Summary of Modern iPhone App Development: To-do list app (coding tutorial as done at FANG)

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The YouTube video provides a tutorial on creating an iOS to-do list application using Xcode, IG list kit, and objective-c programming language while cautioning against graphical ways of application creation that wreck version control. Other topics covered include configuration of layout with Flexbox, using an array of strings to manage data, and integrating material design components for creating an ADD button and deleting items. Overall, the tutorial provides developers with the tools to build high-quality apps easily and efficiently, including the use of flexible layouts and pre-made UI components.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTuber, a former iOS technical lead at YouTube, provides a tutorial on how to create an iOS application using Xcode. He advises a single view application for the to-do list and explains how IG list kit can be used for implementing scrollable items. He also emphasizes that while Swift is an option, they tend to use objective-c instead as it offers the benefit of a lot of tooling and infrastructure code. Additionally, he notes that graphical ways of creating applications tend to wreck your version control and suggests avoiding them. The YouTuber also provides a link in the video description for those who want to study this tutorial in further detail.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the instructor discusses the process of bringing the IG list kit into the project, creating a collection view, and filling in the stub methods for the IG list kit. The section controller manages each of the sections, and then a new cell is created, along with a button for deleting items. The instructor also talks about the challenges of mobile development, such as creating a lot of boilerplate code, as well as the benefits of using something like yoga layout, which is a framework that implements the flexbox layout specification cross-platform. Yoga layout is used by many companies, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the video tutorial covers configuring layout with Flexbox, creating an ADD button and method to add new items, and integrating material design components including a dialogue for text input. The tutorial also discusses using an array of strings to manage data for the to-do list, updating the IG List Kit using immutable data, and identifying a new section by returning a unique item to the framework. The tools and techniques demonstrated in this tutorial enable developers to build high-quality apps quickly and easily, including the use of flexible layout options and pre-made UI components.
  • 00:15:00 In this section of the coding tutorial, the instructor demonstrates how to add items to the to-do list and implement the delete button functionality. The to-do list data is packed into the section controller and assigned to the cell. The delete button is also exposed as a property and wired up through a cell controller, which handles the deletion and outputs what was deleted. Delegates are then used to wire this up into the section controller, which triggers an update in the to-do view controller. The instructor covers using Idealist kit, Yoga kit, and Material Design for the components, and mentions other areas such as dependency injection, promises, and networking that could be explored. The video is part of an affordable membership at lessthan $10 a month on Scotia, which gives access to experts in various fields.

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