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This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to clean, speed up, and optimize your PC without using any software programs. The video recommends enabling the storage sensor in the system settings in order to help save resources.

  • 00:00:00 This YouTube video explains how to optimize Windows without using any software programs, and provides immediate results. First, you create a point of restoration, then enable protection for the system. You then set the storage space for points of restoration. Next, you execute the cleaning command, and clean all temporary files. You then run the command to create a point of restoration with a percentage, and click on the Yes button. You then click on the All Elements button, and click on the Remove button for all the active elements. Finally, you click on the OK button to close the window and finish the configuration of Windows.
  • 00:05:00 This video shows how to clean, speed up, and optimize your PC without programs. Windows in "Ultra" mode is recommended. First, disable services that also use up resources on camera use. Then, unmute the microphone or it will happen exactly the same. All of these services will be disabled. Then, notifications will not recommend to desactivate them. Account information and contacts also in calendar, calls, and emails can be left. Historial of calls can be left. Email history, tasks, messager, and radio signals can be left. Other devices can be left desactivated. In this point, we reach the important point. Applications in second plano can read that we are offered to select applications that can receive information when not using them. In addition, we are offered to desactivate applications in second plano can help save energy. I also let you know that this process can help save resources. Because these processes are not started constantly, here we click on desactivate and all applications in second plano will be disabled. The rest of the categories will be left how they are and we go back now. We will go to system and in system, I recommend that they go to storage and here they are offered to activate the storage sensor. Because

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