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This video from Huéscar printers provides an overview of their printing process using a relief printing technique. This includes the application of various technologies such as electro-mechanical, laser direct, and acid-based printing. The video explains how this printing process can produce large quantities of print jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • 00:00:00 This video provides a brief overview of the printing process using a relief printing technique, including the application of various technologies such as electro-mechanical, laser direct, and acid-based printing. Each cylindrical relief printing machine is built on a cylindrical base made of metal, but the demand for lighter and more affordable machines has led to a continual development in aspects such as weight reduction and other innovative technologies that facilitate their use as well as in time and cost savings. Copper-coated steel is the base material that is engraved with galvanoplasty. The copper layer is the material that is engraved with systems for auto-typical electro-mechanical and gofrido printing. Rectification, cutting to measure, and polishing are carried out in accordance with the specific specifications detailed by the customer with the goal of subsequent processing. Relief printing is achieved with each color by means of a four-color process, requiring four relief printing machines. Details such as the brand or product packaging can be highlighted with the application of any direct color with greater quality and value guaranteed. The electro-mechanical printing technology guarantees high-quality printing of most surface textures with auto-typical printing being one of the most established printing technologies with a high level of
  • 00:05:00 The technology used to create print illustrations by "hueco" printing is the first to achieve this method, which is conventionally done with a high resolution that makes it ideal for security printing with the most demanding requirements. Before starting laser printing, the copper cylinder is completely covered with a resistant to printing material. This protective layer prevents chlorine gas from damaging the copper during the printing process. The auto-typography technology used in this process reproduces the design in the resistant to printing material, eliminating the copper without affecting it in this phase of production. The auto-typography process is a chemical process that produces alvéolos (dots) in the cover layer with a solution of chromium gas. This is possible only in those points where the material resistant to printing has been eliminated by the laser treatment. The auto-typography technology guarantees precise borders for letter sizes and smaller symbols. The material resistant to printing is eliminated completely before the last stage of production. The polished cylinder is in accordance with the specifications of the customer. In view of our commitment to supplying the best and most reliable quality, each cylinder passes finally to the printing department for testing.
  • 00:10:00 This video explains how Huéscar printers can work together to produce large quantities of print jobs quickly. This helps to ensure deadlines are met, even with a large volume of work.

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