people during high school to meet and engage with international people, as she was very gullible and spiritual. The interviewee believes that this was done strategically, much like how Monica Lewinsky was used to have something incriminating on President Bill Clinton. The interviewee talks about the "members of The Firm," which refers to a small, hierarchical group involved in weapon sales, drugs, and making money. She also discusses the profiling of women and how women are often pegged as crazy when they are actually anxious to solve problems. Finally, the interviewee talks about a group of sexual psychologists and psychiatrists from Vienna who came to visit her and her husband and how there is a whole range of psychiatrists who study perversion.
  • 03:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the leaders in perversion in a school in Indonesia and the connections of T. Parker Host to mob figures, including his boastful claims about his involvement with assassins and his connections to the homosexual hierarchy that runs the port of Norfolk. Griggs had met Host when she was the assistant director of Virginia Center for World Trade, and was introduced to him through a colleague, where she believed he was a nice guy, not knowing that he had questionable associations. She had fixed up her husband with Host, but Host ultimately plotted against her after she refused to go out with him.
  • 03:45:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses how her husband's friend, T. Parker Host, rose from being a democrat in petty Virginia politics to having big shipping deals in Iceland, Finland, and Norway. She also mentions how she was being used while her husband and Parker set up shipment places, and how her home was broken into and her car sabotaged while she was in court. Griggs later talks about how all these people, including Henry Kissinger, rise up to the ranks on the same club, referring to the Order of the Skull and Bones, and how they refuse to discuss it when reporters bring it up.
  • 03:50:00 In this section, Kay Griggs shares details about the initiation rituals and hazing practices in the military, including a German tradition where male Marines are placed in coffins and subjected to oral and anal sex acts. She reveals that the Chiefs have now started to do this as well, and that the young seals and Delta Forces have to break into civilian houses for training purposes. Kay also talks about her own experience of being battered by her ex-husband, who was trained by the military and psychologically scarred by the war.
  • 03:55:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses a series of break-ins at her home and her interactions with law enforcement. Griggs describes a policeman named Shorty Satterwhite, who did not believe her when she reported the break-ins. Subsequently, Griggs calls the FBI and speaks to Dan McNally, a retired Marine, about her husband's history and what she knows. Interestingly, McNally's best friend is Fred Hense, who took Griggs to a place called Mahimaz where she received death threats; Hense was a NATO colonel with German High Elite group connections, an existentialist, and a part of George's group of friends. Griggs explains that her husband and his friends are existentialists who will do anything necessary to achieve their political and economic goals, even if it means killing others. She further implicates Walt Whitman Rostow as a communist who played a role in getting Kennedy murdered and who was one of Kennedy's wise men.

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Kay Griggs, in this YouTube video full of an interview from 1998, talks about the group controlling the Marines and army based in Paris that promotes communism and a one-world government. Griggs shares startling revelations about the involvement of the military in secret locations such as Bohemian Grove and Rush River Lodge, which are famous for their orgies involving pedophilia and homosexuality. She accuses the US military of being controlled by the mob, along with stating the conspiracy of Nazi soldiers and SS infiltrating the US and bringing with them their German disease of pedophilia and homosexuality. Griggs also discusses her experience visiting the State Department and expresses her concerns with unfair weapon sales and the influence of Israel in the department. Additionally, she mentions her husband's involvement in operations and assassinations which led to Malcolm Kerr's death.

  • 04:00:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about a group based in Paris that was involved in revolutionary terrorism and controlled the Marines and army. She mentions a man who started this program during Vietnam and used communists who were part of the Spanish communist movement, promoting communists in the OSS which was started by William Krulak, whose boss was the father of the present Commandant. She also corrects the name of a writer who was murdered in Mexico, which was actually Trotsky, and talks about the involvement of the Mexican government and the Rostos in drug business with William Weld.
  • 04:05:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs shares her knowledge of a group within the Army and Marine Corps that has Communists at the top who do not believe in God or Christ, live for the moment, and promote a one-world government without religion. They were allegedly behind the Roman and Egyptian empires and put puppet people in power while they ran everything from behind the scenes. The group also used mob funding and drug money to pay for brand new weapons and trained assassins in places like Bosnia to be a market for these weapons. Griggs claims that the Army runs the whole show and points out that the CIA is a bogus thing that is actually run by independent corporations such as shaping.
  • 04:10:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about the influx of Nazi soldiers and SS into the United States and how they brought with them the "German disease" of pedophilia and homosexuality. She describes how these individuals would partake in group sex orgies involving little boys, orchestrated by weapons manufacturer, Krupp, and how the Catholic priests were involved as well. She also talks about secret locations like Bohemian Grove and Rush River Lodge where people would run around nude in the woods and get drunk. Griggs believes that the US military is controlled by the mob and that they are trying to destroy America and its basic Protestant Christian culture. She also mentions how Weinberger brought down MacArthur by spying on him in Korea.
  • 04:15:00 In this section, the interviewee discusses the removal of General MacArthur because he didn't want to continue the wars, and General Trafay being in control after the Vietnam War ended. She talks about how China started to come into the picture, and how Communist agents and New York, Brooklyn, and New Jersey mobs were training males, such as Pual Pott, which were turned homosexually by priests. She also talks about how the military has initiations that involve stripping nude, doing things anally, and doing things in groups and they have doctors that are a part of it. Those who participate in these acts rise up faster than those who don't.
  • 04:20:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her political background and her experiences staying with Sarah McClendon, who shared insider information about what was happening at the White House. Griggs reveals that she had turned from being a Republican to a Democrat after her arranged marriage with a Democratic Governor's grandson. She also shares some of the startling revelations made to her by her husband, including his cold and calculating view on the destruction of innocent human beings, his attitude towards murder which he claimed was not murder because emotions were not involved, and his involvement in assassinations and operations that led to Malcolm Kerr's death.
  • 04:25:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about her husband, who she claims was involved in sexual activities with adolescent children and was later killed because of it. She also discusses Mary Clark Yost Halab, an American double agent who had an affair with her husband and was put on her husband's case because she could handle him. Griggs also shares her experience visiting the State Department and their closed-door policy, which she believes is not conducive to peace in the Middle East.
  • 04:30:00 In this section of the video, Kay Griggs brings up the issue of people changing their names to take on the more honorable identities of others. She mentions that David Satterfield, who she heard speak at a World Affairs Council luncheon in Norfolk, showed an extreme bias towards Israel in his talk. She then goes on to criticize the State Department's Near East section for having no Palestinian or Muslim religious representation, only Israelis and Zionists. She cites this as a clear example of an imbalance that is detrimental to achieving peace and justice, and explains that wise mothers understand the importance of being fair and balanced in all situations.
  • 04:35:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the influence of Israel on the State Department and the unfair weapon sales that go on under the table. She claims that Ron Brown was murdered because he attempted to take away the State Department's monopoly on illegal weapons and drugs, which are often sold by agents of Israel. Griggs also mentions her husband's work in the White House, working under Al Gray when Ollie North moved from the Atlantic command to the National Security Council. Griggs believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was a loner, and a perfect candidate for a patsy, and mentions her suspicions that her husband was replaced by a lookalike with a different facial structure.
  • 04:40:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs talks about young men who come to America from other countries to work as mercenaries. She tells the story of a boy who came over from Czechoslovakia at a young age along with his sister and was made an Assassin in a five-year period. These young men are trained with seals, and they may have a mother who's American, and a father who's French. They aren't under US laws and can go do actual assassinations or other violent activities. The conversation touches on Zionism, beginning with Oswald's case, and how Jewish intelligence people or Zionist intelligence people in Princeton controlled the psychological operations crowd, who later spread out from there, and ties into Kay's husband's experiences.
  • 04:45:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs explains that her husband had a close relationship with Charles Caddock, a Marine who was involved with the Saudi royal family. The Saudis had given Charles and her husband carte blanche to do as they pleased, offering them gifts and trips and teaching her husband how to fly and shoot. Kay also mentions that her husband had relationships with men, including a French teacher who helped him write his papers and was a friend of Albert Camus, an existentialist writer who believed in murder and sabotage. Additionally, she discusses how Columbia University is an intelligence school and mentions that Ezra Pound and others who "knew too much" were placed in mental hospitals.
  • 04:50:00 In this section, the interviewee talks about David Ferry and Clay Shaw, who were both in intelligence and homosexual. She mentions a movie where they dressed up in complete drag, which made it apparent that they were homosexuals. She also talks about the book, The Widows, which tells the story of four spies who were double agents that worked for the US and Soviet satellites, and were murdered. One of the spies was murdered outside the Army's intelligence headquarters, just after he called his wife in terror to say that the Army was going to kill him. The Army actually did kill him. She also talks about a well-grounded German who informed her that Henry Kissinger was totally homosexual and very close to his best friend. Henry changed his name from Heinz to Henry and was known to have visited Cambodia where he supposedly raped five young men.
  • 04:55:00 In this section, Kay Griggs explains how she took a stand against the immorality and debauchery in the Officers Club dining room at Camp Lejeune by photographing married men with topless go-go dancers. Despite her efforts, she received backlash from her husband, who wanted the pictures and flagged her as a troublemaker. Kay stood firm in her beliefs, sending a copy of the letter and photographs to the base Commander's wife and the commandant's wife, and it eventually stopped. She then talks about a detective who knew that her husband had been murdered and an independent investigator who discovered that the Army covered everything up. Kay suspects that George Bush was involved in the murder and finds it interesting that he and his wife came into her shop and were looking at her.

05:00:00 - 06:00:00

Kay Griggs, in a 1998 interview, reveals details about corrupt practices in the military, including orders to commit assassinations and the use of prostitutes to compromise politicians. She talks about her husband, a high-ranking military officer, who had violent outbursts when drinking and engaged in sexual deviances, including group sex. Griggs sheds light on her husband's connections to the Saudi royal family and Marine intelligence persons. She speaks about an elite group called the Colonial Dames, which includes Mrs. Bush, and their connections to George Washington, Freemasons, and the Warfare Selling Group. Griggs also discusses intelligence and electronic warfare operations manuals distributed by the army, emphasizing the importance of deception and manipulation to achieve friendly objectives. Finally, she talks about the religious and Christian beliefs that have influenced her experiences and how she believes that people who speak the truth are being silenced.

  • 05:00:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about the connections between her husband's friend Parker Host and George Bush. She mentions that there is a lot involved with oil and ARAMCO, and that there are complex ties to Texas. However, Kay draws the line at murder, assassination, corruption, lies, deception, and cruelty to innocent women, children, and families. She also discusses the elite group called the Colonial Dames, which includes Mrs. Bush, and talks about connections to George Washington, Masons, and the Warfare Selling Group. Kay also mentions an individual named Rocklin Williams, who was a South African double agent and assassin. Finally, she talks about a picture and identifies her husband, along with an individual named League.
  • 05:05:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses her husband's history with the military, including his struggle with post-traumatic stress syndrome and his violent outbursts when drinking. She also sheds light on the corrupt practices within the Marine Corps, including orders to commit assassinations and the use of prostitutes to compromise politicians. Griggs also talks about General Al Gray, her husband's boss, who had an intelligence operation that was not part of the military and employed prostitutes. She suggests that Gray's wife, Jan, was a hooker and that Gray himself was a well-known homosexual who engaged in group sex.
  • 05:10:00 In this section, Kay Griggs shows some documents and pictures related to her husband's career in NATO and his connections to the Saudi royal family. She talks about how her husband gained his power through his relationship with three oldest Saudi boys who were also hooked homosexually. She also mentions some of her husband's friends who were Marine intelligence persons, including one who told her about Dale Dorman.
  • 05:15:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses various documents and notes related to her husband and his career in the military. She mentions a presidential citation and notes that his social security number can reveal a lot about him. She also discusses a friend's notes on her husband's financial abuse and mentions his involvement in training assassins and terrorists in Indonesia. Additionally, she talks about various people associated with her husband's life and career, including a potential conspiracy involving the sons of generals. She concludes with her fears about speaking about these matters and discusses a suspicious encounter with a military man studying Islamic religions.
  • 05:20:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses various notes and documents related to her investigation into her husband's disappearance. She mentions a letter from Jim Proctor to Mike Kimmel, son of the famous Admiral Kimmel, discussing her husband George's mysterious disappearances. She also talks about a medical complaint where she was denied pictures of her injuries, break-ins in her home with 20-year Marines as police officers, and how a neighbor's dog chased away the elusive amphibious men in black who had broken into her home. Finally, she touches on a few other notes about her husband's background and Princeton.
  • 05:25:00 In this section, the speaker mentions various members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), some of whom are also part of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones. She goes through a long list of names, some of which she has met or are close friends with her husband. She emphasizes that these people are part of the "bad guys," the New World Order, and are involved in intelligence and power. She also mentions that David Rockefeller was a friend of hers and came to her son's wedding.
  • 05:30:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses her understanding of intelligence and electronic warfare operations manuals distributed by the army. She explains how deception is a critical component of such field manuals, and how deep cover and targeting techniques are used to gather information about any individuals of interest, including spouses of military personnel. Griggs notes that one of the techniques utilized in electronic warfare is jamming, which involves deliberately disrupting electromagnetic signals, and she highlights the importance of deception and manipulation to achieve friendly objectives. Furthermore, Griggs reveals some personal connections, such as her knowledge of Mary Clark and her belief that a former Marine chief's father was a Nazi soldier.
  • 05:35:00 In this section of the interview transcript, the interviewee Kay Griggs describes various photographs including a Marine Colonel and his relationships with his wife and mother, as well as pictures of George who was often in a bizarre and violent state of mind leading to Kay reaching out for help to protect her life. The pictures include George in his rages, walking around nude, and with a defiant look in his eyes. Overall, the pictures depict a man that Kay describes as a stranger to her, and whose behavior she found terrifying.
  • 05:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the sexual deviances and group sex activities of her husband, a high-ranking military officer who worked closely with top government officials. She mentions the Menage à trois affair her husband engaged in with a couple and how he would pass out for days without eating. Griggs also talks about his sexual encounters with other women, including a woman in Beirut whose husband was an assistant director at the American University, a secretary in Indonesia, and a lab worker at a company called Halab. She describes meetings with T. Parker Host, a shipping agency owner, nudist, and group sex enthusiast who became her husband's best friend and introduced him to George Bush.
  • 05:45:00 In this section, the video discusses Kay Griggs' family background, including her uncle and grandfather's connections to the Army, which played a role in her eventual introduction to George Earl and the "swap team." They then discuss wet operations, which refers to assassinations carried out by a group of psychological operations specialists in NATO. Kay's husband, a former Chief of Staff Marine Atlantic and head of the intelligence group that went to Beirut, tried to explain this to her in their first three years of marriage.
  • 05:50:00 In this section, Kay Griggs describes the military intelligence complex in Norfolk, which is the largest such complex in the world. She reveals that some African-American men in the military are willing to speak the truth about the government's secrets, including Colin Powell and Togo West. However, many good people who love truth are being silenced because they are in a conflict of good versus evil. Griggs mentions Colonel John Ryman, who was put in a mental hospital when he tried to promote peace, and Deborah Von Trapp, who was targeted after she decided to tell the truth about the military.
  • 05:55:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses her experiences as a strong Protestant Christian, and how this shapes her interactions and beliefs. She also mentions her belief that the CIA theory is false, as everyone she has known who worked in the CIA had previously worked for Military Intelligence. That being said, she believes that her brother-in-law, David Lay, was actively working for the intelligence arm of a global monolith, and was an expert on the Israeli perspective of the Middle East. She also talks about her husband's association with mob figures in the White House who were under a man named Getzman, and how her own experience and mental state of being continually terrorized and intimidated can be commonly found among Marine wives.

06:00:00 - 07:00:00

Kay Griggs spoke about a range of topics in her 1998 interview, including her abusive marriage to a US Marine Corps colonel, scandalous behaviors of high-ranking officials, the Halo program's abusive tactics in the military training, the prevalence of homosexuality in the military and society, and her concerns about the growth of a homosexuality industry. Griggs also shared information about her investigation into the Council of Foreign Relations, the Triangular Trade, and Illuminati and Masonic ties of historical figures. She talked about the pervasiveness of sexual perversion and mind control within the military and secret groups and her experiences of trying to stop her husband from meeting suspicious men. Finally, Griggs discussed her investigation into the religious beliefs and sexual practices of top military and government officials and the psychological terror experienced by Bill Clinton during his election campaign.

  • 06:00:00 In this section, Kay Griggs recounts the infidelities of her husband and his colleagues, including one woman whose son/grandson was a Muslim who supported the Palestinians but had relationships with high-ranking military officials. Griggs talks about recording phone calls of her conversations with other military wives, who tell her that it's normal for their husbands to have boyfriends. She also discusses the emotional and physical abuse she endured at the hands of her husband, including him holding a gun to her head and choking her. Griggs believed it was a spiritual battle, hoping to reprogram her husband through her love and devotion.
  • 06:05:00 In this section of the transcript, Kay Griggs discusses the Halo program, which was a training program in the Philippines and Panama for Army and other soldiers. The training involved stripping the soldiers down nude and tying them onto logs, while they were trained to kill. However, they were also subjected to abuse, with the man who ran the school dressed up as a Nazi soldier and a Czechoslovakian pervert, and a man dressed up as a woman who was really pretty. Griggs also expresses concern about the growth of homosexuality in society and its similarity to what happened in Nazi Germany, where women and mothers were excluded. She believes that this growth industry is going to destroy America and that women need to come together to stop it.
  • 06:10:00 In this section, Kay Griggs names several high-ranking officials in Norfolk and describes some of their scandalous behaviors. She mentions that every town has a "Saints and Sinners" group that tolerates immoral behavior and that women like her need to be involved in leveling things out. Griggs believes that strong women who are targeted and marginalized need to be involved in restoring balance. She also speaks about a gang rape of a doctor by the SEALS in Virginia Beach, which has been hushed up by local courts controlled by Army JAGs and the Marine Corps. Griggs asserts that Army JAGs and the Marine Corps are participating in group sex and other immoral behaviors.
  • 06:15:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs describes the evidence of her abuse by her ex-husband, a high-ranking US Marine Corps colonel, including photographs of her physical injuries and an affidavit by Sarah McClendon, a senior White House correspondent. She also recounts her interactions with various government agencies including the FBI and the judiciary, including the judge in her case, Judge Sean Moore, and details how she has had trouble finding lawyers to represent her due to her being a vocal victim. She also mentions a book on intelligence and electronic warfare operations which describes her own experiences, and explains how her phone calls were being rerouted and intelligence divines had raided her library since the government didn't want her to get access to this book.
  • 06:20:00 In this section, the speaker recounts a conversation with a man who worked for the ATF and her dislike for the agency due to their actions in Waco, which she describes as "murder." She also draws parallels between Tiananmen Square in China and the Waco standoff, suggesting that they may be turning points and rallying points. The speaker also shares about Mr. Lee, an intelligence officer who helped her with sister city organizations in China and how the material related to it was stolen from her house. The speaker highlights her spiritual inclination towards goodness and light and how she did not understand the pervasive military culture in government and parts of the world.
  • 06:25:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her husband's connections to members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and how she knows many of them personally. She emphasizes that not all of the individuals on the list are bad people, but that they are all part of a powerful club with common goals, such as global unity and control. Griggs warns that one may get sucked into this club's idealistic goals, but as a Christian, she is skeptical of their true intentions. She also shares some little-known facts about the founding fathers and their Christian beliefs. Finally, Griggs suggests that her husband's murder may have been related to Admiral Levy, who took a mortgage on their house to build the University of.
  • 06:30:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her theory about the founder of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson and his relationship with the cabalist, Admiral Levy, who provided the funding for the university. She also talks about the Illuminati and Masonic ties of Levy and other historical figures, including John Paul Jones and Lafayette, and how they were raised up despite being questionable. Kay Griggs mentions how Jefferson became a Christian and was searching for truth despite not necessarily believing in the divinity of Jesus Christ. She also shares her knowledge about the Triangular Trade and how it is still going on today with Israel and the New York bankers running it.
  • 06:35:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses the focus on sexual perversion within the military and secret groups, from ancient times to the present day. She mentions the prevalence of phallic symbols and ties it to the all-male cabalist judges in Virginia Beach who target women. Griggs also notes the potential influence of a Belgian man on Pat Robertson and questions his luxurious lifestyle compared to Jesus Christ's humble existence. She believes that there is a common thread of military intelligence and ivy league background among leaders in various fields.
  • 06:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs describes how she perceives her husband and the group of people around him as part of a larger plan that involves mind control and programming. She explains how her husband was manipulated by the pastor of their church, who has undergone psychological training and admits to having power over him. Kay also shares her experiences of trying to stop her husband from meeting with men who have dark backgrounds, like a pedophile and a nudist. In addition to this, she talks about how she fought against the cabalist group in Virginia Beach and prevented them from stopping her from giving the Norwegian people a chance to meet their king and queen during a NATO visit.
  • 06:45:00 In this section, Kay Griggs reveals how her husband was involved with the embassy, and weapons sales, and she sensed something strange was happening during a meeting at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington. Her husband had invited his intelligence operative friend named Bill Nelson, who tried to sabotage a Norwegian group that Kay was running in Virginia Beach. During the meeting, the Norwegian Ambassador had accidentally revealed that the King and Queen of Norway would be coming to Norfolk in October, the same day as the Nobel Peace Prize event. Kay suspects that there is a connection between these events and the involvement of powerful people in a NATO group, where she witnessed group swinging sex among the leadership, and their wives. Kay gives examples from her past experiences with people in powerful positions, and how they could work towards peace and love for different cultures.
  • 06:50:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about her investigation into the religious beliefs and sexual practices of the top military and government officials. She concludes that they are not Christians, and many engage in group sex, orgies, and homosexual behavior. She believes that homosexuality is a moral weakness and a way to control people. She also expresses hope for Bill Clinton's marriage, despite his sex addiction, and credits him with not being homosexual inclined. Finally, she discusses various individuals in positions of power who are homosexual.
  • 06:55:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs recounts instances of psychological terror that Clinton had to endure during his election campaign. She mentions that a plane went down on Clinton's birthday, traumatizing him, and adding to the psychological pressure he was already experiencing. She recounts an incident at a birthday party in Washington where George Schultz told Clinton not to run as he will get into trouble if he does. Casper Weinberger is alleged to be a puppet master, pulling strings and running hit squads involved in arms and drugs. William Colby's law partner is associated with a motorbike gang that stirs up trouble to sell weapons. Kay discusses Prince Charles's bodyguard, who was likely to have been involved in Princess Diana's murder, and her ex-husband's alcoholism that allowed her to see into his secrets.

07:00:00 - 07:40:00

Kay Griggs, in a 1998 interview, discusses the deep connections between the mob and the military in Virginia Beach, with the Marine Corps serving as assassins for the mob. She also shares her experiences with military figures and their families, revealing corruption, illegal activities, and a lack of diversity within the State Department. Griggs provides personal anecdotes about her romantic relationships and interactions, as well as delving into topics such as Israel's influence on American politics and the ability of the government to erase someone from history. She ultimately expresses a lack of trust in anyone connected to the military or the Brotherhood, a group of people who run and control everything.

  • 07:00:00 In this section of the transcript excerpt, Kay Griggs speaks about her knowledge of John Warner and Loretta Tate. She mentions that there were murders around Warner, and that he was having an affair with Tate, who was married to a dentist named Randy Tate, who mysteriously died. Griggs also speaks about the homosexual clique in Virginia Beach that is linked to the murders of various individuals, including Randy Tate, George Heilig, Dick Obenshane, and Paul Tribble. She believes that the Marine Corps are the Assassins for the mob and mentions Tets and Myers as an example of someone who was involved with the founding of the Peace Corps and then became an assassin in the Marine Corps.
  • 07:05:00 In this section, Kay Griggs, in a 1998 interview, talks about the strong connection between the mob and the military in Virginia Beach. She explains that the New York mob runs the military and that the Marine Corps acts as assassins for the mob. She also reveals the involvement of her husband, Colonel George Griggs, with the CIA and assassinations, stating that the military is all about using up arms and training more killers for more profit. Griggs believes that the specialness and secrecy of the army come from the perverted aspect of Nazi Germany, with many existentialist humanists who hate Christians, making the Bible's advocacy for truth and light irrelevant.
  • 07:10:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses the corrupt nature of those in power, particularly in the military, and how they often rise to the top through bullying and cowardice. She mentions several prominent figures by name, such as Charlie Wilhelm and Al Gray, both of whom she claims are involved in illegal activities. She also brings up the topic of Jewish people working for the Israeli army and questions their ability to be loyal to America. Additionally, she shares personal anecdotes about her romantic relationships and interactions with various military figures and their families.
  • 07:15:00 In this section of the interview, Kay Griggs discusses the suspicious lack of diversity within the State Department and military, specifically in regards to the absence of Christians, Muslims, and non-Jewish individuals from the Near East section. She suggests that Israel runs the State Department, and therefore, it is no wonder there is no peace in the region. Griggs also recounts a disturbing dinner conversation where a woman expressed gratitude to God for killing the Israeli Prime Minister and suggests that there is a cult-like mentality among military spouses to protect their husband's careers.
  • 07:20:00 In this section, Kay Griggs discusses her disagreement with the supposed followers of Jesus who were in favor of murdering a man who wants peace in the Middle East. She refused to go along with the program of whatever Israel wants to do, such as killing Palestinians and sabotaging them. Her husband, who was the chief of staff of the Marine Corps, had told her that the Marines intentionally fed the egos of Iranians, Jordanians, and Iraqis and trained them to hate their parents and revved them up to do what they wanted. They had also trained them with the objective of getting the goal that they wanted. Kay talks about how her husband's father was trying to get him away from his parents for eight years, and his uncle was working with him for the intelligence community, and he was getting money from the "mob" who were funding poor boys to go to fancy schools.
  • 07:25:00 In this section, Kay Griggs describes how her husband George Griggs had an account handled by Bob, who worked on a civilian job for him. Bob had moved around various locations and was involved with shady companies such as Merrill Lynch who were laundering cash money. Moreover, George's father had a tumultuous past due to prison time in New York and Ray had witnessed his mother being run over by his father with his girlfriend in the car. Kay also suggests that her credibility is being attacked by attempts to remove pictures and records, making it easy to distort her account of her husband's affairs.
  • 07:30:00 In this section, Kay Griggs explains how the government and the military have the ability to modify the past and erase someone if they feel the need to. With everything being on computers, proof becomes trivial to delete. Griggs herself recorded evidence of what happened to her, General Gray's conversations about her husband's whereabouts included, but they are still unable to take the matter to court. Two lawyers that she thought would help her, Colonel Barry Cantor and Doug Ballard, both turned out to be compromised in their own way, possibly due to connections to Philip Purrington, with whom Griggs was acquainted. This resulted in Griggs stating that ultimately, the government would just ruin anyone who gets in their way.
  • 07:35:00 In this section, Kay Griggs recounts the story of Doug Ballard, whom Benton Parton trusted to challenge the Oklahoma City bombing. She believes that Ballard, who is part of the Brotherhood, went to a born-again church and may have been persecuted but eventually had the power hierarchy in Virginia Beach serve and protect him. Despite the fact that Ballard's wife is a devout Christian, Griggs thinks that Ballard is not to be trusted, especially after he became involved with Griggs' husband's lawyer, Barry Cantor. Moreover, the judges, such as Army colonel Judge John Moore, commissioner in Virginia Beach, and Commonwealth's Attorney Andrew Evans, are all part of this Brotherhood, and they were going to judge Griggs' case, which involved an almost fatal case of battered wife syndrome. In the end, Griggs could not trust anyone who was in the military or a part of the Brotherhood.
  • 07:40:00 In this section, Kay Griggs talks about a group of high-level battered wives who are being mistreated by Judge John Moore, Barry Cantor, Andrew Aggie, and Grover Wright. These women were victims of a group of people who run and control everything, called "The Firm" or "Brotherhood." Kay's husband, George Griggs, mentioned that he knew about Oswald and his handlers, but his communication was mainly non-verbal. The women who were victimized by this group were abused by people like Ted and Myers, and Reynolds, authorized and supported by Generals like Jim Joy, Carl Steiner, Hartzog, Abram, Gaiman, and Sheehan. There is also involvement from the Justice Department and psychological games played by Rogues who think they are handling people.

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